Chapter 23: Isolda Evergarden IX (part 2)

Bahamut’s voice sounded as affable as always.

And after hearing that, Isolda was able to roughly predict what would happen next.

It was clear that a cruel punishment would be waiting for the sla*ve who was caught… no, who had returned on her own after running away.

She may loose her legs, or any other limbs if her master deemed it necessary.

‘However, for now, I think I should be happy to receive such a punishment…’ That’s what Isolda thought.

‘Maybe… that might make me feel a little better… if I can’t apologize directly… at least I’ll be punished for my sins by suffering endlessly…’

Isolda humbly prepared for the punishment that was to come, thinking that she should receive the same amount of suffering which she had inflicted on others.



The next moment, what came into the room was a lot of food.

It was a scene that was similar to the previous ones in the dungeon, but incomparable in terms of scale.

Isolda was a little surprised by this, but she didn’t attach much importance to it.

‘Yeah… I guess he wants to torture or humiliate me after fillimg my stomach like that time… come to think of it, this man also has quite a bit of weird preferences…’

With that thought in mind, Isolda slowly stood up from her seat.

Then she calmly sat down where the servants were inviting her.

Even though her dirty outfit didn’t match the other two because she had just finished a long trip, no one, including Bahamut, cared much about it.

The unexpected meal time started like that.

Even in this situation, Isolda began to smile bitterly in her heart, feeling that the food was quite delicious.

‘Hunger is a frightening thing.’ With such thoughts in mind, Isolda diligently puts the food in her mouth.

In the meantime, she suddenly discovered one strange fact and automatically stopped her hand.

It was… because the two people before her had stopped their hands for some reason and were just looking at her carefully.

‘What… why? Did these two put some kind of poison in the meal?’

Isolda suddenly thought of that possibility, but following the thought of whether it was even necessary to do so appeared in her mind, Isolda ignored the burdensome gaze of the two and continued to focus on eating. 

Bahamut, on the other hand, made an intrigued expression while watching Isolda’s behavior.

After a while, the plates in front of Isolda were completely emptied.

This time, Isolda calmly closed her eyes while preparing her mind for the pain to come.

‘Do it now… I’ll accept everything… whether it be se*xually insulting, slitting my fingers, cutting off my arms and legs, or gouging out my eyes. You can do whatever you want… because I did something sinful…

because I’m a wicked woman who deserved to suffer…’

And so, Isolda quietly waited for the baptism of punishment from Bahamut.

But, after a while, Bahamut’s voice finally reached her ears.

“What are you doing? Open your eyes.”


Isolda opened her eyes immediately at Bahamut’s command.

The situation in front of her eyes didn’t change much, except for the fact that all the tableware has been removed. She didn’t see anything special.

At the moment, Bertina and Bahamut were the only ones left in the room.

In response, Isolda spoke to Bahamut in a calm voice.

“.It’s okay to start. You don’t have to bother.”


Isolda felt a bit puzzled at Bahamut’s voice, which contained some doubts, and spoke to him again.

“The punishment… because I ran away from you. A slave who ran away and was caught by his master… must be punished. Go on… no matter what you do, I am ready to receive it.”

Her tone remained calm as usual. 

The corned of Bahamut’s mouth lifted up, as he felt the sense of complete surrender from Isolda.

“Yeah… that’s right.. that went really well… really well.”

Then Bahamut suddenly took something out of his pocket.

In response, Isolda thought that the torture or punishment was finally here

And what Bahamut brought out in front of her was…

“…? What is this…”

“Read it. Because that’s the ‘punishment’ I’m giving you… that’s the punishment you will receive in the future.”


Isolda opened the envelope with slightly trembling hands, and found a paper.

It was a situation that was a little different from what she had imagined, she began to feel a deeper sense of dread, as well as doubt.

And, right after Isolda read the contents of the paper, her face began to be filled with surprise of a different nature than before.

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