Chapter 26: Isolda Evergarden XII (part 1)


The two of them fell asleep after their passionate session.

Watching them, Bertina, who was also lying on the bed thought with a quiet smile.

‘He really is a mischievous man… to play with a woman’s heart like that…’

She got to know what happened to Isolda after hearing about it from Bahamut.

Isolda, who had approached Bahamut with the intention of stealing his property, was defeated and became a sla*ve instead.

Bahamut mentioned that Isolda had always hated him… but the two people Bertina saw today didn’t simply look like a master and a sla*ve who hated him.

‘Well… even when I first met Bahamut, I didn’t expect that we would have this kind of relationship…’

Although it started through defeat and intimidation, for the current Bertina, Bahamut was not simply the owner holding her leash.

He was a person who had the ability to defeat her, and at the same time, he could predict the future and move accordingly. Therefore, Bertina was already deeply enchanted by his charm, who knew how to read a woman’s mind and manipulate it.

‘In that respect… maybe Isolda and I might become competitors. Still, I once considered her as my successor…’

Interestingly, that relationship was no more.

With that thought in mind, Bertina cautiously approached Bahamut, who was sleeping next to her.

He was her lovely master who made her forget the memories of her husband.

Then, Bertina put a sweet smile on her lips, and lightly kissed him on the forehead.


“Welcome, Miss Isoldada Evergarden.”

“Nice to meet you. Please take care of me in the future.”

At the moment, Isolda was standing in front of a building, feeling a bit uncomfortable in the uniform she hadn’t worn in a while.

There were many who greeted her from the entrance.

All of them were key employees of the Beden Merchant Company that Isolda had once thought she would get rid off, but to the current Isolda, they were colleagues who would work together with her in the future and people who had the potential to become her ‘friends’.

“I am sure that you are aware of the situation. From today onwards, I, Isolda Evergarden, will be incharge of managing the administration side of the Beden Merchant Company. I met you all in the past in unfortunate circumstances. However, from now on, I swear that I will do my best to wash away that blemish and at the same time raise the Beden Merchant Company to the top spot.”

Isolda proudly declared with sincerity.

Despite her declaration, there were still those who looked at her with an uneasy gaze.

However, even while feeling their gaze, Isolda didn’t show any weakness.

Because in her mind, her future goal had already been decided.

She wanted to confidently say that she was not ashamed to admit her wrongs and that she would not hurt anyone.

It was clear that it wouldn’t be an easy path.

Compared to the path she walked in the past… even though it drove countless people to hell, even though its efficiency was outstanding. That was the path her parents had set for her, and Isolda herself now realized the cost of taking such a path.

But, although the current path she was taking would be slow and difficult… Isolda decided to move forward believing in the path she would be pioneering in the future.

She want to walk that path… 

In order to be able to apologize in the distant future for her sins.

So that she could ask for forgiveness.

So that she could be a little proud of her deeds.

‘I am starting over from now on. I never really walked in the right direction. So I should be starting from scratch…’


“Here you are.”

“Yes, this is the price. 3000 silver coins. You can check it.”

A man handed over a pouch while talking in a gruff voice.

After checking the coins, the girl bowed her head with a smile on her face.

“Thank you. That’ll be the end for our business. Goodbye then.” The girl turned to leave the trading house.

Then, she heard a voice that was filled with a little regret from behind her.

“Um… Um… are you really quitting? If you need, I can raise the price a little more.”

“Yes, I got a new job. Even if I’m not there, there won’t be any big problems because someone will take over.”

The girl walked away without regret while talking in a bright voice.

Looking at her back, the man let out a small sigh with a bitter expression on his face.

“That’s the problem, because there won’t be…”

The most important thing for a merchant was trust.

Meeting someone who one can trust was sometimes more valuable than money.

Regretting the fact that he lost a valuable business partner, the man began to feel a deep regret for his past actions, when he had taken that trust for granted.

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