Chapter 272: Best in the world?

When the group arrived at Mystic Dragon Island, the congregation saw Su Quan and hurriedly saluted. When they were about to send someone to report to Hong Antong, Su Quan raised her hand and said, “No need, I will go see him myself.”

Although hostility still prevailed on the island, Su Quan’s prestige was still there. These subordinates subconsciously dared not disobey her orders, so they watched her go all the way to the main hall.

Fang Yi quietly searched along the way, but she didn’t see Mu Jianping, so she couldn’t help being extremely disappointed. Unknowingly, the group had reached the entrance of the hall. Seeing Su Quan stop, Fang Yi looked into the room suspiciously.

She saw Hong Antong standing high above, with three of the Five Dragon Envoys— green, black and red on one side, and on the other side was a Taoist priest, holding a horsetail whisk in his hand, and his expression was quite arrogant.

Then there are two monks, with flashing golden eyes, one could see that they were masters, but unfortunately one of them had a broken arm, and the other had a saber on his back, his eyes were quite fierce and perverse. Fang Yi took a quick look and hurriedly looked away.

Below them was a man and a woman. The man was young and handsome, the woman was youthful and lively, with an aura of nobility on her body. She looked more like a noble lady, and it made one wonder why she would appear in this place full of tigers and wolves.

The people in the hall were having a heated argument, but when they saw Su Quan and her party coming, they all stopped and looked at the group, and the hall fell into a strange silence for a moment.

“This Madame has been away from the cult just for a few days. But I didn’t expect so many guests to come to visit.” Su Quan glanced around, and soon recognized everyone. 

One of the two monks were Sangjie and the other was Grandmaster Xuedao, the Blood Saber Elder. They were both first-class masters under Prince Alibuge of Mongolia. As for the young man and woman; Su Quan also knew them, they were her biological father Su Yin’s subordinates, the outstanding masters in the Hidden Secret Service, and also the most outstanding masters of the younger generation of the Yelu royal family, Yelu Qi and Yelu Nanxian.

After the initial astonishment, Hong Antong returned to normal, and he laughed loudly and said: “Madame just came back, let me do the introduction. These are world-renowned masters, this is Yuzhen…”

Before Hong Antong finished his introduction, a cold voice came from the hall, “Are you my sister’s husband?” 

Hong Antong was taken aback for a moment, and when he noticed Song Qingshu beside Su Quan, his face changed slightly, and he quickly said with a dry smile: “It turned out to be Master Song, what kind of wind is blowing today, to have also brought your esteemed self here.” 

What surprised him was that he hadn’t received any news beforehand, which left him unprepared. What made him happy was that Song Qingshu had thrown himself into the trap, because Mystic Dragon Island was his territory.

Unexpectedly, Song Qingshu ignored him, instead he loudly declared, “Except for me, no one can be my sisters man.” As soon as the words came out, the person rushed towards Hong Antong like an arrow leaving the bow.

Among the people present, Black Dragon Envoy Suo Ran was considered a first-class expert in the Mystic Dragon Cult, but in the entirety of Wulin, he could only be considered second or third-rate, too far away from the realm of Song Qingshu and others, so he didn’t react at all. And, even if he could, he didn’t intend to stop it. He was more than happy to see Hong Antong and the powerful enemy fight to the death.

Although the martial arts of the people on the other side were much higher, they each had their own motives. Seeing that Song Qingshu attacked Hong Antong without saying a word, they wished that it would be better for both of them to suffer, let alone stop him.

Su Quan felt anxious when she saw the situation, and was about to speak out to stop him, when suddenly her heart moved, ‘If Song Qingshu killed Hong Antong, it would be more beneficial to me…’ So she only pretended to be terrified and speechless.

Hong Antong suddenly found that the opponent’s cold palm had appeared in front of him.

Hong Antong was worthy of being an old fox, and he hastily received the enemy’s attack. His moves were not chaotic at all. Knowing that this was the most dangerous battle in his life, he was flustered but did not lose his discipline. 

After the initial palm strike, Hong Antong felt his blood surge, and he realized that although the other party was young, his skill was superior to his own. It was unknown what kind of good fortune he had encountered. So he stopped fighting recklessly. 

He was a man who had climbed to the position of the Cult Master of the Mystic Dragon Cult step by step, where the weak preyed on the strong. It could be said that he had experienced many battles. Regardless of his martial arts level, his fighting spirit was beyond the reach of ordinary masters.

Everyone in the hall saw the two figures flying up and down, attacking and defending, and they were all dazzled. The members of the Mystic Dragon Cult secretly admired, ‘The Cult Master is really amazing!’ And the other masters were secretly thinking, ‘When should we attack.’

The two had already exchanged more than a dozen moves, Hong Antong secretly complained, although he managed to draw a tie with Song Qingshu by virtue of his decades of extra experience, he knew that if he continued to fight, he would inevitably be defeated. So he quickly took a step back, raised his hands, and dozens of poisonous snaked came out from his sleeves and shot at Song Qingshu.

“Be careful!” Fang Yi yelled, and suddenly she was taken aback, then she looked back at Su Quan beside her, it turned out that she also yelled the same words as herself.

