Chapter 26: Isolda Evergarden XII (part 2)

“Are you done?” A woman approached her, and asked.

“Yes! With this, we are finished.” The girl replied.

The woman had once been her enemy, she had been the one she longed to kill.

But now, she was her dearest friend, Isolda Evergarden.

And, looking at her, the girl, Yuria Sweets, showed a bright smile on her lips.

“By the way… are you really going to take me with you? Someone like me is really going to work at the Beden Merchant Company?”

“Did you think I came here without any certainty?”

“Ah… no, if Lady Isolda is the one saying it, of course that wouldn’t happen…”

“Haa… really… you still have a lot to learn.”

With a small sigh and a sparsely visible regret, Isolda looked into Yuria’s eyes and spoke in a calm voice,

“Listen, although this is not a case of spot transaction, but never stop doubting until you are absolutely sure that the transaction has been conducted through verbal or written contracts. In the worst case, everything can suddenly become invalid even after signing the contract. You should always leave a way through which you can escape… at least until the last moment when everything is done. Be sure to keep this in mind.”

“Ye..yes. I see. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, Lady Isolda!”

In response to Isolda’s words, which felt both strict and caring, Yuria responded strongly with a slightly tense voice.

“From now on, you will work as my assistant. It’s about administration, so there’s a lot to learn. Be prepared to suffer enough until you get used to it.”


“Your answer?”

“Yes! All right!” Yuria answered Isolda’s words, and alerted herself once more.

Seeing her appearance, a barely visible smile began to form on Isolda’s lips.

‘You’re like me… but… you’ll take a different path from me… a path that leaves no irreversible regrets… a path you can be proud of as being right…’

Although Yuria was similar to herself, she was a strong and broad-minded child which Isolda was never able to become.

And looking at her, Isolda carefully took something out of her sleeve.

“Take it.”

“Ah! This… this…”

The moment she saw the item, Yuria’s face hardened and she coldly stared at it.

For she still remembered what it was.

And, looking at Yuria’s reaction, Isolda spoke to her in a soft voice, “Don’t worry, after the lesson you taught me, I have no intention of dying yet.”

“Ah… that.. is so… right? But why are you…”

In addition to being relieved by Isolda’s words, Yuria still seemed suspicious.

Seeing her react like that, Isolda knelt down in front of her and spoke in a calm voice.

“I am confident that it won’t happen again, but… if there is still a one in ten thousand chance…”

Isolda looked at the item she was holding in her hand. 

It was the same dagger that she had once handed to Yuria to take her revenge. 

Isolda reached out to hold Yuria’s hand and continued to speak quietly, “Now I… have recognized my faults… and I am thinking of repaying those I have harmed even a little bit… but.. the road I will walk forward will never be an easy one. So maybe… maybe there is a possibility that I will again… return to how I used to be in the past…”

“Lady… Isolda…” Yuria’s lithe body slightly trembled.

While holding her hand tightly, Isolda spoke to her in a voice filled with determination, “I beg you… if that happens… if I really end up like that again… then you… have to use this to stop me… stop me so I don’t hurt others… stop me… can you do that. … will you?”


Yuria pondered over Isolda’s words for a while.

But soon, as if she made up her mind, she grabbed the dagger in front of her eyes with a determined expression.

The sharp dagger was sleeping in its scabbard.

After accepting it, Yuria said while looking at Isolda, “I promise, I will! Instead… I will also ask Lady Isolda. From now on… let me stay next to you. So that I don’t have to pull this out… so that I can help you from your side, to the end.”

“Yes… I promise! Thank you.. Yuria.”

Having said that, Yuria threw herself in Isolda’s arms, and Isolda also hugged Yuria back.

Her heart, which used to be filled with greed, was filing up a feeling of loving-kindness.

All due to the fact that she had received forgiveness instead of hatred.

And… she finally felt at peace, instead of sadness.

In that way, a new and warm wind began to blow in Isolda Evergarden’s heart.

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