Chapter 28: The villainess plans (part 2)

As she showed signs of remorse, I planned to give her another cupcake to Shael. 

But the box was empty. 

I was sure that there supposed to have been quite a few of them in the box.

Then the culprit was obvious.

“I won’t give you anymore this month.”


At my words, Shael was just maintained her silence.


Shael looked at her fiancé, who was currently lost in his thoughts. 

He was staring at that repulsive woman.

It was the woman that spilled wine on her dress and acted brazenly. 

It was a woman named Clie Ruspela.

To her annoyance, Eran was staring at that woman for a while now.

Shael, who was quite quick-witted, immediately understood the reason. 

It was because of the Crown Prince, who was sitting next to Clie.

Eran was jealous of the Crown Prince. It was evident that Eran was bewitched by his woman, Clie.

“Where are you looking?”

Eran was startled by Shael’s question and looked at Shael. 

Shael pointed at Clie and said.

“I think you were looking at that woman.”

“I was just curious about how she could be friends with both the Crown Prince and the Mage Tower Lord.”

Eran answered Shael’s question. But, she was sure that he was lying.

“It wasn’t that kind of look.”

“Are you jealous right now?”

Shael sighed at Eran’s words and looked away from him. 

Was she feeling jealous?

Not at all!

She just couldn’t bear to see Eran be happy. She planned to make Eran suffer all his life.

Moreover, it would be terrible if Eran became happy with that woman.

She was the woman that spilled wine on her dress and acted brazenly!

‘I won’t let that happen!’ Thought Shael.

Shael began to organize her thoughts while eating her sweets. 

At that moment, Eran, who was nagging Shael, suddenly took out a cupcake.

He then handed the cupcake to Shael.

After receiving the cupcakes from Eran, Shael started to eat it.


It was different from anything she had ever eaten. Somehow it was strangely delicious.

She felt that she had to find out where something so delicious came from. So Shael asked Eran.

“Where did you buy it?”

“I made it myself.”

He made this delicious thing yourself?

It was another reason to torment Eran for the rest of his life.

At that time, Eran suddenly stood up. He said that he had to go to the restroom.

Feeling uneasy about something. Shael felt like she had to follow Eran.

She quickly opened the box Eran was hiding, stuffed the dessert into her mouth, and started walking.

‘Ah, delicious.’

Shael walked while savoring the desserts. Then, she found Eran and Clie.

It was as if they were having a secret meeting, behind Shael’s back. There was no way Shael would let this go unnoticed, so she immediately interrupted them.

Then she took Eran’s hand and tried to get beck to their seat. However, Clie handed a bracelet to Eran.

‘A bracelet Eran had dropped?’

It didn’t seem like it at all. Shael had never seen that bracelet before. Clie used that as an excuse to hand over the bracelet to Eran.

It was obvious that she intended secretly give that gift to Eran, while avoiding Shael’s eyes. 

Shael became lost thought as they retuned to the arena. While Eran was talking to her, she was in anguish.

Anyway, the situation might be a little dangerous!

A scene flashed across her mind. Eran was smiling happily while hugging Clie.

It was terrible!

She couldn’t bear to see Eran be happy. But it was already too late to prevent that. They had exchanges a bracelet in front of Shael’s eyes!

As for Shael, she had to come up with some kind of plan.

A plan to torment Eran for the rest of his life. 

Shael began to think seriously. Before long, she was able to come up with a great solution.

A simple yet difficult way to put the shackles on Eran.

It was marriage.

It was a way that would surprise anyone. But Shael didn’t care.

In the first place, Shael had no interest in marriage. Even after she married Eran, she would continue to torment Eran as she was doing now. Of course, there was no way she would develop affection towards Eran.

The Azbel family and the Baslett family needed a heir to carry on the family line, but it didn’t matter to Shael.

Shael was planning to throw away that enormous responsibility from the start. So she had nothing to lose. 

Wouldn’t the future be similar to the life she was living so far?

On the contrary, she had a lot to gain.

A toy that she could torment for the rest of her life, and a servant who would make her delicious desserts she had never eaten before. And, all the misfortune was for Eran.

She would laugh at Clie, by taking Eran away from her.

Shael even thought about the possibility, if one day Eran asked her for a divorce. 

She would throw these word at him:

[Don’t you love me anymore?]

Marriage had a great significance in this world. An easy divorce was impossible. Even more so if he had the status of a duke.

The villainess started planning a strategy.

The name of the operation was— “Scam Marriage!”

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  1. Hehehe this girl is truly quite silly… Mc just received an unexpected benefit. It would be truly sad if after reforming her, she broke the engagement. So this should turn out quite well for the villainess whisperer

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