Chapter 22: Isolda Evergarden VIII (part 2)

“If you want to repent of your sins, pay it back with your deeds! Live for the betterment of the people who suffered because of you! You can’t just get down on your knees and ask for forgiveness! Don’t even think about running away in death!”


Hearing those words… Isolda lowered her head and didn’t respond. 

Everything she did in her life so far… had been wrong. Even the way she was trying to atone for her sins, proved to be wrong.

‘The person who was truly naive… was me. Compared to this young girl… someone like me… is really… nothing.’ Thinking so, Isolda quietly looked at Yuria’s face.

She was little girl who had an immature face and still had a lot to learn.

However, at the moment, Isolda felt a slight longing for this child.

She wants to be like her… she wanted to look at the world like Yuria did and confidently walk the correct path.


The rain had stopped.

A warm light began to shine in the sky, which had always seemed dark.

The birds were chirping and the clouds were quietly passing by.

Under the world that was a little different from just before… she… the wicked woman Isolda Evergarden… was kneeling in front of the gravestone with her head bowed.

“I’m not expecting you to forgive me. That’s because I… I’ve gone too far. But at least… I want to apologize. I’m sorry… I’m really… I’m really… sorry.”

Isolda talked with full earnestness with a dark expression on her face.

Next to her was Yuria, who was silently watching the scene play out.

Even though her face was still dark, it was an undeniable fact that it became much lighter than when she was wishing for Isolda’s death.

“From now on… I will try to live a life of atonement. So that… when I myself go there someday, I can at least kneel down in front of you… and ask for your forgiveness… so that I will have the courage to do so…”

With those words, Isolda bowed again, as she had done many times before.

She was feeling motivated once again. However, this time it was neither about success nor about revenge.

It was about the promise to atone for her sins. It was a promise to lighten the burden that was still weighing heavily on her heart.


Yuria and Isolda left the cemetery and took the carriage back to the city.

Although the awkward feeling still lingered between them, Yuria cautiously opened her mouth to ease the atmosphere.

“So… what will Miss Isolda do from now on?”

“First of all, I’m thinking of moving forward with my original plan. I have an acquaintance here, so I’ll have to look for a job through that person… ah, stop over there.”

The next moment, Yuria stopped the carriage at the location Isolda had pointed out.

It was the entrance to a huge building about the size of a palace, and even Yuria also knew what this place was.

Isolda slowly got off the carriage as she had finally arrived at her destination.

Looking at her, Yuria cautiously spoke with a bittersweet feeling in her heart.

“Will we meet each other again?”

“If the opportunity arises… no… yes… I’m sure we’ll meet again. At that time, I will stand in a slightly different position than I do now.”


At Isolda’s words, Yuria quietly smiled and drove the carriage to leave.

That person was the enemy she longed to kill with her own hands not long ago.

But… the feelings she was feeling right now… it was similar to the feeling of regret when parting with a good friend.


Following the guidance of the receptionist, Isolda entered the building.

Contrary to what she had expected, upon hearing her name, she was silently granted permission to meet with the owner of this place as per her request.

‘Still, with this, I managed to pass the most difficult hurdle…’

To be honest, there was a possibility that the person would refuse to see her, and if that happened, all her hard work would’ve been for nought, but fortunately that didn’t happen.

With such thoughts in mind, Isolda walked deep inside the building.

Then, standing in front of the ornate door, she took a small breath to relieve her tension.

‘I’m starting over… and I’ll ask for forgiveness… to all the people who have suffered because of me…’

While dreaming of the future, Isolda carefully opened the door and went inside.

‘She is a formidable opponent… the woman who holds the capital of the Holy Empire in her grasp, Berti…’

With that thought in mind, Isolda entered the room.

And, the person waiting for her there was…


“Welcome, Isolda Evergarden. I was waiting.”

The owner of this place was standing straight and looking at her.

She was the leader of the Uranus Merchant Company.

The moment she saw Bertina Minerva, the Lady of Blue Gold, Isolda’s face stiffened.

No, to be precise, it wasn’t Bertina that had shocked her…

“Come on in. I was waiting for you.”

It was the person right next to her.

Seeing the very person she never wanted to meet at the moment, Isolda began to tremble.

“Uh… how… how yo… you… here..”

Isolda mumbled in a voice that seemed indicate that she had lost her soul.

Looking at her condition, the man… Bahamut, showed a sincere smile on his lips while sitting on a fancy chair.

“How? What’s wrong with me visiting my sla*ve’s house?”

“Sla*ve… what… are you talking about? It’s the headquarters of the Uranus Merchant Company in Vienna! But… this place… how can this place…”

Impossible… even if it was true, while listening to the unbelievable claim, Isolda tried to deny it, and Bahamut sighed as if he couldn’t help it.

“Sigh… well, it must be hard for you to accept reality. In that case… kneel down, Lady.”

“All right. Master.”


As soon as those words were spoken, Bertina, the Lady of Blue Gold, bowed her head in front of Bahamut, and respectfully kneeled down near his feet.

Looking at the incredible scene, which was hard to believe even after seeing it with her own eyes, she… Isolda Evergarden felt her mind go blank.

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  1. Well that must have hurt. When Isolda found new purpose and discovered her new self she fell into villian hands again. And her respected mentor is already a willing pet of Isolda’s owner. That must have hurt. The earth must have been yanked from benath her feet. What will MC do? Willing slave and collaborator with Isolda experience is a lot better option than unwilling sex slave.

    Thanks for chapter

  2. Oof… She lost her chance to atone and grow to be a better person. Mc doesn’t possess mercy, he and Isolda are much akin to the difference between the demonic and righteous factions in xianxia. One is disgusting on the surface and the other hides their rotteness behind a gilded mask

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