Chapter 275: Mongolia’s attitude

Everyone in the scene felt really strange. Of course, the members of the Mystic Dragon Cult did not have the guts to show it. Grandmaster Xuedao and others were allies of the Mystic Dragon Cult in name, so they were naturally embarrassed to show it, but Yu Zhenzi had no scruples. He laughed loudly. “Some people don’t even dare to recognize their own wife. They just watch the charming lady fall into the arms of another man. They are really big turtles.” 

Just now, Su Quan hurriedly grabbed Song Qingshu’s arm in order to stop him. It couldn’t be counted as falling into his arms, but they indeed looked quite intimate.

Hong Antong was usually revered in the cult, so how could he take such an insult lightly? He suddenly became furious, and glared at Yu Zhenzi, “What did you say?”

Yu Zhenzi shook his horse-tail whisk, and said with a sneer, “I didn’t mention any names, some people are feeling guilty.”

Grandmaster Xuedao on one side intervened at the right time, “Why are you two engaging in unnecessary disputes over these trivial matters? Let’s discuss how to reply to Prince Bao.” Then he took a glance at Su Quan’s delicate body, and thought, ‘This girl is really coquettish and charming, I have to find a chance to try something during this time on the island.’

Hong Antong looked puzzled, he never expected that the Grandmaster Xuedao, who was known as the Blood Saber Elder would say such a thing. His words seemed fair, but in fact he was completely on Yu Zhenzi’s side. Hong Antong couldn’t figure out the reason. He and the Blood Saber Elder were both allies, as they had taken refuge under prince Alibuge in Mongolia, so why did the other party help Yu Zhenzi, an outsider instead.

Hearing what Song Qingshu said just now, Yelu Nanxian was immediately disappointed, wondering why this Song Qingshu seemed so stupid?

At this time, Su Quan gave a coquettish smile, “Taoist Yu Zhenzi is so majestic, but I heard that last time your Excellency was in Shengjing, he was defeated by my younger brother with one move. Are you interested in avenging your shame? I can let my brother play with you.”

Yu Zhenzi felt embarrassed. The first time they fought, he was blown away by Song Qingshu’s palm in Pingxi Palace, and it could be attributed to the fact that he had underestimated his opponent. But last time at the banquet in Shengjing Palace, he attacked Song Qingshu with dozens of moves, but couldn’t even touch the corner of his clothes, and then the other party even stabbed him in the knee. He had been walking in the Wulin for many years. He had lost before, yet he still could be proud of his martial arts skills, however, he had never lost so badly as he did with Song Qingshu. On the one hand, he was angry with Song Qingshu, and on the other hand, he feared him a lot. After seeing the shocking battle between him and Western Poison Ouyang Feng today, he didn’t have the guts to challenge the guy again.

At this thought, Yu Zhenzi hurriedly laughed, stood up and clasped his fists and said, “Master Song is the world’s best martial artist, and he is the number one master in the Qing Dynasty. This one has long been willing to bow down and is convinced.”

Victory and defeat in the battlefield were very commonplace in military affairs. However, it was rare for a master to admit that he wasn’t as good as another master. It was often considered a matter of great shame. But today, everyone heard Yu Zhenzi frankly say that he was not as good as Song Qingshu. This proved that he was a honest and upright person, and many secretly felt a hint of admiration.

Su Quan’s beautiful eyes turned bright. Song Qingshu’s heroic demeanor just now left a deep impression on her heart. If it weren’t for the arrogance and dominance in his words that were different from usual, Su Quan would have doubted whether the other party had been bewitched by her technique at all.

“It’s too chaotic in the hall today. Let’s put aside the peace discussion for now and continue the discussion tomorrow.” Hong Antong said, on the one hand, he was frightened by the ambiguous attitude of the Blood Saber Elder and others, and on the other hand, he had a lot to ask Su Quan. Once he became sure that she had really controlled Song Qingshu, his confidence would greatly increase.

Everyone in the scene had their own plans and agreed to this decision tacitly.

“Madame, please send someone to arrange the accommodation for everyone, and then come to my room. I have something to ask you.” Hong Antong knew that he would suffer as soon as he said it.

Sure enough, Song Qingshu’s eyes widened when he heard his words, and his tone seemed full of resentment. “Sister will share a room with me, who are you to say that!”

Su Quan also didn’t want to face Hong Antong alone, so she took the opportunity to show Hong Antong a helpless expression. Hong Antong looked up and saw the members of the Mystic Dragon Cult lower their heads one after another, as if they were old monks in meditation. Others were looking at him with a smile that wasn’t a smile, so he couldn’t help but feel secretly angry, ‘I’ll let you enjoy this for a few days, and I’ll see if any of you can leave this island later.’ Then he begrudgingly walked away.

Su Quan smiled slightly, glanced at everyone, and softly said, “Everyone, please follow me.”

When her eyes seemed to pass by affectionately, not to mention old foxes like Yu Zhenzi and Blood Saber Elder, even an upright young man like Yelu Qi felt his blood boil, and quickly lowered his head.

The Blood Saber Elder was not so upright, and the thoughts in his mind were extremely dirty, ‘Da*mn, if it weren’t for Song Qingshu, this elder would have caught this coquettish Madame Hong in the middle of the night and had a good time. I wouldn’t care even if this was a critical moment. Even if Hong Antong knew, he wouldn’t dare to say anything. Damn it, when did Song Qingshu became so stupid, he could treat her like a slave if he wanted to. I wonder if he is really so stupid or just pretending to be one.’

