Chapter 273: Dragon Subduing Palms Vs Toad Style

The faces of the people in the hall changed, they didn’t know that there was such a master still hidden here. From the intensity of his roar, his internal strength was probably on of the best in the world.

Song Qingshu was taken aback for a moment, and his expression became serious, his eyes fixed on an old man who walked out of the back hall.

This old man had a high nose and deep eyes, a snow-white short beard, and his gait was steady. He walked with a powerful momentum, but unfortunately, his sense of majesty was destroyed by his disheveled hair which looked like a birds nest.

Su Quan was startled, and wondered where Hong Antong found such a master. Although Song Qingshu was strong in martial arts, but after all, his brain was not as bright as usual, he might suffer a loss in a fight, and she would lose her biggest shield.

“Cult Master, who is this old gentleman?” Su Quan asked hastily, and the rest of the people in the hall looked at Hong Antong, obviously having the same doubts in their hearts.

Hong Antong laughed loudly, got up and introduced, “This is my good friend, Master Ouyang, one of the five masters famous in the past.”

“Western Poison Ouyang Feng?” Expressions of the masters in the scene became unnatural, especially Yu Zhenzi, who suddenly regretted that he had made too much of a fuss about coming to Mystic Dragon Cult this time.

Grandmaster Xuedao and Sangjie looked at each other. They both secretly thought that thing were going wrong, if there was such a person interfering in the prince’s plan this time, something certainly might go wrong.

Yelu Nanxian’s expression turned heavy. She didn’t think that there would suddenly be such a variable, so now she had no choice but to act according to the situation.

Ouyang Feng had been staring at Song Qingshu since he came out just now, and before Su Quan had time to smooth things over, Ouyang Feng said, “Stinky boy, just now did you boast that you are the best martial artist in the world?”

Ouyang Feng’s Qi was firmly locked on Song Qingshu, and Su Quan, who was standing on the edge, already felt short of breath, and was worried about Song Qingshu, who was the first to bear the brunt, but when she looked back, Song Qingshu replied calmly like a normal person and said, “So what?”

Ouyang Feng had practiced the reverse Nine Yin Manual for many years, and he had already lost his mind. He couldn’t even remember his own name. The only thing he could remember was the desire to win the first place in the world. He became furious, and rushed towards Song Qingshu like a cannonball.

There were many first-class masters present, seeing that Ouyang Feng’s powerful thunderous strike, they all frowned, thinking in their hearts how to deal with it if they were in Song Qingshu’s position.

Yelu Nanxian thought for a while, and found that she might have had to use her nimble body skills to evade his attack first, but she would lose her chance to counter attack in the process, and under Ouyang Feng’s stormy attacks, she might barely be able to hold on to a hundred or eighty moves. But in the end, there was no escape from defeat. For some reason, she was looking forward to seeing how Song Qingshu would respond.

Yelu Nanxian was originally a rare martial arts prodigy, she was invincible among the young generation of Liao Empire from a young age, and even Xiao Feng, the world-famous martial arts king of the Southern Academy, praised her talent in martial arts.

Therefore, even though there were many talented people in Liao Empire who pursued her, Yelu Nanxian didn’t even look at them. In her mind, how could a man who couldn’t even beat her have the nerve to be her husband.

On the contrary, in the past one or two years, she heard that there was also a young top master in the Qing Empire. It could be said that Yelu Nanxian had been looking forward to meeting him for a long time, and she had long wanted to compete with Song Qingshu, but unfortunately she had not been able to get what she wanted. Seeing the other party fight against Western Poison Ouyang Feng for the first time will not only benefit her a lot, but she would also be able to evaluate the strength of both sides. Thinking of this, Yelu Nanxian felt faintly excited.

Yelu Qi at the side noticed her bright red face, and smiled wryly in his heart, ‘My cousin a martial idiot indeed…’

In the battlefield, Song Qingshu’s expression had also turned solemn, he was lucky enough to step on the ground with all his strength, and used the ground’s anti-shock force coming from his feet. Song Qingshu’s whole body experienced a strange tremor, and he had already activated his best palm technique to match the rushing Ouyang Feng’s palm strike.

Ouyang Feng felt a huge force coming from his opponents hand, and he couldn’t help but feel his breath stagnate. And, before he had time to adjust his breath, his opponent’s body bent down like a bow, and his heel acted like a sharp iron whip sweeping towards his head! 

Ouyang Feng hastily used his strange body skills to flash one foot behind.

The people in the hall did not expect that the powerful Western Poison would be forced to retreat by Song Qingshu’s one move, and they were all shocked, thinking in their hearts that they might have to re-evaluate Song Qingshu’s combat power.

Song Qingshu also felt his breath stagnate in his chest. 

Just now Ouyang Feng didn’t take him too seriously at the beginning, thinking that this young man’s martial arts would be limited no matter how good he was, but in the end his moves were too hasty and aggressive, and Song Qingshu used the momentum from the ground. That one move made Ouyang Feng suffer a small loss.

Ouyang Feng was also stunned, and asked in disbelief, “The Divine Dragon Swishes its Tail…Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms? Are you from the Beggar’s Sect? But where is your beard and white hair, and you have become so young…” But although he suffered a small loss, he didn’t take it to heart at all, and rushed over with a wave of his palm before the other party could answer.

Although Ouyang Feng was crazy, he did not forget his martial arts instincts. Since he regarded the opponent as a master of the same level in his heart, he naturally put up his utmost energy and always conserved half of his strength in every move to avoid blindly reckless advances.

