Chapter 24: Isolda Evergarden X (part 1)

Looking at the papers in her hand, Isolda’s hands began to shake.

It was because the content contained in it was far from the painful punishment she had envisioned.

“Is this… serious?”

“Of course, no matter how much I play around, do I look like someone who would play around with these things?”


At Bahamut’s words, Isolda once again confirmed the contents on the paper.

To put it simply, Bahamut was going to give her some of the upper management duties in the merchant company.

He was giving it to a woman who once tried to use him, and because of that, suffered and fell at his hands.

Bahamut wanted to entrust the position to such a person who would obviously hold a deep grudge due to that matter.

It seemed like a stupid choice that only good idiots would make.

However… at the moment, no one present in the room, let alone Isolda, had such thoughts about Bahamut’s decision.

Bertina, a being that Isolda couldn’t even dare to compete with, had to kneel down before this man.

It was natural for that fact to plant a decisive sense of defeat in Isolda’s heart.

The woman named Isolda was not foolish enough to challenge an overwhelmingly powerful enemy when she had no chance of winning.

Isolda, who had thought that far, began to show a slightly bitter smile on her lips without realizing it.

‘I see… so that’s what actually happened…’

With that thought in mind, Isolda slowly rose from her seat.

It was a complete defeat!

An utterly flawless defeat that left no more means or will to resist.

And… after being defeated, the only thing left for her was to live out the rest of her life as this man’s faithful dog.

While getting the feeling of being weighed down by the huge grip of fate.

Isolda bowed deeply to the man in front of her and said,

“Thank you for your mercy… I… Isolda Evergarden… will definitely try to live up to Lord Bahamut’s expectations.”


Watching her bow her head in front of him, Bahamut lightly smiled in his heart.

‘I had already expected it, but somehow, it seems that the atmosphere around her has changed a lot more than I thought, but…’

Isolda seemed so calm that it was incomparable to how she was when she was a prisoner, and she even gave off an aura of servility.

Of course, the decisive factor behind such a change must have been for the fact that Bertina, whom she had idolized, had knelt down to Bahamut.

‘It must’ve shocked her quite a bit.’

Bahamut thought that the extent of the change was a bit too great to be simply attributed to that.

‘Something must’ve happened to her on the way here. Well… anyways, everything definitely went as planned, but…’

For now, while deciding to slowly find out the details later, Bahamut briefly began to recall what had happened so far.


One day, while having his way with Isolda, Bahamut was suddenly struck with a thought.

‘Am I really using this evil woman effectively?’ He asked himself.

As part of making her pay for her sins, he could have simply continued to use her as a plaything.

But… as time went by, Bahamut was honestly thinking that it was a bit of a waste to continue like this.

At the moment, another one of his sla*ves, Bertina, continued to work within the Uranus Merchant Company and was of considerable help to Bahamut.

In the first place, Bertina was a woman of tremendous ability who held and shook the commercial power of the Empire, and even if he simply looked at his own experience and specifications, it would be foolish to compare her with Bahamut, who was previously a job seeker and only had some knowledge in the field of management.

Bahamut, who possessed the spoiler cheat key, was able to catch Bertina’s weakness and subdued her. 

However, if they had a head-to-head battle, he would have lost for sure.

Thanks to Bertina doing a good job, the Uranus Merchant Company was still running smoothly without much disturbance. In addition, the wealth of the Beden Merchant Company, which was receiving their support in secret, was getting bigger and bigger.

In a situation, where Bertina, who was actually the boss of Chapter 1, was rolling under his feet, the thought that he could also use Isolda, who was a slightly prominent named character, began to appear in Bahamut’s head.

‘Anyway, there are still quite a few mountains to overcome, so it would be nice if I had a few more people that I can make use of. It can also reduce my workload. But… the problem is what to do with this bit*ch’s bad


If he released Isolda as she was now, it was only natural that the bad-tempered villainess would try to bite him back in one way or another.

Her twisted mind would cook up some devious plan to screw Bahamut over.

In that case, there was a strong possibility that instead of being able to use her, he would have to fight her again.

So, Bahamut decided to “train” her to his liking.

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