Chapter 274: Using the Flying Sword again (part 2)

“What kind of sorcery is this!” Ouyang Feng roared again and again, that unpredictable Wooden Sword was imbued with Song Qingshu’s Sword Qi. It was as sharp as a treasured weapon, and also quite elusive, often attacking from various inconceivable angles! Ouyang Feng was experiencing this kind of technique for the first time, and was finding it quite hard to deal with.

If he had to just deal with this flying sword, it would be okay. With Ouyang Feng’s skills, although it would seem a little unsightly, he would be able to avoid it, but Song Qingshu’s swordsmanship was not the only thing he had to deal with. 

Song Qingshu perfectly integrated parts of the essence of the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms into the sword technique, so Ouyang Feng not only had to face the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms head-on, but also had to guard against the sneak attack of the Flying Sword.

Even with Ouyang Feng’s combat experience at the master level, he couldn’t help but lose ground. In just a dozen moves, he was hit by swords in several places. However, his eyesight was extremely good, and he avoided some fatal attacks, so what he suffered was only some skin injuries.

“No need to fight more, this time this old man admits his loss.” Ouyang Feng used his skills and jumped out of Song Qingshu’s attack range. He felt extremely annoyed, “Stinky boy, if this old man had my Spirit Snake Staff, I wouldn’t have I lost to you.” 

If Ouyang Feng was sane, he would naturally not be able to bow his head and admit defeat to a junior, but the current Ouyang Feng had no qualms against admitting defeat even though he was still unconvinced in his heart.

Song Qingshu also understands that Ouyang Feng’s name was Western Poison, and half of his abilities were in poisoning. Now that he had gone insane, he naturally didn’t remember how to use those weird poisoning skills, which was equivalent to not using half of his strength. Song Qingshu thought of the two extremely poisonous snakes on Ouyang Feng’s Spirit Snake Staff in the original book. Even Hong Qigong almost lost his martial arts after being bitten by them. If the sober Ouyang Feng was fighting with him with the Spirit Snake Staff, and the two poisonous snakes on the top of the stick were waiting for the opportunity to move, he really wasn’t sure if he could win against him.

However, Song Qingshu said rather arrogantly, “Winning is winning, and losing is losing. Why are you looking for so many excuses?”

“Haahh…you’re making me angry!” Ouyang Feng was furious, “Stinky boy, just wait, this old man will go back and think about it all night, and I will be able to break your bullshi*t sword technique.”

Song Qingshu was startled, and thought back to what happened in the original book, where Ouyang Feng and Hong Qigong fought at the top of Mount Hua. In the end, after a night of thinking, Ouyang Feng broke all of the the Beggar Sect’s unique Dog Beating Staff Techniques. 

So wouldn’t he be able to do the same to his crude sword technique. But soon, Song Qingshu came to his senses, a martial arts technique has to go through thousands of honings, so if he hoped for it to not be broken by his opponent, it would be a mediocre mentality. (G: Character development.)

‘If Ouyang Feng can break my Flying Sword, can I still take the opportunity to improve the hidden shortcomings inside it, so wouldn’t the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?’

What’s more, techniques were inanimate, humans were alive, so there was no sword technique that could not be broken, only the humans could not be broken. 

‘What Ouyang Feng wanted to break was just the technique I used today. But how foolish would I be to use the same sword technique next time?’ Thinking of this, Song Qingshu smiled and said, “I will wait for you one night and then we will fight again! How does that sound?”

“What’s the relationship between you and the Old Imp? Just now you didn’t you use your sword together with you hands when we fought each other?” Ouyang Feng asked suddenly while he was deep in thought. (G: Old Imp is the nickname of Zhou Botong. He is know for multitasking.)

“I have nothing to do with him, and I didn’t fight with both of my hands.” Song Qingshu was taken aback, and replied.

Ouyang Feng snorted coldly, but he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, if the apprentice of the Old Imp defeated him in everything, he would really lose face in the Wulin. Then he turned to leave without even looking at Song Qingshu, all his thoughts were on the technique he experienced just now and the method to break it.

Hong Antong’s face was livid, he didn’t expect that the super strong support he found would actually be defeated by Song Qingshu. It turned out that Hong Antong met Ouyang Feng by chance some time ago. As the leader of the Mystic Dragon Cult, Hong Antong naturally heard the rumor that Ouyang Feng had gone insane. But, as he needed a hidden support to make a comeback, and convinced the guy to come with him with much difficulty. Now that even he had lost to Song Qingshu, it punctured his prestige in front of the others.

The Mystic Dragon Cult was full of poisonous snakes. Although Ouyang Feng was insane, he still felt better when he saw the poisonous snakes, so he stayed on Mystic Dragon Cult all the time. He would probably continue to stay on the island in the future as well.

“Master Song’s miraculous skills are so powerful that even the Western Poison lost to you. I admire, really admire.” Although Hong Antong hated Song Qingshu in his heart, the guy was stronger than others, so he didn’t dare to turn against him at the moment.

“It seems that you claimed to be my dear sister’s husband just now, and dared to rob women from me, see if I won’t kill you!” Song Qingshu stroked his sleeves, and was about to rush over again.

Hong Antong was startled, secretly complained, and hurriedly mobilized his energy to take precautions. However, Su Quan ran to Song Qingshu at that moment, grabbed his arm and said with a smile, “Brother, you misheard, he…he is not my husband.”

“Is that really the case?” Song Qingshu looked at Hong Antong suspiciously and asked.

Seeing that Su Quan was secretly winking at him, Hong Antong realized that Song Qingshu seemed to be showing the signs of being controlled by the Bewitching Art, so he couldn’t help being overjoyed, and quickly said, “Yes!”

“Let me just say, look at your age…compared to my dear sister, you look more like her grandfather. How could you hope to be her husband?” Song Qingshu muttered, but his voice just happened to be loud enough to be heard by everyone in the hall.

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