Chapter 25: Isolda Evergarden XI (part 2)

“Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhhhnn!”

Bertina let out a moan that sounded like a scream in excitement.

However, even through the pain, a sultry smile hung on her lips.

“Are you okay, lady? You sure are enjoying this! You naughty bit*ch!”

“Ahhh! I love it! A little harder! Please make me feel more! With your di*k! Fill this naughty ah… bit*ch’s wet hole!! Kuuuh! Ahhhnn!”

Even so, Bertina stuttered slightly as if she was still a little embarrassed about being called a bit*ch.

In response, Bahamut thought that this lewd mature lady had a bit of a cute side, and began to stab his spear harder as she wished.


“Haahh… haahhnm…”

While watching such a spectacle, the other woman in the room, Isolda’s breathing was starting to get rough without herself even realizing it.

A completely different feeling was engulfing her compared to the last time Bahamut had ravished her in the past.

‘What… what is this? I’m just… simply watching… but why… why… why am I getting so excited?’

She already had such experience with Bahamut several times.

But… every time they had se*x, she always wanted it to end soon. She’d be lying if she said that she didn’t feel the pleasure. But, beneath that pleasure were always feelings of rejection and resentment.

She didn’t like that she was being forcibly subjected to such an act, and wished that such a painful relationship would end as soon as possible.

To Isolds, the act of se*x was ike a curse created by god.

But now… Isolda, who always thought that way, was having a change of mind. The passionate love making of the two people in front of her eyes gave her a completely different feeling.

The two of them were truly enjoying the present moment without any objection.

The heavy breathing, the violent thrusts, and… the lewd moaning that was so sultry that it made her head go blank. It gave her a dreamy yet intimate sensation, as if she was being hypnotized, and it slowly began to take over of Isolda’s mind.


‘Ah… no.. but… this kind of thing… to do it in the presence of other people… is…’

Isolda though so in her head, but her body slowly began to move according to her instincts, regardless of what her reason told her.


While sitting on a chair, Isolda slowly puts her finger in her secret place.

The two people, who were already shaking their hips in a fit of passion, didn’t seem to notice at all. But Isolda felt really ashamed of her actions at the moment.

But… she wanted to do it.

The feeling boiling inside her body… she wanted to resolve it somehow.

“Haahh… ha ha.. ha ha ha…hhmmn!”

Isolda began to fiddle with her wet cave with a slightly awkward movement.

However, no matter how hard she moved her fingers… even when she abandoned her sense of shame and touched her bre*asts… Isolda’s lu*st showed no sign of being resolved.

‘Uhn… why…why is this happening to me?’

Something was missing.

Even in such a heated atmosphere, Isolda couldn’t reach the peak she wanted to reach.

The current Isolda lacked something.

And what that “thing” was… it didn’t take long for Isolda was to realize it.

‘Ah.. that’s right… I already… I already felt it with my body…’

She just didn’t want to admit it.

But at the moment… Isolda couldn’t think of anything other than that “thing”.

Her overheated body didn’t combust no matter how much she stimulated it with her hands.

The reason was simple.

She herself had been rejecting it all along, but at some point, her body had already changed.

Her body had already adapted to the “thing” of the man in front of her.

Her body couldn’t be satisfied anymore without that man’s “thing”.

Having reached that conclusion, Isolda slowly got up from her seat and started walking forward.

The place she arrived at was where the two people were breathing heavily after having a bout of passion.

Bahamut had already relieved his hunger for the moment and was using the spare time to take a breather.  But, he suddenly found Isolda standing in front of him.

‘Ah… wait… this.. when I think about it, it’s a little embarrassing…’

Although Isolsa was a se*x sla*ve who he had ravished quite often, but the fact that he had been frantically enjoying himself with Bertina while having another woman watch them… gave Bahamut a sudden sense of shame.

‘This isn’t some kind of voy*eurism play. Anyway, I should have sent her out before I started doing the deed…’

As he thought about that, Bahamut began to feel his face heat up.

However, standing in front of him, Isolda licked her lips and started trying to say something.


“Yes? What’s the matter?”

“That… that… do that…to me… too.”

Isolda stuttered and struggles to speak out as if she was ashamed to even think about it.

It was at that moment that Bahamut’s doubts grew more and more.


And, as if she had finally made up her mind, Isolda slowly lifted her skirt up!

Averting his gaze with a flushed face, she exposed the dripping entrance of her canal.


“M…me too.. do me too! Nhh… like before… as you used to…do.”

It was a scene that appeared only in ad*lt videos with a dark depraved theme.


At her shameful display, Bahamut started to feel another kind of excitement rising inside of him instead of the confusions he had felt just a moment ago. A smile began to form on Bahamut’s lips as his sla*ve, who had always shown resistance, finally succumbed to pleasure.

In his heart, he wanted to immediately listen to her desperate ‘plea’, but Bahamut wanted to experience something more.

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  1. While the author’s dirty talk skills leave much to he desired, they have a firm grasp of setting a mood and definitely have talent. They just need to invest more time in studying relevant works on dirty talk and stuff like that. In addition some more descriptors of how the ppl participating in the act feel would raise the quality another level.
    (what have I become… Giving constructive feedback and advice on Smut. My mother would be so disappointed (^o^))

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