Chapter 277: Sun Moon Sword (part 2)

“What?” Song Qingshu was taken aback. 

Fang Yi went behind him, and slapped Su Quan on the face, then raised her hand and wanted to slap her on the other side, but Song Qingshu had already firmly grasped her hand.

“What are you doing?” Song Qingshu frowned and looked at her.

“I’ve been bullied by this woman a lot in the past year, and I’ve also been slapped.” Fang Yi said angrily, “Why, you feel bad because I just slapped her?”

Song Qingshu suddenly felt a but repulsed in his heart. Fang Yi’s vengeful character really made it hard to like her as a woman, not to mention her current tone was like a jealous girlfriend, which was also a bit annoying.

Noticing the change in his expression, Fang Yi also secretly yelled in her heart, realizing that her impulsiveness had ruined the atmosphere. Fang Yi knew that she should not have shown this side to Song Qingshu before they fostered enough love. But seeing Su Quan in front of her without any resistance, she could not suppress impulse in her heart.

“Brother Song, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it when I thought about the past.” Fang Yi said weakly.

Song Qingshu smiled, “Your suffering is over, I won’t let her bully you in the future.”

“Yeah.” Fang Yi gently leaned into his arms.

“Master Song is hugging beauties left and right, you are really blessed.”

Song Qingshu looked up, and found Yelu Nanxian leaning against the door, looking at him with a faux-smile.

After cursing Yu Zhenzi for not closing the door after leaving, Song Qingshu stood up and asked, “Miss Yelu, it’s so late and you’re still wandering around, aren’t you afraid of going to the wrong bed?”

“Bah!” Although grassland girls were always a bit open minded, but still she couldn’t bear his direct teasing as Yelu Nanxian blushed, and bashfully scolded, “I came here this time to spar with you.”

“I never fight women.” Song Qingshu refused without thinking.

“What if I beat you later.” Yelu Nanxian said aggressively.

“Although your martial arts is good, you still can’t beat me.” Song Qingshu shrugged indifferently.

“I know, but I still want to fight you once.” Yelu Nanxian didn’t raise an argument this time, but her tone was quite sincere.

“Oh?” Song Qingshu finally got a little interested, “If I remember correctly, your Liao Empire and Qing Empire seem to be still at war, right? Are you not afraid that I will kill you by taking this opportunity?”

“If it was someone else, I wouldn’t take the risk, but since it’s Master Song, I’m not afraid.” Yelu Nanxian said. She knew that although she couldn’t beat Song Qingshu for the time being, but if she could spar with a master of this level, it would be extremely helpful for her progress of martial arts in the future.

“Why?” Song Qingshu was obviously taken aback.

Yelu Nanxian suddenly smiled, like a flower blooming on the grassland, “Because you are a person who loves flowers too much.”

“Okay, I’ll fight you.” Song Qingshu laughed, and walked out the door with her.

“Do you want to fight here?” Yelu Nanxian asked calmly instead of making a move.

“Otherwise, where will we fight?” Song Qingshu asked doubtfully.

“The Mystic Dragon Island has a beautiful scenery. Master Song, will you give me the honor to accompany you to wander around? We can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island while fighting.” Yelu Nanxian placed her hands behind her back and held the unsheathed sword casually in her grasp. As the breeze began to blow slowly, it created a ethereal scene.

“Brother Song, beware of any traps.” Fang Yi said worriedly.

Before Song Qingshu could speak, Yelu Nanxian smiled, “With Master Song’s martial arts, it should be me who should be careful. Is the little lady worried about your Brother Song’s safety, or are you worried that I will rob your man?” After she finished speaking, Yelu Nanxian tapped her toes without even waiting for a reply, and her figure floated out like a fleeting fairy.

Fang Yi was so ashamed by her that she couldn’t lift her head, Song Qingshu quickly comforted her and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll come as soon as I am done.” After speaking, he also flew out.

Not long after, the figure of Yelu Nanxian stopped on the top of a tree. Seeing her standing on the weak branch as if she didn’t have any weight, Song Qingshu praised, “In the past, Luo Shen walked on the water without even getting his feet wet, and Miss Yelu’s actions of walking on the green leaves is really not too much different.”

“I can understand that you are praising me, but I am from the grasslands, so I don’t know the gods of your Central Plains.” Yelu Nanxian said lightly.

Seeing Song Qingshu become stunned, Yelu Nanxian pursed her lips and smiled, “Okay, I am just joking with you.”

Song Qingshu wanted to say more, but suddenly felt a flash in front of his eyes, as a long sword appeared in Yelu Nanxian’s hand. The long sword was shining coldly, as if holding a pool of autumn water, and he couldn’t help but praise it, “Good sword!”

“Since your martial arts are higher than mine, then I will strike first to show respect.” After Yelu Nanxian finished speaking, her demeanor suddenly became very solemn, and with a sharp sound the sword in her hand turned into a streak of white light and shadow.

