Chapter 280: In desperate situation

Su Quan knew that the Spirit Serpent Cave was a forbidden area of ​​Mystic Dragon Cult, and there were many traps and dangers in it. Although Song Qingshu’s martial arts skills were high, it was not impossible for him to be harmed by some of them by accident.

There were torches burning in the cave all the time, but she didn’t see the people who went inside. Su Quan walked forward with caution. She had only entered the Spirit Serpent Cave a few times, and she was usually led by Hong Antong, so the route she chose was relatively safe. Song Qingshu and Ouyang Feng had obviously ran into some branch passages.

There has always been a rumor in the Mystic Dragon Cult that those who had entered the Spirit Serpent Cave were walking closer to death. There was nothing wrong with the path she had taken, but the secret paths were several times more dangerous.

Su Quan hesitated for a while, but she understood that if something happened to Song Qingshu, without his protection, her fate would not be much better…

At that moment, the sound of fighting came from a distance. From the intensity of the sound, it seemed that two superior masters were fighting. Su Quan was worried that Song Qingshu might do something reckless, so she hurriedly followed the sound.

“Ouyang Feng, are you crazy? There are traps everywhere here, if we continue to fight, we will surely die together.”

Hearing Song Qingshu’s voice, Su Quan just turned around a corner, and her eyes suddenly opened wide in surprise.

In an empty hall, Song Qingshu was tossing up and down, while dodging hidden weapons shooting from all directions, while dealing with Ouyang Feng’s fists and kicks! The situation was very dangerous.

Su Quan looked carefully, and found that those hidden weapons were all being shot from the four walls, including barbed caltrops, steel needles, hard crossbows, and poisonous liquid as black as ink.

“Hahaha!” Ouyang Feng’s loud laughter shook the hall, “Anyone who wants to take the Nine Yin Scripture away from me will die!”

“Who wants to take the Nine Yin Scripture away from you!” Song Qingshu was shocked and angry. The two chased the man in black all the way, but the man in black disappeared in a blink of an eye. However, they found a golden treasure chest with four big characters engraved on it on a stone platform. Although the distance was far, with their skills, they could still see the words quite clearly. Those four words were “Nine Yin Scripture”.

As soon as Ouyang Feng saw these words, he went crazy, and suddenly attacked Song Qingshu. Fortunately, Song Qingshu was prepared, so he wasn’t caught by surprise.

Song Qingshu thought about it for a moment, and realized that he might have been tricked by someone with a malicious intent. Ouyang Feng had practiced the Nine Yin Scripture in reverse, which had caused the guy to go insane, which was quite well known in the world. The mastermind behind the scenes definitely wanted to use the Nine Yin Scripture to get rid of him with Ouyang Feng’s hand.

Since Ouyang Feng was already a lunatic, he wouldn’t listen to reason at all. What was originally a simple scheme turned into an unsolvable conspiracy.

Song Qingshu also noticed Su Quan, seeing that she wanted to come over to help, he quickly stopped and said, “Don’t come here, there are traps everywhere!”

Ouyang Feng followed his line of sight and saw a pretty and charming young woman standing not far away. A terrifying image appeared in the back of his mind, as he held his head and cried out in pain, “Huang Rong, Guo Jing, I don’t want to see you! I don’t want to see you!”

Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment, and realized that he was using the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, together with Su Quan at the side, which made Ouyang Feng mistakenly think that the two were Guo Jing and his wife Huang Rong, which awakened his past trauma.

Song Qingshu didn’t want to take advantage of people when they were down, so he jumped to Su Quan’s side, and said with lingering fear, “Fortunately, you showed up, otherwise I would have to fight with this lunatic forever, and we could even die if we were not careful.”

“Nine Yin Scripture! Nine Yin Scripture! With the Nine Yin Scripture, I won’t have to be afraid of them!” Ouyang Feng muttered to himself, and his crazed eyes fixed on the box in the distance.

“Beware of traps!” As soon as Song Qingshu said the words, Ouyang Feng rushed over like an arrow leaving the bow.

There was a long and narrow passage between the place where the two were fighting just now and the golden treasure chest. There were densely packed black holes on the wall, and you could hear some weird noises from those holes from time to time, which made one’s scalp tingle.

Before Ouyang Feng came to the passage, he smiled disdainfully, “When I was playing with snakes, you were still wearing diapers.” (G: Idiom, meaning,I have more experience than you.)

After speaking, he swaggered in, and immediately felt the aura of living things. There were indeed venomous snakes in the black holes! As the snakes drilled out, Ouyang Feng didn’t care, he made a strange sound with his throat, and the snakes retreated like obedient pets. The two people behind him were left dumbfounded.

“Dear brother, let’s get out of here.” Su Quan felt uncomfortable staying here, and quickly said while pulling Song Qingshu’s arm.

