Chapter 278: Scheming under the moon

Both of them were dressed as monks in red. One of them had a bright bald head, and the other had a sleeve fluttering in the wind, obviously with a severed arm. Naturally, they were the Blood Saber Elder and Master Sangjie.

“Do you want to follow them?” The main purpose Yelu Nanxian came out this time was not only to spar with Song Qingshu, but also to gather information.

“That’s just what I want.” Song Qingshu looked at Yelu Nanxian and they smiled at each other. Then the two jumped up and silently followed the two old men. Needless to say, Song Qingshu’s movement technique could be counted amongst the best in the world, but Yelu Nanxian’s movement technique was also very exquisite, and her clothes didn’t even make a sound while traveling through the air during her movements

Blood Saber Elder and Master Sangjie came to a courtyard, looked around vigilantly, and then gently knocked on the wooden door according to a certain pattern.

Not long after, a sound was heard from inside, then the wooden door opened wide, and the two cautiously walked in.

Song Qingshu pointed to the roof of the courtyard, and Yelu Nanxian nodded knowingly. Song Qingshu picked up a handful of stones and threw them at the door far away. Hearing the noise, the guards inside quickly ran out to check what was going on. The two of them took the opportunity to jump over the crowd and land on the roof.

“I wonder for what reason the two masters are looking for us.” A somewhat familiar voice was heard from below. Song Qingshu thought for a while, and realized that the person who spoke was one of the Five Dragon Envoys of the Mystic Dragon Cult.

Yelu Nanxian gently lifted a piece of tile, and was about to lower her head to look inside. Song Qingshu noticed her slender fingers that were as crystal as jade, and couldn’t help but transmit the sound to her, “Miss Yelu, don’t work too hard on sword practice. It would be a pity to have calluses on these beautiful hands.”

Yelu Nanxian glared at him angrily, ignored him, and carefully observed the situation in the room. She had carefully read the information of the senior officials of the Mystic Dragon Cult before coming to the island, so she was able to recognise the people there after taking a quick look inside. 

There were three of the Five Dragon Envoys present in the room, who were— the Green Dragon Envoy Xu Xueting, Black Dragon Envoy Zhang Danyue, Red Dragon Envoy Daoist Wugen, and the seat of White Dragon Envoy has been vacant all the time. The Yellow Dragon Envoy had a close relationship with the Cult Master and his wife. As the three of them were probably trying to plot something with the people here, so naturally they excluded the Yellow Dragon Envoy Yin Jin.

“May I know what you Envoys think about the current situation of the Mystic Dragon Cult?” As soon as Sangjie said this, the tense expressions of the three Dragon Envoys immediately eased a bit. Sangjie was obviously a master on the same level as Hong Antong, but while talking, he treated the three of them extremely respectfully.

“The situation in the cult is naturally for the Cult Master to worry about, and there is no need for us brothers to worry about it.” Xu Xueting wes not only the best in terms of martial arts amongst the Five Dragon Envoys, but also in terms of diplomacy.

“The few of you are the elders of the Mystic Dragon Cult, and your identities are aloof, so how can you not have the right to intervene?” The Blood Saber Elder laughed.

After being poked at the sore spot, the Black Dragon Envoy Zhang Danyue said indignantly, “The Cult Master has been promoting the young people and killing the old people in recent years. We are thankful that we can be the Five Dragon Envoys in peace. How dare we interfere in the affairs of the cult!”

‘We were waiting for those exact words!’ 

The Blood Saber Elder and Sangjie exchanged glances, and quickly said, “Now that Prince Bao’s three-way army is about to overwhelm and destroy the Mystic Dragon Cult, what are your plans?” They asked a question, and gave the three envoys a psychological hint that the Mystic Dragon Cult would be destroyed.

Sure enough, when the three envoys heard their words, their faces turned pale, and they looked at each other, but no one spoke for a while.

“I heard that Shengjing sent a message that as long as Su Quan, the culprit, is handed over, they will retreat immediately. What do you think about this?” Sangjie’s fleshy face showed a smile, as if he was harmless to both humans and animals.

The Red Dragon Envoy Daoist Wugen sneered, “Shengjing has no choice but to attack now, how could it be possible for them to retreat because of a woman.”

“If the Mystic Dragon Cult doesn’t hand over Su Quan, the hope of Shengjing withdrawing is naturally zero. But if you hand over Su Quan, there is still a slight possibility of them actually withdrawing. Why don’t you persuade your Cult Master? It doesn’t hurt to try. It’s just sacrificing a woman, so what is the big deal? As for Master Hong, it would not difficult for him to find another beautiful wife.” Sangjie said with a smile.

The three of them had already had this same thoughts in their hearts, but no one dared to bring it up first. Hearing what Sangjie said, Xu Xueting sneered and said, “Master Hong loves Su Quan very much, so how could he bear the pain to give up his beloved wife?”

“That is what Cult Master Hong wants. So why would he put the entire Mystic Dragon Cult in danger for one person’s self-interest?” The Blood Saber Elder looked indignant on the surface, but he was extremely gleeful in his heart. The Mystic Dragon Cult was in crisis. If Hong Antong sacrificed his wife to make everyone happy, and guaranteed that the Mystic Dragon Cult was beaten like chicken blood, and everyone’s morale was full…

“He is the Cult Master, so what can we do?” Xu Xueting pretended to sigh, but quietly followed the other party’s changes.

Sangjie smiled, “What if Hong Antong was not the Cult Master?”

Xu Xueting was startled, but he calmly said, “The two of you should be on the same side as the Cult Master, and belong to the faction of the Mongolian prince Alibuge, why are you saying such words?”

