Chapter 281: Hit the nail on the head

Su Quan pursed her lips and smiled, and it was as if the whole room lit up. It was hard to notice the residual panic on her face, “I don’t know how to control snakes like Ouyang Feng, but I have this.”

After speaking, she took out a sachet from her bosom, Song Qingshu subconsciously put it on the tip of his nose and sniffed it. The fragrance of the woman’s body could not conceal the strange smell, “What’s inside?”

Su Quan’s face turned red, and she quickly snatched it away, opened the sachet, poured out some powder and put it on Song Qingshu’s body, “This is realgar powder. There are poisonous snakes everywhere on Mystic Dragon Island. People in the cult rely on it for self-defense.” (G: also known as “ruby sulfur” or “ruby of arsenic”.)

“Why did I forget about this?” Song Qingshu was overjoyed, thinking about those poisonous long worms made him sick, so it would be better if he didn’t have to touch them.

The two walked towards Ouyang Feng step by step. Su Quan sprinkled realgar powder in front of her as she walked. The entangled poisonous snakes shrank towards the corner of the wall as if they had encountered something extremely terrifying, and soon a clean road had formed in front of them. .

Sensing their approach, Ouyang Feng suddenly opened his eyes and stared at them vigilantly. He was now at a critical moment in his efforts to force the poison out. If Song Qingshu really wanted, it would be a piece of cake to take his life.

Although Ouyang Feng’s was insane, his instinctive reaction to danger was still there, and soon big drops of sweat appeared on his forehead. 

“Ouyang Feng, you don’t have to worry. I have absolutely no intention of harming you. I am here this time to help you get rid of the poison.”

Noticing Ouyang Feng’s abnormality, Song Qingshu hastily clarified, lest he would harm the guy instead of saving him.

“Ouyang Feng?”

Ouyang Feng was using his whole body’s strength to force the poison out, and was in the handstand posture. However, due this moment of distraction his blood rushed straight to his head, and his usual chaotic mind suddenly clear up, and when he heard Song Qingshu call his name, Ouyang Feng’s heart stirred. He felt that he had heard something important to him, and was about to think about it, when suddenly he had a splitting headache.

Ouyang Feng began to screamed, as his whole body trembled. 

Song Qingshu was startled and thought, ‘Could it be that my sudden appearance made him relapse?’

Not wasting time to think more about it, he quickly came to Ouyang Feng and sealed several major acupuncture points on his body.


Sensing that his efforts were not having any effects, Song Qingshu suddenly understood the reason. 

Ouyang Feng practiced the “Nine Yin Scripture” modified by Huang Rong, and his meridians had already been reversed, so his normal technique would not help at all.

“Do you have any antidote with you?” Song Qingshu anxiously looked at Su Quan.

“Yes, I have some, but none of them can cure the venom of the Five Colored Dragon.” Su Quan said hesitantly.

“It’s still better than nothing, give them to me quickly.” Song Qingshu spread his hands, took a few pills from Su Quan, and then stuffed them into Ouyang Feng’s mouth.

Song Qingshu urged the True Qi in his body to run according to the Divine Brilliance Scripture, and the palm of his hands became heated up, helping Ouyang Feng digest the medicine.

Su Quan looked at the smoke above the two people’s heads and understood that the process was at a critical juncture. She was worried that Song Qingshu would not be able to save Ouyang Feng, and also worried that Ouyang Feng would recover and attack Song Qingshu. So she stayed on guard.


After a long time, Ouyang Feng spit out a big mouthful of black blood, which was thick as ink, with extremely foul smell.

“What a powerful poisonous snake!” Ouyang Feng slowly opened his eyes and said wearily.

“Of course, the Five Colored Dragon is the treasure of my Mystic Dragon Cult.” Although Su Quan’s position in the cult was less than favorable at the moment, she was still somewhat complacent about the power of the Five Colored Dragon.

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for the fact that this old man didn’t bring any elixir with me, this mere poison would have been useless against me.” Ouyang Feng snorted disdainfully.

In the past, when Ouyang Feng was still famous as the Western Poison, he was not only good at using poison, but also good at detoxification, but the art of detoxification often required the combination of certain drugs to get twice the result with half the effort. Only relying on internal strength to detoxify, would severely limit the process. 

Ouyang Feng had been exposed to poisons for a long time, so his body already had a certain degree of resistance to poison. Additionally, his Toad Style Martial Art and Nine Yin Scripture were both good at detoxifying the body. Otherwise, anyone would’ve died if the were to be bitten by the Five Colored Dragon, it didn’t matter how powerful their martial arts was.

However, the Five Colored Dragon was not an ordinary thing after all, even with all the abilities of Western Poison, he could barely control the venom in his body, and was struggling to force the venomous blood out of the body. Fortunately, Song Qingshu helped him just in time, and gave him a lot of antidote. Although the antidotes were not right for his plight, with the ability of Western Poison, he was able to skillfully use the principle of mutual restraint of the medicine’s properties to gain an advantage, and finally forced the venom out with all his strength.

“Don’t be so complacent, Old Poison, we have all been plotted against, and now the exit is blocked by a stone gate weighing thousands of catties, I need your help.”

Hearing the word “Old Poison”, a trace of anger flashed in Ouyang Feng’s eyes, but he quickly covered it up and snorted coldly, “I heard that it is similar to Lin Chaoying’s Tomb of the Living Dead. Even Wang Chongyang and Lin Chaoying couldn’t open it, so I’m afraid you and I don’t have that ability either.”

“Those two peoples martial arts were high, but their brains were not as good. The stone gate is only thousands of catties. I have at least two ways to get out.” Song Qingshu said lightly, as if it was not a difficult task at all.

