Chapter 27: Disciplining the Nun I (part 2)

Finding the atmosphere unbearable, Yuria stepped forward and bowed her head. 

As if responding to this, the black-haired woman finally opened her mouth and lightly nodded.

“Hello. First of all, I would like you to reveal your identity.”


The woman greeted Yuria then turned to look at Isolda.

Feeling a bit offended by that, Isolda spoke to her in the calmest voice possible.

“My name is Isolda Evergarden. I came to meet Lord Bahamut as the one in charge of the administration of the Beden Merchant Company.”

“Alright. Excuse me. My apologies, I didn’t recognize you..”

Although the woman apologized, she didn’t seem to lower herself.

Isolda passed the woman while feeling an unknown discomfort.

‘I don’t like something… that woman… she doesn’t look like a simple adventurer…’

However, since it wasn’t a situation where she should get into an argument, Isolda decided to ignore the matter for now and went inside with Yuria.


A red-haired woman disappeared from view leaving behind a chilly atmosphere.

Without taking her eyes off the place where the woman disappeared, she… Ophelia Crimson, involuntarily showed a slight frown.

‘That woman… must have been…’

It was no doubt that she was a high level executive at the Company, since she was wearing the same uniform worn by the heads of a department.

However, Ophelia had seen the woman before this.

‘I saw her in the basement… it must be her. She was Lord Bahamut’s sla*ve…’

Even though quite some time had passed, there was no way she could be mistaken.

It was natural.

Because that woman was the one who had a se*xual relationship with her Lord before she did, and she was also the one who provided the opportunity for Ophelia to convey her feelings to her lord.

However, apart from that fact, Ophelia didn’t like her that much.

It was a kind of competitive relationship between women sharing the same man. In a way, it was quite natural, and above all, it was even more so considering the woman’s current appearance.

‘I thought she was a simple sla*ve… but now she’s suddenly working as a high level executive?’

Ophelia herself started out as an adventurer, but now that she had signed an exclusive contract, she too could be said to be a member of the Beden Merchant Company. 

Moreover, considering her role as the direct escort of the Bahamut, she was also in a position that was treated as a high level executive within the upper ranks of the Company.

There was no need for her to remain servile like she had to in the past.

‘But, I didn’t know that I would care about something else like this. Could this be… the feeling of jealousy?’

As Ophelia was thinking about her love life, she heard someone call her from behind.


“Yes?” In response, she slowly looked back.


“Hmm… you worked hard. Your work is quite clean as well.”

Bahamut put down the papers with a satisfied expression on his face.

Looking at his expression, Isolda said in a slightly chilly voice.

“Really… no matter how small it is, what are you going to do if administrative management is done so roughly? Fortunately, the amount of leakage is small, but problems will arise from such gaps.”

“Umm… that’s right, it’s true that there weren’t any decent talents there in the past… that doesn’t mean the work should be sloppy..”

“I mean, pay attention. If we had good discipline, we could have prevented it.”

“Yes, yes, I understand very well.”

Isolda continued her nagging without hesitation.

Even though she had completely surrendered her mind and body, she was still quite strict and confident when it came to her work. 

Bahamut found it quite amusing.

‘She’s a lot more tame… but still, a villainess, is in the end, a villainess. Her poisonous tongue is still there.’

However, Bahamut was aware that she didn’t really want to insult him, and she was worrying about him in her own way. 

So Bahamut just calmly nodded his head and listened to her words in one ear and let it out in the other, just like he used to do with his parents.

In the meantime, Bahamut’s gaze turned to a girl who had been looking at Isolda with shining eyes.

‘Her name must be… Yuria? She’s a character who doesn’t even appear in the original story…’

She was the young girl Isolda had brought up not long after she took over the administrative department.

Bahamut was not particularly interested in the girl, but Isolda seemed to care a lot about her, and Bahamut could tell that the girl liked Isolda as well.

‘Life is really unpredictable… to think that evil woman with no blood or tears could change so much…’

Bahamut thought, as he continued listening to Isolda’s nagging, which also served as a work report.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“Ah! come in.”

Delighted that the person he had been waiting for had finally arrived, Bahamut responded right away, and right after that, the door slowly opened, revealing a familiar face to everyone in the room.

“Excuse me, Lord.”

“You are…” Isolda slightly frowned at the appearance of the person who made her feel a little uncomfortable.

The black-haired woman politely bowed her head.

“Let me introduce you. This is Ophelia Crimson, my direct escort.”

“It’s nice to meet you again, Miss Isolda Evergarden.”

Following the introduction of Bahamut, the woman greeted in a quiet voice.

‘Ophelia Crimson…’ Isolda responded with a small nod of her head without saying anything.

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