The Blood Saber Elder showed a strange smile, “The prince has always been dissatisfied with Hong Antong for his selfishness and disobedience to orders. He has long wanted to get rid of him, but it is a pity that he has never had a chance…”

The three envoys had actually met several times before and discussed how to deal with Hong Antong, but they were worried about the other party’s martial arts strength, and the Mongolian forces behind him. Hearing what the Blood Saber Elder said, Zhang Danyue asked impatiently, “Is there a chance now?”

‘The fish are hooked!’

Sangjie was overjoyed, and quickly explained, “It’s like this. Although we have always wanted to get rid of Hong Antong, this is an internal matter of the Mystic Dragon Cult. If we do it ourselves, it may cause a strong reaction from Mystic Dragon Cult members. However, if the three respected Dragon Envoys take action, we would be able to reduce the impact to the minimum.”

“But Shengjing’s army is really overwhelming now at the moment…” Xu Xueting was still more cautious, and he was worried that after the turmoil, Mystic Dragon Cult’s vitality would be severely damaged, and they might not be able to resist the foreign enemies.

“Don’t worry, as long as you can successfully replace the Cult Master, our prince will send troops to Liaodong immediately. The Mongolian iron cavalry is famous all over the world. Hongli will naturally call back the army to resist us.” Said the Blood Saber Elder.

“What exactly do you want?” Xu Xueting asked suspiciously.

“Hong Antong is not obedient, what we need is a more obedient Cult Master.” Sangjie smiled as the fat on his face trembled, but what he thought in his heart was, ‘You fools, what we want is the Mystic Dragon Cult to fall apart so that Hongli can fight Kangxi as soon as possible!’

The three envoys exchanged glances, and Xu Xueting thought in his heart, ‘After we successfully kill Hong Antong and survive this disaster, depending on the martial arts level and seniority, the position of Cult Master would surely belong to me. As long as we can get the backing of Mongolia at that time, there wouldn’t be any more issues. What’s more, after I became the Cult Master, I’ll do whatever I want, what can Mongolia do to me?’

Seeing that the other two envoys were still a little hesitant, Xu Xueting said, “The Five Dragon Envoys have been suppressed by Hong Antong in recent years, and our power is not as good as before. At most, we can control 30% of the Mystic Dragon Cult’s power. Reckless attempts will definitely not work. The only feasible way is to take advantage of Hong Antong’s unpreparedness in the main hall tomorrow and carry out the beheading operation. As long as Hong Antong dies, we will naturally have a way to control the entire Mystic Dragon Cult.”

Daoist Wugen hesitantly said, “With Hong Antong’s martial arts, the three of us may not be his opponents.”

“You three can rest assured, we will help you when the time comes, and Hong Antong will face his doom.” The Blood Saber Elder narrowed his eyes, but sneered in his heart, ‘When the time comes, we’ll wait for you to fight to the death, it would be best if Hong Antong kills you all. After that, we will take the opportunity to kill Hong Antong, and the entire army of the Mystic Dragon Cult will be wiped out, so Hongli can naturally win without any effort.’

“But now there is Western Poison Ouyang Feng on the island, and there’s also Song Qingshu beside the Cult Master’s wife. These two people’s martial arts are too high. If they help Hong Antong, I’m afraid…” Xu Xueting said worriedly.

Song Qingshu on the roof immediately became interested when he heard them talking about him, so he listened carefully.

“Don’t worry, we already have a way to deal with them.” Blood Saber Elder and Sangjie looked at each other, and laughed triumphantly, they obviously had a plan in mind.

After listening for a while, Song Qingshu and Yelu Nanxian secretly left the yard when they saw that they couldn’t hear anything else that was important.

“How do you think they plan to deal with me?” Song Qingshu thought hard for a long time, but he couldn’t think of anything that could pose any threat to him.

Yelu Nanxian smiled slightly, “Could it be that Master Song forgot about me?”

Song Qingshu was startled, and quickly laughed, “It can’t be you.”

“Why, do you think that I’m not capable of dealing with you?” Yelu Nanxian was a little annoyed at his contempt.

“The only way you can deal with me is using beauty trap.” Seeing that Yelu Nanxian’s eyes widened, he quickly said, “Of course I know from Miss Yelu’s swordsmanship that you are definitely not that kind of despicable person.”

“Hmph, I’ll just take it as a compliment from you, so I won’t bother to pry any further.” Yelu Nanxian’s eyebrows were not as thin as a willow and light as smoke like a Jiangnan woman, but quite broad and rich, which was a perfect match for her brilliant face.

“Actually, when I saw that they didn’t bring you with them for such a confidential matter, I realized that they were also guarding against you Liao people.” Song Qingshu tentatively said.

Yelu Nanxian was not fooled, and said calmly, “We are just taking actions for the sake of our allies, Master Song doesn’t have to worry about me and my cousin.” After hesitating, she still didn’t tell Song Qingshu about her own analysis, after all, Song Qingshu was on the opposite side, and she still had to consider the Liao Empire.

“I’m going back, Miss Yelu, do you want to see me off?” Song Qingshu turned to look at her.

Yelu Nanxian became speechless, “Although I don’t know much about Chinese culture, I do know that it men who usually see women off.”

“I had a boring fight with you, so it should be fair for you to see me off.” Song Qingshu said naturally.

Yelu Nanxian hesitated for a moment, then thinking that one of her major missions on this trip was to protect Su Quan, it would be better to go and see her now, so she nodded and said, “Okay!”

Now it was Song Qingshu’s turn to be surprised. Originally, he was just casually saying that to make her get angry and leave, so that he could secretly search for the antidote for Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pills, but who knew that she would actually agree!

‘It seems that I can only go with Su Quan after I go back!’ Song Qingshu shook his head with a wry smile, made a gesture of invitation, and the two walked towards the courtyard.

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