Song Qingshu could no longer keep the attitude of contempt. Among the sword masters he had met, apart from Feng Qingyang, Yelu Nanxian’s swordsmanship was probably the best. Song Qingshu had never seen such a brilliant and eye-catching swordsmanship. His opponent seemed to make full use of the moonlight in the sky, and what she held in her hand seemed to be a sword no longer, but a dazzling shadow.

Although there were many martial arts in Song Qingshu’s resume, the one he was the most accomplished in was swordsmanship. After understanding the essence of Five Sacred Mountain Sword Art, the experience at the Cogitation Cliff and after having several fights with Feng Qingyang, he had almost reached the realm of one with the sword. 

Now, he had a feeling that his sword technique was no less powerful than the Nine Swords of Dugu. The reason for that was although Song Qingshu’s every move was similar to the Five Sacred Mountain Sword Art, he did not stick to its inherent moves, but slightly changed the angle of the sword tip according to the actual situation of facing the enemy, or he deliberately slowed down the speed of the sword. This made his technique naturally adaptable, making it impossible for the enemy to resist.

But despite that, Song Qingshu still had some difficulty while dealing with Yelu Nanxian’s swordsmanship. The fundamental reason was that the sword in Yelu Nanxian’s hand was too dazzling, so dazzling that Song Qingshu could barely open his eyes, so it was naturally difficult to break the move.

After forcing her back with his profound skill, Song Qingshu said with some fear, “What kind of sword technique are you using?”

“It doesn’t have a name, I created it myself.” Yelu Nanxian pointed her long sword at the ground and stopped her aggressive attack.

“If it’s daytime and the sun is shining, wouldn’t your swordsmanship be heaven defying?” Song Qingshu asked in fear.

“Master Song’s gaze is as bright as a torch. My swordsmanship really relies on natural light. However, although the sunlight is strong during the day, but the environment is bright, and it is not necessarily as dark as it is now. So it is more powerful in the moonlight.” Yelu Nanxian said softly, Immediately, her expression became quite fascinated, “I have a feeling that when my sword technique is practiced to the extreme, it will be like the sun and moonlight shining on the world, and the enemy will have nowhere to hide. It’s a pity that its current state is still far behind.”

Song Qingshu was taken aback for a moment, the inexplicable power emanating from the other party at the moment made him a little scared, and he suddenly thought, ‘Even if you are a genius who is rare in a thousand years, so what, is the aura of a genius greater than the aura of a transmigrator?’ Thinking of this, Song Qingshu’s mind also calmed down.

“I don’t know if it’s an illusion, just now I seemed to feel that taking your life would be easy.” Yelu Nanxian frowned, obviously not understanding the situation just now, “Unfortunately, that feeling has disappeared now.”

Song Qingshu smiled indifferently, “Then Miss Yelu must also be reluctant to kill me.”

“You are quite narcissistic.” Yelu Nanxian was not angry, but put the long sword back into the sheath, “Let’s stop here for now.”

“Oh? I didn’t expect your skill to be so advanced that you could hear the people who were coming from so far away.” Song Qingshu looked at her with admiration, and wondered, ‘Is she really one of those legendary geniuses?’

Yelu Nanxian was obviously taken aback, and said with some embarrassment, “I didn’t hear it, I just don’t want to fight.”

“Then let’s hide for a while.” Song Qingshu hid among the branches, and beckoned to Yelu Nanxian, signaling her to come over.

Yelu Nanxian floated over, then hid with him, and frowned suspiciously, “If you and I work together, there shouldn’t be anyone on this island we need to hide from, right?”

“It’s not a good thing to rely too much on force.” Song Qingshu smiled lightly, not intending to explain further, but said, “Since your sword technique has no name, how about I help you choose one?”

“Let’s hear it, I don’t want anything that sounds too bad.” Yelu Nanxian asked curiously.

“Since your swordsmanship gathers the aura of the sun and the moon, it should be called the Sun and Moon Sword.” Thinking of the TV series “Sword of the Sun and Moon” played by Zhang We*jian and Guo Ji*n’an in his previous life, and thinking of Qiu Jin*gjing in it, Song Qingshu showed a look of nostalgia, ‘How long has it been since I thought about my previous life? I hope to use these small tricks to keep leaving traces of my previous life in this world, so that I won’t treat my past as a mere dream in the future.’ (G: This is what I like about this protagonist, he never loses his sense of self.)

“Sun Moon Sword?” Yelu Nanxian was startled, and slowly nodded, “I hope I won’t let down the name in the future.”

Seeing the two masked men running past under the tree, Song Qingshu felt contempt in his heart, ‘Why is it always like those historical drama where they don’t change their clothes? Do they think that if they just cover their face, others won’t recognize them?’

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