Chapter 29: Madame Guo, Huang Rong

Song Qingshu’s heart tightened, and he quickly spoke up to deal with the situation, “I have found a way.”

“Really? I would like to hear about it then.” Ling Tuisi put down the tea cup and stared carefully at his eyes. “I heard that young scholar Song ran into my daughter’s room during this period, and later went to the cell to have a chat with Ding Dian. What is your plan?”

As a member of the ruling faction, Ling Tuisi exuded a trace of majesty and oppressive force, which made Song Qingshu feel uncomfortable. He thought with hatred in his heart, ‘I built a business empire with my own two hands, walked above who knows how many people and here you are trying to intimidate me with such a weak domineering spirit. No matter, you should enjoy it while you have the chance.’

Of course, he never dared to say that out loud, and explained in a slightly humble tone, “I don’t dare hide anything from the lord. When I saw that the various tortures you put him through for so many years had no effect, I simply changed my mind.  Although I had no such intention before, when I learned that Ding Dian seemed to have been coveting your beloved daughter for a long time. I decided to start from this aspect. I used Miss Ling as bait and pretended to help them run away. Ding Dian really agreed to the plan, and his tone began to soften …”

“You’ve got guts! You actually used my daughter’s reputation to make a deal.” Ling Tuisi once again picked up the tea cup on the table. His words shocked Song Qingshu, and maligned himself, ‘Old man, you are a person who would be willing to kill his own daughter for getting his hands on the treasure. But now, you are sitting here, showing false nobility.’

“Did he say anything?” Ling Tuisi asked indifferently, changing his tone.

“He promised to tell the secret of Liancheng Swordplay Manual after the matter is done.” Song Qingshu said while paying attention to Ling Tuisi’s expression.

Ling Tuisi angrily said, “Could it be that you want this Official to give him my daughter in exchange for some Sword Manual?”

“Naturally not,” Song Qingshu said with a smile. “The Lord holds a lot of power in his hand and has many masters. After that guy tells the secret, it will be just a matter of killing him or letting him go. Isn’t it an easy matter for the Lord?”

“That’s true.” Ling Tuisi looked at him and smiled, but he snorted coldly in his heart, ‘and by the way, even you will be killed.’

Ding Dian, who was hiding in the dark, was furious when he heard them having such a conversation, and he even had the impulse to just rush out and kill this shameless villain Song Qingshu. It turned out that, after Ding Dian had experienced the dangers of the world, he would not believe in what anyone said that easily. Now that his martial arts were in the realm of great accomplishment, it was not difficult for him to quietly slip out of the cell. When he saw Ling Tuisi summoning Song Qingshu, he quietly followed him as soon as he had a feeling of being tricked.

But, Ding Dian suddenly frowned, and glanced in the distance. He felt the arrival of a master. At this moment, he was concerned about how to run away with Ling Shuanghua. So, he didn’t want to cause any unnecessary trouble. He turned his head and took a deep look at the two people in the house before turning around to leave.

“Esteemed Lord, Master Lu’s messenger from Xiangyang City has arrived in Jingzhou City and is asking for an audience outside the mansion.” A government officer hurried to the door to report.

“I shall take my leave first.” Song Qingshu knew that they had military plans to discuss and prepared to leave without showing any interest.

Looking at Song Qingshu’s back, Ling Tuisi had thought in his heart, and said, “You might as well stay to accompany this Official to meet them. It’s a pity that scholar Song is young, and his talents are wasted in the wilderness of Wulin. You should stay with me more from now on, maybe in the future you can become the right hand man of this Official.”

Song Qingshu heard his soft approach, and he was surprised. But he quickly realized that Ling Tuisi was trying to reassure him under the guise of solicitation. In fact, he was trying to make him lower his defense. After understanding, Song Qingshu snorted in his heart, and followed Ling Tuisi to greet the guests.

Not long after, they saw a group of several people walk in. They were headed by a beautiful young married woman. The woman was truly pretty as a spring flower, beautiful as a morning sunshine. There was a faint smile on her exquisite red lips. There seems to be a hint of amorousness hidden between her eyebrows.

