Chapter 25: Isolda Evergarden XI (part 3)

“Ah… I don’t think I want to.”

“Wha…what? Uh… why?”

Isolda expressed ber bewilderment at Bahamust unexpected words.

Looking at her confused state, Bahamut pretended to be oblivious, lay down on the bed, and said, “Ah… I’m a little tired. As you can see, I already had a lot of fun with Bertina. So, do I really need to do it with someone who hates me?”


Isolda tried to say something at Bahamut’s words, but her words were immediately blocked by what Bahamut said next.

“You hated se*x anyway. So, you should just safely go home and rest for today. I will be back tomorrow.”

“That…that’s… ”

Bahamut lightly gestured and gave Isolda the permission to leave.

But… Isolda couldn’t just go back in the state she was currently in.

Her body that was already heating up, and she felt like she would go crazy if she didn’t quench the thirst right away.

In addition, at the moment… the very “thing” she had been longing for was still standing upright in front of her eyes.

Suddenly, she remembered something from the past.

At the time, she had lost her chance due to her vain pride even when it was presented in front of her eyes. 

‘Such a foolish act…’ Isolda didn’t want to do that again.


In the next moment, Bahamut’s gaze suddenly turned to his own giant spear, which was sandwiched between two soft mounds.

Isolda had directly begun to rub his giant spear with her melons.

Although she showed signs of being embarrassed, Isolda was still doing it with full concentration.

Seeing that Isola was giving him a service, a triumphant smile began to form on Bahamut’s lips.

“Didn’t you hate it? You don’t have to do that.”


While slightly turning her head at Bahamut’s words, Isolda still didn’t stop her hands.

Seeing her body start to sweat due to the taxing movements, Bahamut also began to get in the mood..

“Haa… I guess I can’t help it if you want it that much.”

With those words, Bahamut stood up. In response, Isolda slowly removed her chest from the spear and carefully turned around.


Then, Isolda silently stuck out her buns towards Bahamut with an embarrassed expression.

Bahamut found her provocative posture a bit amusing and asked, “So, what do you want me to do?”

“Please… put… it in. ”

“What? I couldn’t hear you?”

“Please… put it in! I want you.. your.. co*ck inside me…so please put it in!”

“Huh… that’s right. Is this what you wanted so much?”

With those words, Bahamut slowly nudged his spear against the entrance of Isolda’s wet cave.


In response, Isolda nodded her head as if she had finally reached the limit of her shame, making a teary-eyed expression. Then, she started to slowly shake her hips.

Although they were small compared to Bertina’s, but looking at Isolda’s buttocks, which were elastic and attractive, Bahamut also began to find it difficult to exercise self-control.

“Okay. Then I’ll put it in!”


Isolda a very peculiar cry that was similar to a cat.

At the same time, a sense of deep satisfaction that she had never felt before began to fill up in her heart.

“Haaa~ Haaah! Haaang!”

For the first time, she began to let out cried of pure pleasure, not pained screams due to being forced.

In line with the movement of the hot spear that seemed to reach her stomach, Isolda started shaking her hips on her own..

“How is it? This is your master’s grandiose spear! Are you satisfied now, bi*tch?”

“Haang~ Hee… yhee…yesh!”

Isolda answered Bahamut’s question with a raised cry.

Grabbing her by the waist, Bahamut lifted her up.

“Ngh! Nggh!”

Right after that, Isolda heard Bahamut’s rough breathing in her ears.

Hearing the rough yet hot sound, Isolda reached behind her and grabbed the man’s head.

“Ahn… annghhh!”

“Haaah!.. Haaah!”

Isolda turned her head and put her tongue into Bahamut’s mouth.

Feeling the man’s breath on her skin, Isolda began to savor the pleasure rising from above and below at the same time.

‘Good.. so good… so this is… this is sex!’

Suddenly, Isolda began to feel regret once again.

The man that was ravishing her at the moment also belonged to Bertina, who was still lying right next to them.

The man she was now longing for, had thoroughly conquered Bertina’s body and mind. And now, he was the only man who could satisfy her.

The fact that this man used to be her fiancée and could’ve been her husband made her even more regretful. 

And that feeling of regret intensified through the intense pleasure that Bahamut was giving her.

‘Ahn… but… from now on.. from now on…’

The regret still lingered in her heart. However, Isolda thought that it was still not completely too late.

Even if her position as his fiancé had disappeared… she was still Bahamut’s woman!

The fact that she could still do this sort of things with him motivated her to try her best.

“Awwng! Hauuu!!!”

As she locked the regret in a corner of her heart, Isolda finally reached her peak, and her lower mouth gushed out her love nectar. 

The pleasure she felt at her peak made Isolda’s mind turn white.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    As you said, all those meaningless chapters of Isolda escaping were worth in the end.

  2. I was impressed that what started out as such a rushed story took quite a bit of time for a character building arc for Isolda. It was much appreciated and frankly a pleasant surprise

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