Chapter 276: Late night visit

“That’s right, I really don’t know what the Mongolian side is thinking.” Yelu Nanxian stood up and stretched, revealing a youthful waist and small breasts, which caused Yelu Qi to move his line of sight away in embarrassment.

“Before I came here, I thought Alibuge had sent the Blood Saber Elder and Sangjie to help Hong Antong, but I didn’t expect that it wasn’t the case.” Yelu Qi also said doubtfully.

“Are you saying that Alibuge only sent them to cause trouble?” Yelu Nanxian said with a frown.

“Probably not…” Yelu Qi said with uncertainly, “The Mystic Dragon Cult is an excellent force to hinder the forces of the Qing Empire, which has now become the number one enemy of Mongolia. The two countries have been fighting for years, and Mongolia has no reason to give up on the Mystic Dragon Cult.”

“Wait, what did you just say?” Yelu Nanxian only felt a flash of understanding in her mind.

“I said there is no reason for Mongolia to give up Mystic Dragon Cult.” Yelu Qi repeated it in doubt.

“No, the previous sentence.” Yelu Nanxian asked excitedly.

“The Qing Empire has now become the number one enemy of Mongolia, and the two countries have been fighting for years… Xian’er, what did you get from that?” Yelu Qi asked.

“That is where the problem lies. The two countries have been fighting for years.” Yelu Nanxian felt that the chaotic thoughts in her mind were gradually clearing up. “Do you still remember that Mongolia seemed to have ceased war with the Qing Empire a while ago?”

“It seems that there was such a thing. Both sides have their own victories and defeats. When they couldn’t make any advancements, they reached a temporarily truce. This is quite normal. You stop fighting for a while, then you start fighting again. Is there any problem?” Yelu Qi asked. He didn’t take the matter to heart.

“According to Hidden Secret Service’s inquiries over the years, Hongli, who was in Shengjing under the Qing Dynasty, always wanted to be the Emperor himself, and Kangxi in the capital had always been very afraid of this powerful prince. It’s just that the Mongolian army had been attacking the border for many years. So they had to face the external enemy together.” Yelu Nanxian said.

Yelu Qi was not a stupid person, and he soon had a clue,”You mean that Mongolia’s truce is for the sake of becoming the fisherman and reaping the benefits?”

Yelu Nanxian nodded, “Yes, the truce with Mongolia was supposed to have lasted for some time. They wanted to wait for the war between Hongli and Kangxi to end, but who knew that Hongli’s eldest son would be killed at such a time. Now, Hongli will have to avenge Fukang’an, but due to that, the day when Hongli and Kangxi would go to war was postponed.”

Yelu Qi’s eyes lit up, and he continued to add, “The Mongolian Great Khan Temujin is getting old, and Alibuge is one of the princes who covet the seat of Khan. Meanwhile, Xuliewu is invincible in the far west and Kublai’s achievements in the Central Plains are also extremely brilliant. So, if Alibuge can’t show a corresponding record, then his future will be a little bit uncertain.”

“Yes.” said Yelu Nanxian, “If he can eliminate the powerful Qing Dynasty, with such great contribution, Alibuge would be able to become the Great Khan of Mongolia in the future. I think that Alibuge has an expert advisor around him. He is willing to let go of the immediate benefit, and form a truce with Hongli. He will first wait for the internal strife of the Qing Empire to begin, then he will just sit on the shore and be the fisherman reaping the profit.” 

Yelu Qi frowned and said, “Mongolia is really full of talents, even a prince has such an expert by his side.”

The two were lamenting the ingenuity of this move, but they never thought that the so-called expert was actually Wei Xiaobao, who had spouted some random nonsense in order to save his life in the past. However, Wei Xiaobao was naturally quick-witted and had a sharp for things, so even his nonsense was just right for Alibuge.

