Chapter 28: The Divine Brilliance Scripture

“Of course not!” Even without any opinions from the Gods and Buddhas, Ling Shuanghua could never think that her mother would enter the lower three realms.

“That’s it…” Song Qingshu stretched his hands, “Miss Ling, you don’t have to worry about that poisonous oath anymore.”

“Thank you scholar Song for your guidance.” As soon as he enlightened him, Ling Shuanghua felt that her heart suddenly became clear, and a big rock was put down. In the past, she was confused and didn’t realize this. Ding Dian was more of a rough person, and he didn’t have such a delicate mind, which led to the two people being haunted by an unnecessarily poisonous oath for several years.

“Miss Ling, don’t worry, there is a way to make you and Master Ding finally get married.” Song Qingshu finally figured out the problem between the two, and felt confident that he was almost done with this drama, and stood up to say goodbye.

“We will have to trouble you with this matter, young master Song.” Ling Shuanghua stood up and replied. Even though her face was ruined, her gestures exuded an elegant and refined temperament. Song Qingshu smiled kindly and turned to leave.


“Have you seen Shuanghua?” In the prison Ding Dian stood up in excitement. He stared at Song Qingshu and asked, “How is she doing?”

Song Qingshu shook his head, feeling a little bitter, “You two love birds say the same thing in the first sentence you utter. Everything is fine for her, but she is a little thin because of excessive worry.”

“That’s good, that’s good…” Ding Dian smiled as if he was relieved.

“Don’t be too happy.” Song Qingshu coughed lightly, “Let’s talk about the Divine Brilliance Scripture.”

Ding Dian suddenly became vigilant, “After Shuanghua and I leave Jingzhou City, we will naturally give you the Divine Brilliance Scripture.”

Song Qingshu said with a smile but not a smile, “I don’t even have the power to catch a chicken. What will I do if I can’t keep up and get left behind?”

“You will get it when your task is complete.” Ding Dian crossed his arms and snorted coldly. “It’s impossible for me to teach you now.”

“Well, even if your words are creditable. But I don’t know whether your Divine Brilliance Scripture can really heal my meridians…” Song Qingshu said with a skeptical look, “If I take a risk to complete your task, and then it turns out that the Scriptures were of no use to my injury, so who should I go cry to?”

“My meridians were broken by Ling Tuisi’s men before, but aren’t I still alive?” Ding Dian stretched out his foot to enforce his claim.

“Everything is what you said, and I don’t know if it’s the truth or not. So….no, no, no.” Song Qingshu frowned and walked back and forth. Suddenly his eyes lit up and he clapped his palms. Pass only half of it to me, then wait until I finish the good deed between you and Miss Ling, and then give me the remaining half, how about it? Master Ding, I have made such a concession only because I trust both you and Miss Ling’s character…”

Ding Dian hesitated for a while, then he realized that a bad payment couldn’t make the sly ghost in front of him work hard, “Well, Shuanghua is the person I love most in this life. What is a mere scripture compared to that? Listen carefully. “

Di Yun on the side noticed that Ding Dian was going to teach martial arts, and he was really frustrated, he didn’t dare to take any interest at all. Afraid that he was going to get beaten again, he covered his ears and shrank to the corner of the wall.

Ding Dian glanced at him guiltily, “Hey, idiot Di Yun, you listen too.”

Di Yun shook his head like a rattlesnake, so Ding Dian gave him a fierce look, “You want to be beaten again, don’t you?”

Di Yun was so frightened that he quickly let go of his hands covering his ears and listened while trembling.

“I think you seem to be in a hurry, but I still have to remind you.” Seeing Song Qingshu’s expectant look, Ding Dian hesitated for a while, and said, “It is important to practice martial arts diligently. But if you make haste, there is a chance that you won’t be able to comprehend it. So it must be done step by step. It is necessary to connect with nature and follow the scriptures, and especially, you have to be calm, without any distracting thoughts.”

“That’s natural.” Even though he said that, Song Qingshu still sighed in his heart. But he couldn’t help but be in a hurry, lest he might be hunted down at any time.

Seeing his pretence, Ding Dian sneered coldly. Regardless of this, he directly recited the contents of the Divine Brilliance Scripture, “A being who is connected with mother nature achieved the root of life, which is based on Yin and Yang. Between heaven and earth, within the six directions, true Qi follows through the nine orifices, stored within the human body, and all will be connected to heaven…”

“The heavenly Qi is pure, follow the will of heaven, harness it, and your yang will be strong. Therefore, a sage illuminates the spirit with heavenly Qi, and aspires to be the divine…”

He didn’t know if it was the transmigration that caused his soul to be extraordinarily strong or something, Song Qingshu found that his memory had improved by leaps and bounds, and he had reached the state of unforgettable. He silently read the last few sentences of the first half of the Divine Brilliance Scripture to make sure that he had it all remembered.

Then he carefully thought about the contents of the scripture. The core of the Divine Brilliance Scripture is to absorb the qi from the heavens. This cultivation method was quite different from the common way of martial arts, which required meridians and luck. After training, it would continue to nourish the reborn meridians. It was indeed a miraculous skill between heaven and earth.

Song Qingshu was overjoyed and said, “The Divine Brilliance Scripture is really extraordinary. Don’t worry, Master Ding. Although I often ignore proper etiquette, I always value promises and will do my best to help you and Miss Ling elope successfully.”

“Huh?” Ding Dian gave him a surprised look. He didn’t even guide this guy in the practice. He only listened to him reciting the scriptures, and he actually managed to produce the aura of the Divine Brilliance Scripture! The rest of the cultivation only needed time, accumulation and refining of the heavenly Qi. Now look at that Di Yun; he, on the other hand, was left in the dust. Ding Dian was shocked. Could this man be a martial arts genius who could be found only once in a century?

Song Qingshu also noticed the changes in his body, and was shocked in his heart. How could he pick up such a cheat ability like the video games in his previous life? He would immediately be able to reach the full level just by clicking on the learn button!

Was he really a legendary genius who could be seen only once in a hundred years?

“Scholar Song, Lord Ling has asked you to visit the mansion.” A guard shouted from a distance.

“I know, I’ll come right away.” Song Qingshu shouted a reply, then turned around and said to Ding Dian, “Master Ding, solving most matters between you and Miss Ling have to begin with Ling Tuisi. I will deal with him first.”

“Indeed!” Ding Dian nodded expressionlessly, turned around, and stared at the silly boy Di Yun, thinking that a rotten egg couldn’t be put in a basket. Although this silly boy was a bit clumsy, he was better at being loyal and honest. If anything went wrong, he might have to rely on this guy to bury himself and Shuanghua together.

“Master Ling is looking for me in such a hurry! May I know what’s the matter?” Along the way, Song Qingshu felt a faint energy in his body slowly wandering around. Wherever the energy passed, there was a hint of cool and soothing feeling throughout his meridian and acupoints. 

It slowly lessened the soreness and pain he felt before. Although it didn’t heal his meridians and practicing martial arts still seemed to be out of reach, he was sure it was only because the Divine Brilliance Scripture he had learned was incomplete. And when he gets the complete Divine Brilliance Scripture in the future, it would no longer be a problem to heal himself completely.

“The young Scholar seems to be unusually happy. Did you find something?” Ling Tuisi asked with a gloomy expression while holding a cup of tea.

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