Chapter 23: Isolda Evergarden IX (part 1)

The scene where Bertina, the owner of the Uranus Merchant Company was kneeling and bowing her head, was something unbelievable.

And watching it, Isolda spoke in a trembling voice.

“This… this… can’t be like this… Lady Bertina… how… how can someone like you… with a man like this..”

Just who was Bertina? She was the Lady of Blue Gold!

She was one of the continent’s greatest merchants and the person that Isolda had been targeting all along, and she was one of the few people she recognized and respected.

She was the person who mercilessly destroyed numerous merchant companies and could be called a legend who held the Holy Empire in her grasp.

Even Isolda in her prime didn’t dare to think of confronting her, and her previous plan of approaching Bahamut also served the purpose of absorbing his forces and gaining Bertina’s recognition.

That woman… the strong Lady of Blue Gold, who was thought to be unmatched by anyone.

Was now in the process of expressing complete obedience to the man whom Isolada had once regarded as a foolish wimp.

And, in front of Isolda, who was so astonished, Bertina raised her head and kissed the back of Bahamut’s hand as she slowly sat back on the chair.

It was the mark of an oath that signified loyalty.

After completing the final confirmation perfectly, Bertina opened her mouth in a quiet voice while looking at Isolda.

“Unfortunately, this is the reality. We, the Uranus Merchant Company, have already entrusted themselves under the wings of the Beden Merchant Company. And I as well… both body and mind, have sworn an oath to become Lord Bahamut’s faithful sl*ave.”

With those words, Bertina leaned her face into Bahamut’s arms, as if she was being hugged by her beloved husband.

Her blushing face was beset with a wriggling desire that desperately longed for something.

Seeing Bertina behave like that, Isolda collapsed on the floor as she received an intense shock, unable to stand on her feet.

“Ba… Bahamut… you… you… what the hell… a guy like you… really…”

Isolda muttered in a voice full of fear.

Until just a few days ago, she was burning with unfiltered vengeance against Bahamut.

The fact that the man was a stronger enemy than she had thought was something she had already accepted.

However, even after that, Isolda kept demeaning the man named Bahamut in her heart.

She thought that her defeat was due to just an unfortunate surprise attack. If she had been a bit more vigilant, there was no way that he’d be able to defeat her.

Isolda, who was imprisoned, satisfied herself like that and never acknowledged Bahamut.

Even if that wasn’t true, she couldn’t help but think so.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to maintain her sanity in the clutches of the man who regularly violated and trampled on her pride.

Otherwise… she wouldn’t be able to maintain the will to seek a chance to escape while burning with revenge against this man.

But… as she watched the woman that was her idol, bow down to him in front of her eyes, the reality she had been ignoring until now and the resulting fear began to surge forth like a wave.

‘A monster… a monster… this man… is a monster.’

While recognizing the fact that the existence that she had initially regarded as a pitiful dog was actually a wolf… no… a dragon that was coiling up and preparing to devour her, Isolda was gripped by an inescapable despair.


“Hah… hahahaha… ahahahaha!”

The next moment, Isolda began to laugh in utter despair.

With this… she had no choice but to fully admit that it was all over.

The hope for a comeback was nothing more than a fleeting dream, and her chance at atonement was now gone.

Her future was now… in that cramped prison cell. 

All she could do was live as this man’s plaything, for the rest of her life.

That was all.

When Isolda was wallowing in despair with her head down, she heard him say,

“Now then… since the guests we’ve been waiting for have arrived, shall we start the banquet?”

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