Chapter 25: Isolda Evergarden XI (part 1)

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As soon as Bahamut finished speaking, Bertina rose from her seat as if she had waiting for this moment and approached her master, who was still sitting in the chair.

“Whoops… ”

Then, with a seductive smile on her lips, Bertina naturally wrapped her arms around Bahamut’s body.

She moved her long, jade-white fingers and slowly began to caress Bahamut’s face.

“Master, I have been waiting…for.. you.”

Then Bertina, with her gaze fixed on Bahamut’s face, slowly began to unfasten the buttons of this shirts.

Just like that, right after removing top part of the shirt of the man in front of her eyes, Bertina slowly started licking Bahamut’s body with her long, red, luscious tongue.

Bertina’s tongue fluttered from Bahamut’s neck to his chest.

In response, Bahamut smiled and stroked her hair, and Bertina’s face began to blush slightly at her master’s grace.

And, while watching the two of them perform such a lewd act in front of her eyes, the other woman in the room… Isolda Evergarden, felt a plethora of complicated feelings, and she began to swallow dry saliva without even realizing it.

‘Lady Bertina… doing such a thing with a man like that…’

No matter how much she knelt down and showed her loyalty, Bertina’s current behavior surprised  Isolda once again.

As the owner of a colossal merchant company, she usually exuded the majesty of a queen. However, Bertina’s current appearance was as las*civious as a common wh*ore who seduced men, but at the same time she was overflowing with an attractive aura.

Her appearance was so bewitching that even Isolda, a woman felt her face heat up for a moment.

Above all, Bertina was not being forced to do such an act by intimidation. It was all the more shocking to Isolda that her idol was acting so lus*tful according to her own will and desire.

Meanwhile, Bertina continued to act according to her desires, not caring about Isolda at all.

Bertina slowly raised her head and kissed Bahamut on the lips.

While kissing Bertina, Bahamut placed his hand on top of her clothes and began gently caressing her huge twin mounds.

“Ahhnn… yes… this feeling.. I wanted to feel it for so long…”

Bertina spoke in a very sweet voice while letting out a deep breath.

Then, as if she couldn’t stand it any longer, she began to loosen the clothes that were draped over her body.

After some time, her voluptuous body was free of eyes to enjoy.

Bertina’s gaze didn’t leave Bahamut’s face even while she revealed a body that was so captivating, that even Isolda began to feel her body heat up.

Her eyes desperately longed for something.

As if responding to her demands, Bahamut picked up her half-na*ked body and headed for the bed next to him.

“Ah!.. hahahaha!… Ahahahaha!”

Bertina laughed cheerfully with pleasure and joy at his actions.

Bahamut then carefully placed Bertina’s body on the bed.

Sending Bahamut a seductive gaze, Bertina spoke in a raspy voice. “Now.. please come…”

As soon as she finished speaking, Bahamut pulled back the last of Bertina’s under*wear and began to bury his face in her melons.

“Huh… do you.. do you like them? My brea*sts…uhnnm!”

“Haaa, of course. Your breasts are really the best. Just looking at it makes me salivate.”

With those words, Bahamut began to suck on Bertina’s nip*ple without hesitation.

Bertina’s milkers were lightly saggy but still elastic, it began to sway like pudding with movements of Bahamut’s mouth.

“Aww! A little more… a little stronger… ah, okay… just like that… ahhhnn!”

Bertina started to shake her waist as if her excitement was starting to reach its peak at Bahamut’s actions.

Bahamut, who had been sucking Bertina’s bre*asts with his mouth, began to insert one hand into her lower canal.


“Aww! There… there… yes that’s the place!”

“What’s this? You are already so obscenely wet? I can stop if you don’t like it.”

“Ah… that… that… oh! Just.. just a little bit.. just a little bit more!!!”

Despite Bertina’s words, Bahamut’s hand began to grow rougher and rougher.

Bahamut grew excited while thoroughly targeting this seductive widow’s sensitive areas.

As a result, Bertina’s canal was becoming more and more wet.

“Sigh… ha.. Master…I… can’t stand it any longer… now… please!”

Bertina begged in an anxious voice.

However, Bahamut decided to tease her and said.

“Whoa… are you that excited? Then shouldn’t you be more earnest and ask with a bit more lewd words?”

“Haaahhh… lewd… words? Unnggg… that… that’s… that… so… ahhhhhn!.”

Bertina tried hard to think of something even when she was being overwhelmed by Bahamut’s caress.

Meanwhile, even in the midst of that, Bahamut’s hands continued their work without stopping.

It was a mischievous act, as if he was trying to disturb her thoughts.

Bertina flinched several times before finally letting out a rough breath and opened her mouth.

“Huh! That.. yes.. Master… I want your… big co*ck… cock! Shove it in… this naughty hole… please! Master… hurry!”

Bertina spoke with difficulty in a voice that trembled from both shame and pleasure.

Seeing her state, Bahamut burst into laughter as if he was having fun.

“Ah! Ahahahahaha! Bit*ch… I didn’t expect you’s really say that! You are really the best! You lewd bi*tch!”

With that, while still holding one of Bertina’s mounds with one hand, Bahamut moved his other hand to fix his weapon closer to the secret cave.




Bahamut’s great spear pierced Bertina’s wetness with an intense sound.

Bertina’s burst out with a scream full of pain and even more joy and excitement!

Then, Bahamut started to slowly move his hips as if he was starting an engine.

The movement itself wasn’t that fast, but because of the size of the gigantic spear, Bertina felt as if her head was going blank.

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