Chapter 27: Disciplining the Nun I (part 1)

It was the time when the warm sunlight started to feel hot.

When the vegetation grew thick and the sound of cicadas could be heard.


It was a season that reminded Bahamut of things like air conditioners, ice cream, and the sea.


‘How come there’s nothing here… there’s not even a fan!’

Even with the windows open, Bahamut was feeling a bit of regret as he sorted through the papers in the heat.

That said, the summer climate in Schwyz was fortunately quite good compared to Korea.

Unlike Korea, where high temperatures and humidity was commonplace, Schwyz had many cold mountainous areas.

There weren’t any in city right now, but if you go down for about a day to the south from here, you would be able to see the ice caps piled up on the mountain. In addition, the temperature was not very humid, so even a slight breeze was enough to cool the soul.

Of course, even so, as summer was summer, and the heat was unavoidable.

So no one would blame Bahamut for wanting to go to the south, where he had a summer resort.

‘Hmm… by the way… speaking of the south…I think it would be good to start working on that matter as well, right?’

Now that his workload had decreased slightly since hiring Isolda, Bahamut had once again turned his attention to his personal hobbies.

‘There are a lot of mountains in the south… at the same time, there are many useful mines…’

Unfortunately, there were very few mines in the vicinity of Schwyz that produced valuable minerals such as silver or gold.

However, in the case of Bahamut, who knew the spoilers, he was aware of mines that could make as much money as a gold mine.

‘I obtained Ophelia’s strength and Bertina’s fortune. So what comes next should be resource? Certainly, if I have enough resource, I will be able to secure greater stability when the even happens.’

Politics and wars were ultimately driven by money and resources.

In particular, in the case of resources, it could exert a stronger power than money in an urgent situation.

In that respect, Bahamut had one target worth considering in connection with the ‘event’ that would occur in a little while.

‘And… I can get my hands on that bit*ch as a bonus, right? Great! The basement had become empty when I released Isolda.’

While thinking that, a deep smile began to form on Bahamut’s lips.



Isolda got off the carriage, and slightly frowned at the hot sunlight, then slowly started walking along the garden.

She was holding a parasol in one hand. However, the shade it created was not mainly covering Isolda.

“I… Lady Isolda?” Yuria carefully asked while standing next to Isolda.

“What?” Without even looking at her, Isolda asked in a nonchalant voice. 

“No… that’s… I’m fine…” Yuria replied.

“I don’t know what you mean. Don’t worry about useless things and quietly follow me.” Isolda walked forward as she spoke in a confident tone.

Therefore, while feeling grateful towards her actions, Yuria started to cautiously walk along the shadow of the parasol that was leaning towards her.

“Have you checked the matter we had previously discussed?”

“Yes, this is a report from the Bern and Lucerne branches… oh, and this one is from Lugano.”

Yuria checked the documents in her hand once again.

However, Isolda was particularly concerned about one region on the list.

“Lugano… yes, good job. You seemed to have gotten a little more useful now.”

“Ah… yes, thank you.” Yuria smiled brightly with joy at Isolda’s words.

Seeing that, Isolda also had the urge to smile, but… unfortunately, it wasn’t the time to show emotion.

No matter what, she had to adhere to their public image.

In addition, this was the mansion of Bahamut, the owner of the Beden Merchant Company.

It was obvious that the number of eyes and ears would increase in this place, so it was necessary to maintain the same loftiness as usual.

‘Even though I’ve learned what it means to be a human being. I must strictly distinguish between public and private affairs.’

With such thoughts in mind, Isolda and Yuria arrived near the building.

At that moment, they encountered a woman, who had just come out of the building.

‘Who is this?’ From Isolda’s point of view, it was the first time she had ever seen this woman.

A woman with short black hair and green eyes. Her face was pretty and at the same time, she gave off a sharp presence like a sword.

In addition, she was actually carrying a sword on her waist, and her black outfit was also quite simple and rugged in appearance.

‘Looking at the way she looks and feels, she doesn’t seem like a merchant… hmm, she’s like an adventurer?’

While thinking about that, Isolda looked at the woman without saying anything.

If the woman was an hired adventurer, she should be the one to greet her first.

In fact, Isolda was being a little considerate in the sense of accepting greetings like that, but… for some reason, the adventurer just stood there in silence, and continued observing her.

‘What is this woman doing… why is she not bowing her head?’


Just like that, the awkward silence between the two women continued.

“Ah.. hello!”

The next moment, they heart a greeting from beside them.

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