Song Qingshu only glanced at her for a moment, and quickly lowered his head and dared not to look at her again. His heart was pounding, and he cried out in his heart, “Oh my god, there is such a beautiful woman in the world!”

After a while, he was a little annoyed when he thought about the fact that he was not some inexperienced shy virgin, so he raised his head to carefully appreciate this great beauty in front of him.

Ling Tuisi’s next words quickly solved all the doubts in Song Qingshu’s heart, “May I know why Leader Huang of the Beggars’ Sect will come to Jiangling in person.”

She turned out to be Huang Rong! Song Qingshu suddenly realized that she was the only one in the world who could have such a heroic aura and mature charm.

“I have seen Master Ling. This little sister came this time mainly for two reasons. Firstly, Master Lu in Xiangyang came to urge the rations for next month. As for the second reason…” Huang Rong smiled lightly, her smile charmed those around, including Ling Tuisui, “We got an important news from the Beggars’ Sect. Recently, someone in the Wulin is preparing to assassinate the Lord. Senior is important for the safety of the rear of Xiangyang City. After discussing it with my husband and Master Lu. It was decided that little sister would immediately bring some people to protect him. I hope Lord Ling will understand.”

Song Qingshu’s expression changed drastically, and he was shocked. Could it be that Huang Rong was referring to him? It didn’t make any sense, how could she get that news in advance.

Ling Tuisi glanced at Song Qingshu without him noticing, then smiled, “I thank Master Lu and Master Guo, for their concern. Does Leader Huang know the origin of the assassin?”

“After many investigations, our Beggars’ Sect finally figured out their identity.” Huang Rong gestured with a slight bow, “They seem to be from the Snowy Mountain Sect of the Western Regions.”

“Snowy Mountain Sect?” Although Ling Tuisi was a prefect, he was also considered a half martial artist, and he knew a little bit about the Snowy Mountain Sect. “Bai Zizai’s Snowy Mountain Sect?”

“Not bad!” Huang Rong nodded, then a worried look appeared on her pretty face, “The Snowy Mountain Swordsmanship of the Snowy Mountain Sect is well-known all over the world. They also have many masters. This time you must prepare a good defensive force.”

“There is no enmity between this Official and the Snowy Mountain Sect, why would they come to assassinate me?” Ling Tuisi asked suspiciously, wondering if Lu Wenhuan wanted to take this opportunity to plant his cronies in Jingzhou?

Huang Rong had a clever mind. When she noticed Ling Tuisi’s skeptical look, she was concerned that he would not fully cooperate. She was afraid that everything would go wrong if that were to happen, and so she quickly explained, “Lord Ling probably doesn’t know this. The Snowy Mountain Sect is located in the Western Regions. The Western Regions are now under the control of Mongolia. The various tribes there now stand in a three-pronged position, and various small forces have chosen their own camps. The Snowy Mountain Sect  recently decided to join the Mongolian country, but was worried that they would not be taken seriously after their refuge, and planned to earn a big credit for promotion. I don’t know why the Snowy Mountain Sect did not seek refuge from the Prince of Ruyang, who was in charge of the Western Regions. Instead, they turned to Kublai Khan. When they heard that Kublai had been attacking Xiangyang for a long time, they decided to start with you, Esteemed Lord.”

“This is really unreasonable!” Ling Tuisi snorted coldly, “An insignificant Snowy Mountain Sect dares to bully this Official?”

“Lord Ling must not be careless,” Huang Rong advised, “The Snowy Mountain Sect deployed all of its masters this time. The Beggars’ Sect found out that they seemed to have mixed into Jingzhou City in batches. It is better to take precautions.”

“Call the guards!” Ling Tuisi thought for a while and called for his subordinates to go select a hundred people with high martial arts from the army and ordered them to join the Prefect Guards. He instructed the city guards to intensify their inspections inside the city, and then wait for the opportunity. When the Prefect Manson had an accident they could arrive to help as soon as possible.

After Ling Tuisi arranged everything, he saw that Huang Rong was expressionless, so he quickly asked, “Leader Huang is famous for being resourceful, I wonder if this arrangement is appropriate?”

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