Yu Zhenzi was also thinking at the same time, ‘If I had the chance, I wanted to sneak into her boudoir in the middle of the night, enjoy her and then run away. With my ever-changing movement technique, even if Hong Antong found out, he would not be able to catch up. It’s a pity that Song Qingshu, this big devil, is here now. It seems that I’m out of luck with this beautiful madame.’

There were many rooms in the Mystic Dragon Cult. Su Quan separated several groups of people and their horses far away, and then placed them in places far away from each other. Firstly, it was to ensure quietness, and secondly, to avoid conflicts with each other.

Then she went to rest.


Yelu Nanxian and Yelu Qi returned to their courtyard, then they got together to discuss, “Xian’er, I didn’t expect this Song Qingshu to be so powerful.”

Yelu Nanxian also nodded, “Master Su fought against him in Shengjing City last time, and he praised his martial arts very much after he came back.”

Yelu Qi said enviously, “With Master Su’s martial arts, it must have been right to praise him so much. When I saw him fight against the legendary Western Poison today, I felt wonderful, and at the same time, felt a little disheartened as well. I was becoming conceited that I was extremely talented. Xian’er, in the current era, there was no one in the younger generation as good as you, and it was already a rare occurrence. Who knew that this Song Qingshu would appear, who is only about the same age as us. I don’t know how he is practicing his martial arts.”

Seeing his depressed state, Yelu Nanxian said with a serious tone, “Cousin, you are wrong to think so. No matter how good Song Qingshu’s martial arts is, he is just a sharp knife in the hands of a person. But cousin, you are from a majestic royal family, and what you have learned is the ability to govern the country and the people. What you will become in the future is a person who will hold such knives, not become the sharp knife.”

Yelu Qi’s expression became less tense, and he quickly saluted Yelu Nanxian, “Thank you, sister Xian’er, for the advice, I understand now.”

Yelu Nanxian hurriedly stepped aside, and said with a charming smile, “How can an older brother salute a younger sister, I can’t receive it.”

After all, Yelu Qi had a youthful heart, so he quickly recovered, and couldn’t help asking, “Sister Xian’er, compared with Song Qingshu’s martial arts, which one is higher?”

Yelu Nanxian could be said to be a legend among the younger generation of the Liao Empire. She was a beautiful girl at a young age, but her martial arts were close to the realm of a master. It was unknown how many young men dreamed to have her as a lover. If Yelu Qi hadn’t been her elder brother, even he might have joined her list of suitors.

Yelu Nanxian rolled her eyes at him angrily, “It’s not that you haven’t seen his fight with Western Poison just now, even the Western Poison lost, so how could I be his opponent.”

After showing a awkward laugh, Yelu Qi shyly said, “Xian’er, you are the pride of our entire Yelu royal family. This brother naturally hopes that you can beat Song Qingshu.”

Recalling the details of the decisive battle just now, Yelu Nanxian said with a smile “I am afraid that in the current Liao Empire, only King Xiao and Master Su can beat him. I also have a faint feeling of a breakthrough, and I think that within three years, I should be able to fight Song Qingshu.”

“Three years is such a long time.” Yelu Qi said disappointedly, “You are the number one master of our royal family, the Jin Empire is our enemy and the Qing Dynasty is related to them. Thinking that their number one master is so powerful, I feel terrified.”

Hearing his words, Yelu Nanxian also fell silent. In the past, the Jin Empire beat the Liao Empire to the point of subjugation, and captured a large number of concubines and princesses. Among them, the ones with the best fate were accepted as concubines by the clan or princes and ministers of the Jin Empire, and the rest of them all had tragic fate. They were exiled to serve as military prosti*tutes, and suffered all kinds of humiliation.

This period of disaster was comparable to the shame of the Song Dynasty. It was firmly embedded in the heart of every Liao people. Everyone wished for the Jin Empire to be wiped out.

However, it would be wrong to think that the people of the Liao Empire and the Song Dynasty was of the same mind and had sympathy for each other. In fact, the second most hated by the Liao people was not the Qing Dynasty, but the Song Dynasty.

In the period of Cha*yuan Treaty a hundred years ago, the Liao and Song dynasties became brotherly states. Although the Song state had to contribute yearly taxes every year, the Liao state also abided by the covenant and would not go south to attack the Song Dynasty. Unexpectedly, as soon as the unrest rose in the Liao Empire, the group of treacherous ministers in the Song Empire took advantage of the chaos and secretly formed an alliance with the Jin Empire to attack the Liao Empire.

The Emperor of the Liao Empire sent envoys several times to emphasize the century-old brotherhood to the Emperor and ministers of the Song Dynasty, and then stated the mutual interests, and then bluntly stated the threats. Who knew that the Emperor and ministers of the Song Dynasty would be so enchanted by profit, and finally sent troops and helped the Jin Empire to attack the Liao Empire from north to south. It was a disaster that destroyed the country.

At the time, Yelu Nanxian was still in her infancy, and her mother was taken away by the Jin Empire, and her whereabouts were still unknown.

Tears flickered in Yelu Nanxian’s eyes, she calmed down her emotions, and said, “Let’s not talk about this anymore. Cousin, don’t you think the attitude of the Blood Saber Elder was very strange today?”

Yelu Qi nodded, “That’s right. It stands to reason that Grandmaster Xuedao (Blood Saber Elder) and Hong Antong belonged to the side of Alibuge. Then why did he go against Hong Antong instead? And Sangjie didn’t say a word from the beginning to the end, and his attitude was also really ambiguous.”

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