Su Quan on the side glanced at him in amazement, wondering if Song Qingshu was just bluffing Ouyang Feng. But when she thought about how panicked she was in the situation just now, and he was so calm, she couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed.

“What’s the way, let’s hear it.” In the past Ouyang Feng was lured into the Ancient Tomb Sect by Li Mochou, and fought a battle with her master. Although he seriously injured the other party, he had to worry that the would die if they closed the stone gate of the Ancient Tomb Sect. So he had to take advantage of the situation and retreat, therefore, he was naturally interested when he heard that Song Qingshu had a way to deal with the stone gate.

“It’s just.. huh!.” Song Qingshu was just about opened his mouth, but he suddenly he let out a cry of surprise, and looked up at Ouyang Feng carefully.

Ouyang Feng was sitting cross-legged on the ground. Although his clothes were still torn and his hair was messy, he no longer had the sloppy aura he had before. He was just sitting there casually, but he had the demeanor of a master.

A strange look flashed in his eyes, as Song Qingshu asked in surprise, “Old man have recovered your sanity?” 

Hearing Song Qingshu’s words, Su Quan was startled, and her hand holding the hidden weapon tightened.

Ouyang Feng casually glanced at Su Quan, and Su Quan immediately felt like a lightning had struck her body. The pressure made Su Quan unconsciously bring out her hidden weapon to defend.

Sensing the abnormality of the two, Song Qingshu took a light step and stepped between the them. Su Quan immediately felt that the pressure disappeared without a trace.

Ouyang Feng looked away, and smiled, “Why didn’t you call me Old Poison?”

“That nickname is only proper if we were long time friends. How dare this junior be so hasty!” Song Qingshu changed his words without any shame.

“Old beggar…” Ouyang Feng fell into a tinge of nostalgia, but quickly recovered, and coldly snorted, “Your martial arts is no longer weaker than the Five Great Masters of the past, why bother to demean yourself and call yourself a junior.”

Song Qingshu sneered, and thought, ‘It’s because I can’t figure out your thoughts, and if we didn’t agree with each other and started fighting again, although I am not afraid, it would be too much pain.’

Ouyang Feng had been in a crazed state for more than ten years. Now that he had regained his sanity, he couldn’t help being in a good mood. Seeing that Song Qingshu didn’t speak, he continued, “Although this old man was not sane before, but I still remember some of the things that happened in the past.”

“In the younger generation, the people who could be called great masters, were originally Xiao Feng from the Liao Empire and Zhang Wuji from the Ming Cult. In recent years, you have emerged as a new force, but amongst the people who were defeated by you before, except for monk Fang Zheng, the rest couldn’t really be considered masters. I thought your title as ‘No. 1 Master of the Qing Empire’ was just in name only, but I didn’t expect that in these two fights, your martial arts was not inferior to this old man.”

Strictly speaking, Ouyang Feng was a little bit disadvantaged in these two fights, but when Ouyang Feng regained his sanity, his old arrogance naturally recovered. Naturally, it was not comparable to that of the insane period. The fact that he agreed that Song Qingshu was not inferior to him was already very good high evaluation.

Su Quan on the one side was a little dissatisfied. Although she and Hong Antong didn’t really get along with each other, but he was the cult master of the majestic Mystic Dragon Cult, who had been considered a powerful master in Liaodong for decades! So how could Ouyang Feng not even consider him as a master? 

But after thinking about it some more, her husband in name was indeed a bit weak compared with the two people in front of her, so she couldn’t help feeling a little disheartened.

“Master Ouyang is praising me too mush. In the fight before, the Senior fought by instinct. At most, you could display 70% or 80% of your strength, and I couldn’t beat the senior then, let alone now.” Ouyang Feng’s martial arts had left a deep mark in Song Qingshu’s mind. He didn’t want to bring up the idea of ​​a martial arts spar again, so he had to admit defeat first.

“You have too many reservations and entanglements in your heart. I must say that it is a miracle that you could practice martial arts to this level.” Ouyang Feng spoke as if he could guess everything Song Qingshu was thinking, and he couldn’t help frowning and said, “Did you think I was complimenting you just now?”

“Huh?” Song Qingshu couldn’t help being a little speechless.

“As a top expert, you don’t have the arrogance of a master. You are too concerned about the gains and losses in your heart, so you can’t help but appear a bit servile when you speak and act.” Ouyang Feng said with some contempt.

“Is it like that?” Song Qingshu said while feeling a bit depressed.

“You and I are obviously equal in terms of martial arts, but you have a lot of worries when you speak. You are afraid of offending this old man even a little bit. I really don’t know what you are afraid of?” Ouyang Feng gave him a blank look.

“Right now we are in a desperate situation, so I was worried that I will accidentally offend Master Ouyang and cause an unnecessary fight.” Song Qingshu defended his stance when he said that he couldn’t hold back.

“You can offend me, but whether I want to fight you or not is something for me to consider.” Ouyang Feng paused, and couldn’t help smiling, “Your martial arts is so high, and I’m not sure that I can win in my current state. So why should I fight you?”

“Ah?” Song Qingshu obviously didn’t realize that before.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that you saved my life, I wouldn’t have bothered to talk to you so much.” Ouyang Feng gave him an angry look. 

After surviving this catastrophe and regaining his sanity, Ouyang Feng was very happy at first, but all kinds of things from the past slowly came back to his mind, and he couldn’t help but feel a little sad. When he saw Song Qingshu’s handsome and unrestrained appearance, Ouyang Feng inevitably thought of Ouyang Ke in the past, so he decided to give some advice.

“Do you know what your biggest problem is now?” Ouyang Feng slowly said.

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