Song Qingshu also raised his head to the sky and howled, then used the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms without any hesitation. One of the two moves was treacherous and subtle, and the other was simple and mellow. After only a dozen or so moves, there were several extremely dangerous instances, but all of them were cleverly resolved by each other, and they couldn’t help admiring each others skills.

As the two raised their hands and feet, the resulting wind caused the people around them to retreat again and again. Yelu Nanxian was dazzled and thought in her heart, ‘I never thought that Song Qingshu’s martial arts had reached such a high level. Compared with him, my skill is not enough, but in terms of the exquisiteness of the movement I will not lose to him. However, I have seen King Xiao (Xiao Feng) make such moves in the past, and the same Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms used by King Xiao seemed to be more powerful…’

“Little boy, your martial arts skills are still so-so.” After exchanging dozens of moves, the two separated, and Ouyang Feng squinted at Song Qingshu who was not far away.

“Crazy old man, your martial arts skills are also not bad.” Song Qingshu replied.

“It’s a pity that this is not enough.” As soon as Ouyang Feng finished speaking, he squatted on the ground with his hands bent to his shoulders and croaked, like a big frog doing a sumo wrestling. (G: Imagine Beast, in the movie Kung Fu Hustle.)

“Toad Style Martial Art!” The knowledgeable people in the scene had already recognized that this was one of Ouyang Feng’s famous techniques.

The expression between Song Qingshu’s brows turned serious. Although he was a little confused, he did not forget the instinct of a martial artist. At his level, he quickly saw through the characteristics of the Toad Style Martial Art. It operated on the principle of containing momentum and amassing strength, once one reveals any flaws in their moves, they would be counterattacked with a thunderous speed.

Song Qingshu originally thought that he would not make a move until the enemy made a move, but suddenly, he realized that every time Ouyang Feng croaked, his aura would rise by a point. If he didn’t make a move and let Ouyang Feng’s aura reach its peak, he might be killed by that one blow. He couldn’t afford to let him continue.

Yelu Nanxian looked at the scene without blinking, fearing that she would miss a little detail. Then, she saw Song Qingshu move his palms, the speed was so fast that they could hardly be seen, and she could faintly see a ball of air slowly forming in his hands. Later, Song Qingshu’s entire upper body also swayed, and a ball of infuriating energy gathered on top of his head, which could be thrown out at any time. (G: Eh…Giant Rasen*gan?)

The corner of Yelu Nanxian’s mouth twitched, and she subconsciously stepped back. The rest of the people in the hall were not fools. The two people in the field looked ready to go, and there would be a big shock when they clashed, so if they didn’t retreat now, it will be bad if they get hurt in the aftermath.

Ouyang Feng’s cheeks bulged more and more, and his belly became more and more swollen. The croaking sound of the toad resounded in the hall of the Mystic Dragon Cult, and those with weaker skills started bleeding from their mouths and noses. Hong Antong felt the pressure and felt the urge to vomit, so he hurriedly used his skills to resist, not only Yelu Nanxian and Hong Antong, but everyone in the scene were the same.

Finally, Ouyang Feng’s aura had reached its peak, he opened his mouth, and a burst of True Qi directly shot towards Song Qingshu. Although the True Qi was invisible, the hard marble slabs on the ground scattered and scattered wherever it passed, which could also allowed everyone other than Song Qingshu see its power.

Song Qingshu had also exerted the palm strength of the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms to the peak. As the attack approached, he slightly bent his left leg, then bent his right arm inward, and drew a circle using his right palm, which was be the most powerful move of the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms— The Proud Dragon Repents, but Song Qingshu’s palm was quite different from the usual fast Proud Dragon Repents. He pushed this palm extremely slowly, but no one dared to ignore the power contained in his palm strike.

There was a loud bang! 

Smoke and dust filled the hall, and everyone felt a tingling pain in their eardrums, not to mention the low-level disciples of the Mystic Dragon Cult, even Yelu Nanxian, Hong Antong and others secretly frowned.

After the sound was heard, a strong gust of wind soon spread from the center of the explosion, and those with low martial arts skills were directly blown to the wall and vomited blood as they slided down.

When the strong wind hit her body, Yelu Nanxian’s expression also changed, and she hurriedly stepped back three steps before stabilizing her figure, leaving behind a few elegant footprints on the stone slab.

Hong Antong on the other side also backed up again and again. From the corner of his eyes, he noticed that Yelu Nanxian had stabilized her figure, so he quickly used A Thousand Catty Falling Technique, and smashed the stone slab on the ground with one foot. That allowed him to take two steps back and then he stopped. But he forced himself as a result, a bright red color flashed across his face, then he felt a iron taste in his mouth, and quickly swallowed the blood foam back.

Hong Antong felt very bitter in his heart. Enemies of the Mystic Dragon Cult were present, and all these people had nefarious intentions. The amount of steps they were pushed back reflected the level of everyone’s martial arts. If he showed weakness, the group of sharks would smell the blood. Everyone would see him as a piece of meat. So Hong Antong had no choice but to use this method to deter many forces with ulterior motives.

Sure enough, when the group stabilized their stances, they saw that Hong Antong had only retreated two steps, and stood there like unshakeable mountain watching the fight in the battlefield, and the faces of all the masters were full of surprise.

Yelu Nanxian didn’t have the time to participate in their intrigue, and she concentrated on watching the fight.

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