“Although Alibuge temporarily gave up, he has been keeping hundreds of thousands of troops on hold by doing so. I’m afraid he can’t wait for long.” Yelu Nanxian, who was also a nomad, understood that Mongolian soldiers relied on looting for a living. If they don’t keep fighting, those soldiers wouldn’t be able to bear the hardship. After some time, various tribes will begin to put pressure on Alibuge. At that time, Alibuge will have to rally the troops even if he didn’t want to.

“So when Alibuge realized that Hongli didn’t take the opportunity to fight Kangxi as he thought, and instead mobilized troops to attack the Mystic Dragon Cult, he couldn’t sit still. The Mongolian side also understood that Mystic Dragon Cult had killed Hongli’s most beloved son, he will definitely not give up. At the same time, he was worried that Hongli would spend too much time on Mystic Dragon Cult, so he sent the Blood Saber Elder and others to help Hong Antong in name, but in fact, he was trying to help Hongli get his revenge as soon as possible, and destroy the Mystic Dragon Cult!”

If Alibuge was present and heard Yelu Qi and Yelu Nanxian, who were so young, make a clear analysis of the general trend of the world and his purpose, he would definitely be very angry out of shock.

“But why didn’t Mongolia inform us?” Yelu Qi asked suspiciously.

“Why would they inform us?” Yelu Nanxian sneered, “Although Mongolia is an ally of our Liao Empire in name, we are, after all, not the same country. So they will naturally be on guard.”

“But what should we do next?” Yelu Qi felt so confused that his head was about to explode, “When he sent us here, Master Su didn’t assign specific tasks except for secretly protecting the Cult Master’s wife. I came to help the Mystic Dragon Cult for the sake of Mongolia, but now Mongolia is helping Mystic Dragon Cult on the surface, but in fact it is helping Hongli, so where do we stand?”

Yelu Nanxian thought for a while, and finally made a decision, “Let’s do the opposite. On the surface, we will help Mongolia, but in fact we will be helping the Mystic Dragon Cult. After all, Mongolia is also helping the Mystic Dragon Cult in name only. Since they didn’t inform us, we should pretend to not know about it.”

“I’m afraid this is not very proper.” Yelu Qi hesitated for a while, and then said, “Whatever their reason, if it wasn’t for Mongolia, our Liao Empire would have been destroyed. Would this be…”   

Yelu Nanxian stared at him for a while, and finally helplessly shook her head, “Cousin, Xian’er knows that you have always been kind and gentle, but we come from a imperial family, so naturally we can’t treat other with the values ​​of ordinary people. Just look at the problem at hand. Yes, Mongolia is being kind to our Liao Empire for now, but if you look at the world today, Mongolia has formed a momentum by overpowering the countries in the Central Plains. If they are easily wiped out by the Mongols, the unification of the world will not be far away. At that time, how will our Liao Empire deal with them?”

Yelu Qi smiled bitterly and said, “Logically, I understand that is what I should do, but emotionally, I just don’t want to make certain choices. Well, I also understand that it is in the interest of our Liao Empire to let Mongolia spend a long time in the quagmire of war with the Qing Empire. So we can’t let Hongli destroy the Mystic Dragon Cult so quickly, and then start his fight with Kangxi.”

“Well, when I return to the capital after this, I have to find a way to explain the stakes to the Emperor, so that the Emperor won’t be misled by those pack of wolves in the court. Luckily, our last trip to Shengjing didn’t work out. Otherwise, Kangxi would have really started a fight with Hongli and fallen into Mongolia’s scheme.” Yelu Nanxian continued after thinking for a while.

Yelu Qi said embarrassingly, “It’s really not our fault. At that time, we didn’t know Alibuge’s plan. We thought that the incident of framing Kangxi, would make the relationship between Kangxi and Hongli tense, so that the two sides would have no time to help Wu Sangui. How could we know that Alibuge didn’t want the same? Alibuge’s schemes are so complex, he actually wanted Hongli and Kangxi to start a full-scale war!”