All the people in the hall and even Hong Antong thought that Su Quan was telling him to be careful, but only Fang Yi knew that she was worried about Song Qingshu. So she couldn’t help but stand on the spot in a daze for a moment.

Noticing her gaze, Su Quan showed a rare blush on her face, and glared at Fang Yi, “What are you looking at? Look at me like that some more and I’ll gouge out your eyes!”

Song Qingshu couldn’t help being startled when he saw the overwhelming amount of poisonous snakes, and quickly spread his palms in front of him. The poisonous snakes collided with the air wall and exploded to death. Song Qingshu just breathed a sigh of relief, but was horrified to find that although several of the poisonous snakes had exploded and turned into blood mist, only a few heads were left. It didn’t stop, and still stretched out its ferocious fangs to bite him.

This happened due to Song Qingshu having too little battle experience. Everyone in the Mystic Dragon Cult knew that poisonous snakes could still bite people even if their heads were cut in two, but Song Qingshu didn’t know that snakes had this ability, so he carelessly suffered this hidden loss.

At such a close distance, the other masters in the hall thought that Song Qingshu would not be able to escape his fate of being poisoned, and they couldn’t help but despise Hong Antong’s despicable nature. But would that make any difference? No one present here was an ally of Song Qingshu, and some of them would be more than happy to see Song Qingshu killed by a poisonous snake.

Song Qingshu’s eyes flashed, and he was about to use the Traceless Sand Treading Steps to dodge, but he heard a few muffled swishing sounds in his ears, and the heads of the snakes in front of him were hit by unknown hidden weapons, and they fell aside one after another.

Everyone’s eyes turned to a woman in the hall, who was Yelu Nanxian, Princess of Liao Empire. After noticing everyone’s gaze, Yelu Nanxian clapped her hands indifferently, “What are you looking at, you should rely on your real skills in a martial arts contest. This lady hates this kind of cowardice the most.”

When everyone saw the melon seeds in her hands, they realized that she had actually infused her internal energy to the melon seeds, and they had cut off all the snake heads without missing even one. This level of accuracy and skill made the rest of the masters startled, and the thought to themselves, ‘She is so skilled at such a young age! In a few more years, I am afraid she will have very few opponents in the world.’

Yelu Qi couldn’t help but shake his head and smiled wryly. His cousin has always been fearless, and only did things according to her own preferences. He wanted to tell Yelu Nanxian that this was a confrontation between enemies, and they wanted to kill each other, so no rules would apply here. But then, he suddenly thought, ‘My martial art is not as good as hers, so if I were to say that, I will be choked by her, and then I will lose the face of the Liao imperial family.’

Hong Antong had already taken the opportunity to distance himself from Song Qingshu, and secretly cursed that little bit*ch a few times, but the Liao Empire was a vassal of Mongolia, so theoretically they were his ally. Therefore, he couldn’t blame her, and he had to say to Song Qingshu, “Although this Seat and Master Song had previously fought, but there is no deep hatred between us, so why bother to fight to the death?”

Song Qingshu replied foolishly, “Only I can be my sister’s man. If you want to be her husband, you are naturally courting death.”

The audience turned silent for a moment. Everyone knew that the ‘sister’ he was referring to was Su Quan. The expressions of everyone in the cult became strangle, and the rest of the outsiders were even more amused to watch the show.

Hong Antong’s face turned green, then pale. Usually, if anyone dared to be so rude to Su Quan, he would have thrown him into the snake pit and poisoned them to death. However, Song Qingshu’s martial arts was too strong, and he was already having a hard time handling him. If he decided to fight again, he didn’t have the courage to face him.

Song Qingshu ignored him, walked up to Yelu Nanxian, stared blankly at the girl in warrior uniform in front of him.

Yelu Nanxian felt uncomfortable when a stranger stared at her like that, and casually waved her hand, “You don’t need to thank me. This lady has always admired people with high martial arts skills, and I couldn’t bear to watch a talented young master be killed by snakes.”

Song Qingshu gave her a strange look, and murmured, “Miss, have we met before?”

Yelu Nanxian thought back to the time when she was spying on him in Shengjing before, and he broke into her room by chance. Seeing him mentioning that matter, she was secretly relieved, ‘He isn’t as stupid as he looks.’

It’s a pity that before she could finish thinking, Song Qingshu continued, “Forget it, in this life, I have seen eight hundred beauties if not one thousand. Maybe we’ve met in some bro*thel, so why would I bother ask the names of someone in the business of the flesh.”

Yelu Nanxian slapped the table and was about to explode, but Song Qingshu said again, “I came here to tell you, who asked you to save me just now, do you think I couldn’t dodge that?”

Yelu Nanxian said angrily, “You say you could’ve dodged them!?”

Song Qingshu smiled as a matter of course, and turned his eyes to the sky, “Of course! This Young Master’s martial arts is the best in the world, and those were just mere snake heads, so naturally I could avoid them.”

Yelu Nanxian was angry at first, but she calmed down when she heard him boast, and thought to herself, ‘This guy doesn’t seem to be very smart, how dare he say that he is the best in martial arts in the world?’

Sure enough, the other masters sneered in their hearts and were about to speak, but suddenly a mighty roar was heard from the back of the hall, which shook everyone’s eardrums, “Did someone say best in the world!!!”

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