Chapter 24: Isolda Evergarden X (part 2)

That “training” did not simply mean se*xual acts.

In the past, the reason Isolda dared to vent her anger and assert her pride even after she was imprisoned was because she didn’t acknowledge the man named Bahamut.

It would be fair to say that she was blind to the reality before her.

To Isolda, Bahamut used to be nothing more than a foolish and terrible man who had defeated her due to luck.

And, in that regard, Bahamut had a very suitable pawn to use against her.

Even in the novel, Bertina was portrayed as a person who treated Isolda as a subordinate.

Bahamut knew that if the Lady of Blue Gold, who had already become his sl*ave, surrendered in front of her eyes, Isolda would surely lose her confidence as well.

However, simply showing that was not enough.

A more dramatic situation was needed to drive in the stakes of mental entanglement and a certain sense of defeat deep into her heart!

It would have to be a situation that would make her fall into despair in an instant.

From then on, Bahamut, who had a plan, began to act like he was losing his interest in Isolda.

He decreased the amount of time he visited her, and at the same time he slowly relaxed the security around the dungeon.

It was a bonus that the time he spent with Ophelia naturally increased in the process.

And finally, at some point Bahamut revealed an appropriate gap, using which Isolda managed to escape from the prison as he had expected.

Of course, from that point on, Bahamut knew very well where she was going to go.

There was a possibility that she would suffer quite a bit along the way. But with such a strong personality, Isolda would surely arrive there alive, even if it meant crawling on the floor.

The only place where she could start anew when everything, including her company had been destroyed was Vienna, the capital of the Holy Empire. The place where Bertina, whom she had served as her master in the original work, was located.

According to the plan, Bahamut arrived at Vienna first and waited patiently for Isolda, and finally after waiting a little longer than expected she arrived.

And, he succeeded in driving a decisive wedge of complete defeat into the heart of his sl*ave, who was full of hopes and dreams.


‘In the end… I was playing in this man’s palm from the beginning…’

Looking back on the situation so far, Isolda had no choice but to fully admit it.

That this man… was more capable than she had previously thought.

However… right after accepting reality and admitting defeat, another thought began to emerge in her head.

‘How come I didn’t recognize his talents? No matter how much he hid his abilities, to think that I couldn’t recognize such a great person… a jewel in the mud…’

Although they had ended up as enemies, in the past, Isolda had been engaged to this man.

‘Now that I think about it, it was the biggest chance of my life… to be formally married to this amazing man. But due to my arrogance, I didn’t recognize him and foolishly kicked him away myself.’

Isolda regretted the painful mistakes of the past in her heart.

However, she shook her head at her thoughts.

‘No… maybe it wasn’t a coincidence… that too must have been some kind of punishment. The punishment the world has inflicted… on a sinful wicked woman like me…’

Thinking about it again, it was thanks to Bahamut pulling her down, that Isolda was able to look back on herself like this, and see how despicable her choices were and how many people suffered because of it.

‘In that respect… I might have to be thankful…’

While organizing her thoughts in her own way, Isolda’s gaze suddenly turned to Bertina.

Her appearance, has been somewhat restless since earlier.

Her face was flushed red and her breath was rough.

From the moment Isolda entered the room, Bertina had been showing such strange signs, but now it seemed that she had reached its limit.

At the same time, seeing Bertina like that, Bahamut’s lips slowly began to curl up.

Isolda knew what that smile meant.

‘Ah… I know… that’s… the smile he always showed me right before ravishing me…’


After all the servants had left, there were only three people in the room at the moment.

In such a situation, Bahamut slowly stood up and looked at the two women in front of him.

‘That it for Isolda… and, Bertina must have reached at her limit, right? Well… it’s because she has been waiting for it all this time.’

Through their previous experience, he already knew that this lady was a very lewd woman.

He was also done with everything he planned to do, so all that was left was to relax and enjoy.

“Then, since work is over… shall we play a little bit?”

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