Yelu Nanxian also knew that no one in the entire imperial court saw through this clearly at that time. If Alibuge didn’t act so impatient and showed his stance on Mystic Dragon Cult this time, the Liao Empire would still be kept in the dark. Thinking of this, Yelu Nanxian I couldn’t help but be terrified.

The two remained silent for a while, then Yelu Qi suddenly remembered something, and said, “Xian’er, why do you think Master Su asked us to protect the wife of the Mystic Dragon Cult’s leader? Madame Su’s surname is Su, and Master Su’s wife was also surnamed Su, do you think…? “

“Don’t talk nonsense! Master Su is a Khitan, and the Cult Master’s wife is obviously a Han, how could they be related?” Even thought she said so, Yelu Nanxian herself couldn’t understand why Su Yin gave them such an weird order.

“How about this, I’ll go to Song Qingshu’s place first to find out what’s going on, and isn’t Su Quan also there?” Yelu Nanxian couldn’t help but find it weird as she spoke, the Cult Master’s wife didn’t go back to her husband, but followed Song Qingshu to his room instead…


On the other side.

After Song Qingshu and the others returned to their courtyard, Fang Yi couldn’t help but ask, “Madame, why didn’t I see the little princess when we came back this time?”

Su Quan also had a dark expression, and replied, “I asked the people just now. In order to fight the invading enemy, many people in the cult were sent to several nearby islands, forming a barrier around the main island. Mu Jianping is probably among them.”

“The martial arts level of the little princess… is quite low, and there must be more dangers in a big battle.” Fang Yi heart was in chaos.

“Don’t panic, is there a fight yet?” Su Quan snorted impatiently, “What I am worried about is why all the people who were sent out were my subordinates!”

“Could it be that the Cult Master wants to do something to the Madame?” Fang Yi was taken aback.

“Does it need to be said?” Su Quan gave her a look, “It’s because I realized that, did I throw away my modesty and agreed to spend the night with Song Qingshu in front of so many people.”

“Madame, you… did you do something to Brother Song?” Fang Yi hesitated for a moment, but summoned up her courage to ask.

Fang Yi thought that she would deny it, but Su Quan admitted it openly, “That’s right, he fell into my bewitchment.”

“Then he’s going to be like that from now on?” Fang Yi looked at Song Qingshu who was stupidly sitting on the side, picking his fingernails out of boredom, and couldn’t help but feel her heart clench.

“Why do you care about him so much?” Su Quan suddenly laughed ambiguously, “Why, have you been fascinated after a night of pleasure? Do you know what you’re talking about?”

Fang Yi hurriedly waved her hands in embarrassment, “No, no!”

“How is he on the bed?” Su Quan herself was taken aback as soon she asked that, never expecting to ask such a question.

However, it was in line with her usual charming attitude, so Fang Yi didn’t think it was something strange, but she was still ashamed and didn’t know how to answer, so she could only say, “He’s… okay.”

Su Quan couldn’t help pursing her lips, and thought, ‘This woman really liked to be dishonest all the time and she would even lie about such things. I listened to your cries of pleasure from outside the window for so long that my legs went weak! If that’s just “okay”, then there are not many men in the world who can even be considered “able”.’

In fact, Su Quan had misunderstood Fang Yi. Fang Yi had no prior experience with other men, and her knowledge in that area was next to nothing. Naturally, she didn’t know what level Song Qingshu was at. Although she thought that he was very powerful in her heart, how dare she say it out loud.

At the same time, Yu Zhenzi, who had just entered the yard for a late night visit, heard their last few words, and his heart jumped wildly, ‘The two women inside are actually discussing Song Qingshu’s bedding skills!?’

Then, Su Quan’s ripe peachy figure appeared in his mind, and he immediately cursed in his heart, ‘Song Qingshu, that repulsive bas*tard, is really blessed!’

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