Chapter 28: The villainess plans (part 1)

Shael and Clie faced each other. It was Shael who spoke first.

“What are you doing?”


Clie tilted her head as if she didn’t understand. At Clie’s reaction, Shael turned to glare at me.

‘What should I say?’ It was clear that the opportunity to interrogate Clie had passed by.

So getting out of this situation was the priority now.

“It’s not what you are suspecting.”

It was true. Even though I deliberately followed Clie, it wasn’t because of what Shael was thinking.

Shael let out a sigh and glared at Clie. Then she took my hand and turned around to leave.

Shael started dragging me away. It happened when I was about to follow her as Shael wished. I heard Claire’s voice.

“Ah. You dropped this bracelet!”

Clie was holding a pure white bracelet in her hand. However, I didn’t wear a bracelet.

I couldn’t help but be surprised when I checked the bracelet properly. The bracelet Clie was holding was a bracelet that looked quite familiar.

It was the unique snake-shaped bracelet that was on the cover of the romantic fantasy novel. I was able to remember the details because it played a pretty important role in the story.

It was a bracelet of holy power that would appear in the mid-to-late half of that romanic fantasy novel.

This bracelet would give the wearer enormous holy power and become its source. What’s more, it was a tremendous artifact that even contained various mysterious functions.

It served as a surveillance item, and could store various magic. Even if the bracelet was far away, Clie, the owner, would be able to call it back.

Anyway, it seemed that my assumption was not wrong. Clie must have regressed.

Otherwise, there was no way this bracelet would appear at this point. 

I looked at Clie. She had a shy smile on her face.

I must not make a mistake. I had to manage my expression properly. 

The reason was simple.

This bracelet was a big topic because of the owner’s decision. It’s a bracelet that allowed its owner to gain enormous holy power, so it’s natural.

Clie, who was loved by the Crown Prince and the Mage Tower Lord, would eventually take possession of the bracelet. And the owner of the bracelet was decided before Eran Baslett was killed by Shael in the novel.

Therefore, the Eran Baslett in the novel should have known about the existence of this bracelet.

So I immediately understood why Clie was giving this bracelet to me. After she regressed, she must have felt a change from Shael and me.

Clie was looking at me.

I wonder if Clie thought that I, too, had regressed with her for some reason.

If I accept this bracelet, it will be like admitting that I, too, had regressed. Of course I wasn’t a regressor… but… a possessor.

But it seemed that it was already too late. Clie, who was quite intelligent, was convinced of this.

I couldn’t let things go beyond my knowledge. I didn’t really want to intervene in the original plot, but at this point, Shael would get caught up in it again if I didn’t.

If I had this bracelet, I could try anything.

I could talk to Clie, or find other ways to do things through the bracelet. That would be beneficial in many ways, so I received her bracelet she was handing over to me.

“Yes, thank you.”


Clie answered with a bright smile. 

Replying back with a smile, I turned around and walked away.

Fortunately, I was able to get away from the dazzling Clie and contemplated on her reasons for doing the things she was doing. 

Shael, who was beside me carefully looked at my bracelet and asked, “What is that bracelet?”

“Ah, this is a bracelet I happened to get some time ago. I think I dropped it at some point.”

It was an excuse because the clothes I was wearing didn’t have pockets.

Was she feeling suspicious of a bracelet that suddenly appeared? However, Shael didn’t have much interest in what I wear, so it should be alright.

“Why didn’t you just focus on eating sweets while watching the magic show?” So I was able to change the subject.

“You didn’t have it before.”

“I did have it.”

However, the villainess continued to be suspicious. So what I had to do was attack. Like I’ve always done.

“By the way, what are those powders in your mouth?”


I personally wiped the powder off Shael’s mouth. Then I said to Shael.

“Could it be that… you secretly ate the desserts?”


“Looking at your reaction, it seems that I am right.”

Shael remained silent. As if she was reflecting.

‘Why is this shameless villainess reflecting on things like this?’ Well, it might be because if I get mad, she won’t be able to eat those desserts anymore.

It was a very eccentric reason.

Even then, the proud villainess glared at me out of the corner of her eye, as if the situation was not to her liking. Then she said, “What are you going to do about that?”

As expected, she was a villainess with a trashy personality. Stealing my desserts and spitting out such words? She had an absolutely trash mindset.

So I immediately punished her.

“I won’t give it to you for a week.”


At those words, Shael took her glaring eyes away from me. She just moaned and put on a sad face.

Okay. In order to somehow get Shael and Clie to meet, there was a setting in the novel called a “Dessert Shop” that Shael would have loved to death. 

However, perhaps her love for it was so great that it was beyond what I thought. Because, the next moment, Shael opened her mouth to speak in a low voice, “Sor… y.”

Perhaps she meant to say that she was sorry. But the words did not carry on to the end.

It was only one word, sorry.

But it was a huge surprise. No matter how much she liked sweet things, she tried to utter words that meant that she was reflecting!

Even if she stopped half way, it was a big deal! 

I guess this could be useful!

I arrived at the arena and took out another box. 

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