Chapter 274: Using the Flying Sword again (part 1)

There was dust and smoke flying in the center of the battlefield, but with Yelu Nanxian’s eyesight, she could see the situation clearly. As soon as Ouyang Feng breathed out his True Qi, he kicked his feet on the ground, and slammed into Song Qingshu like an artillery shell.

Song Qingshu also seemed to have expected that, and waved his palms to receive the attack. The remaining power of the Qi blast just now made the masters in the hall panic, but the two people in the center of the explosion seemed to have not been affected at all. As soon as they got the chance, they moved up and down, then exchanged dozens of moves back and forth.

Su Quan on the side protected Fang Yi and hid in the corner. The two women also watched the fight without blinking their eyes, but with the level of their martial art, they couldn’t keep up with their movements. They only felt that the two figures were flying up and down. After a few glances, they felt nauseated, but the two women never looked away. One was worried about the safety of her lover, and the other felt that her fate was tied with Song Qingshu, for fear that he would die at the hands of Ouyang Feng.

Yelu Nanxian’s eyesight was quite good. Although the two were evenly matched, she could already tell that Song Qingshu had gradually fallen into a disadvantage.

Although Ouyang Feng, who was using the Toad Style Martial Arts, had become slower than before, the power behind each of his punches and kicks had almost doubled that of before. Song Qingshu had to avoid them by the skin of his teeth when dealing with it, but unfortunately, although Ouyang Feng’s movements had slowed, the timing of his every move was extremely ingenious. Song Qingshu managed to avoid one or two moves, but every three or five moves he had to fight head-on with Ouyang Feng.

Yelu Nanxian thought that the Five Greats were really extraordinary, this Western Poison was over fifty years old, and he had gone crazy, so his strength must be much lower than that of his peak period. But even so, his grasp of the timing of each move, and the connection between them was simply wonderful. 

There were often some moves that confused Yelu Nanxian, and only after a few moves after she would suddenly realize that it was done for a particular reason. For that very reason, Yelu Nanxian admired Song Qingshu even more. She couldn’t understand Ouyang Feng’s moves while watching the battle from the sidelines, however Song Qingshu was in it, but he could parry it every time, which really made her feel ashamed.

But until now, Yuzhenzi and others had also seen that Song Qingshu was at a disadvantage. From the beginning which had equal offense and defense, to the current eight defense and two offenses, everyone clearly understood that Song Qingshu was just struggling to hold on.

“Stinky boy, you have learned a lot, Wudang, Emei, Beggar Sect…hehhh, have you even studied the Nine Yin Manual?” Although Ouyang Feng was insane, he could clearly see that some of the opponent’s moves were very similar to his own. But it seemed different because one of the two was practicing the authentic Nine Yin Manual and the other was practicing it in reverse. So, Ouyang Feng just felt a little skeptical at first, since their moves were not exactly the same after all. But after fighting hundreds of moves, with his level, of course he could see that many of the moves had the same origin.

“Nine Yin Scriptures is not a rare commodity.” When he first obtained the Nine Yin Scriptures, his strength was low, so he was worried that it would invite trouble like what happened with the Fuwei Security Service. But the present Song Qingshu was naturally confident. To put it bluntly, he believed that his own martial arts was more than enough to protect himself.

Unexpectedly, when Ouyang Feng heard his words, he was furious, “Everyone who practiced the Nine Yin Manual will die!” With a loud roar, he charged forward and attacked.

Song Qingshu was hit by his palm and retreated a few feet before dispelling the opponent’s strength. He was terrified and at the same time his fighting spirit was ignited, “Old man, it seems that if the tiger doesn’t show its power, people will really think that its a cat!”

After speaking, he leaned forward and reached out to pull out the wooden sword behind him.

Ouyang Feng was fighting Song Qingshu for quite a while now, and he knew that the young man was quite powerful. He was worried that he might have something powerful behind him, so he quickly spread his True Qi in front of him, guarding against any sudden attacks. But when he saw that the guy unexpectedly pulled out a wooden sword, and he laughed out loud, “I thought it was something powerful, but it turned out to be just a piece of wood.”

Hong Antong on the side had suffered a lot from this wooden sword, and quickly reminded him, “Master Ouyang, be careful! His wooden sword is quite strange.”

“Oh?” Although Ouyang Feng was insane, his instincts as a master were still there, and soon he noticed that Song Qingshu’s aura had changed. The young man was standing there like a peerless weapon, and he couldn’t help exclaiming, “Sword Qi?”

Song Qingshu made a hand sign, and the wooden sword in his hand transformed into a row of phantoms, which actually produced a metallic sound. Song Qingshu flipped his wrist, and the Wooden Sword spun around his wrist for a moment before leaving his body with force. It began to fly around his whole body, its motion wandering and erratic.

“Flying Sword!” Song Qingshu attacked Ouyang Feng with one sword move, and everyone in the scene was left dumbfounded. What kind of technique was this?

The others hadn’t reacted yet, but Yelu Nanxian, a genius who used swords, was visibly startled. ‘Could it be that this is the highest state of sword art mentioned in legends— the art of sword manipulation? But this is clearly a technique that only appears in the legends of immortals!’

Song Qingshu naturally didn’t have the ability to take a person’s head from thousands of miles away with a flying sword, but his inspiration for creating this technique was indeed based on the sword skills he had seen in the films and television series. Although he was unable to control the Wooden Sword from a long distance, he could control the sword with his True Qi at a distance of several feet around his body. After countless trials and errors, he finally succeeded. Last time in Shengjing City, he had already gone through the baptism of actual combat for the first time.

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