“Wait a minute, I want to see what kind of trap they have prepared.” Song Qingshu knew that the golden treasure chest would never contain the “Nine Yin Scripture”, and he had already reminded Ouyang Feng before, but the other party didn’t care.

“Hahahaha, I finally got the Nine Yin Scripture!” Ouyang Feng got to the golden treasure chest, then let out a wild laughter, and quickly opened it. Suddenly, a golden light flashed, and Ouyang Feng’s laughter came to an abrupt stop.

Song Qingshu looked carefully, and it turned out to be a colorful poisonous snake biting Ouyang Feng’s hand.

Ouyang Feng let out an angry roar, then grabbed the poisonous snake which was only seven inches long, and killed it with his palm. But this poisonous snake was extremely powerful, and in such a short time, Ouyang Feng’s lips had turned black. In fact, if Ouyang Feng was sane, this kind of trap wouldn’t hurt him at all, but after he went insane, he didn’t really care that much about defense. So it made sense for him to fall for such an obvious trap.

But Ouyang Feng was after all, the Western Poison, an old monster who played with poison! So although he had lost his mind, his instincts were still there. He tapped several acupuncture points on his body to protect his heart veins, then he turned over and stood upside down on the stone platform with one hand on a strange posture, then he began to silently practice to force the venom out.

“Five-colored Dragon…” Seeing the colorful poisonous snake on the ground, Su Quan’s lips trembled and her face turned pale, “Ouyang Feng is finished!”

There were thousands of venomous snakes in the Mystic Dragon Cult, but the Five-colored Dragon was unanimously considered the king of venoms. One of the cruelest punishments of the Mystic Dragon Cult was to be bitten by ten thousand snakes, or the Five-colored Dragon.

Those who were sentenced to be bitten by the Five-colored Dragon would have their flesh and blood fall off piece by piece, as they slowly stopped breathing. So the any member of the Mystic Dragon Cult would go pale in dread when they heard name of the Five-colored Dragon.

Song Qingshu didn’t want to watch a great master fall like this, but he had never studied poisons, so he couldn’t help even if he wanted to. So he had to pin his hopes on Ouyang Feng’s title as the Western Poison, and hope that he could save himself.

“This matter is quite strange, let’s go out and talk about it first.” Song Qingshu had a bad feeling in his heart. The Five-colored Dragon was obviously prepared for Ouyang Feng, so the mastermind didn’t intend to let him go. 

‘Could it be because they were sure that Ouyang Feng would kill me?’

They walked carefully until they reached the entrance of the cave. However, looking at the now closed stone gate, Song Qingshu smiled wryly and said, “They had really prepared quite well.”

Su Quan hurriedly checked around, and in the end said with a panicked tone, “It has been locked from the outside. The stone gate of the Spirit Serpent Cave weighs tens of thousands of catties. Because it is so difficult to move, these two gates have never been opened for many years.”

“It’s the same as the stone gate of the Tomb of the Living Dead.” Song Qingshu cursed, then stood in front of the stone gate, and said to Su Quan, “Stand back, I’m afraid I might hurt you.” (G: It’s a real place.)

Seeing that Su Quan had already hid far away, Song Qingshu slowly activated his martial art. He used the strongest move of the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, the Proud Dragon Repents, and then combined it with another Proud Dragon Repents, as the palm in the back pushed the palm in the front using both hands!

The combined power of the two Proud Dragon Repents was as powerful as mountains and seas, but Song Qingshu still didn’t relax, and used another Proud Dragon Repents! In fact, he was imitating Xiao Feng’s three-fold wave of the Subduing Dragon Palms. It was said that no one in the Wulin could resist the combined  power of the three palms head-on.

There was only a loud bang, and the whole cave seemed to shake, as sand, gravel and dust fell from the surrounding walls, but the big stone gate remained motionless.

Song Qingshu was so shocked by the resulting force from the move that he felt his blood surge, and his hands felt so numb that it would be impossible for him to use a second palm-strike in a short time.

Su Quan’s face turned ashen, and she shook her head, “It’s impossible to break through this stone gate from the inside, it’s all because of my carelessness just now, why didn’t I guard against this move before I came in!”

Song Qingshu carefully checked the junction between the stone gate and the wall next to it, and murmured, “That’s not necessarily the case.”

“You have a solution?” Su Quan’s eyes lit up.

“I have a vague idea, but I still need Ouyang Feng’s help. I hope he was not poisoned to death.” Song Qingshu said with a wry smile. If Ouyang Feng was really poisoned and died, he might really be trapped until his death here. At that time, his only hope would be to see if Fang Yi could find this place and open the stone gate from the outside, but since the perpetrator had set up such an elaborate trap, naturally they would not let Fang Yi approach this place.

Because of the shock just now, many torches in the cave had fallen to the ground, and the surrounding environment immediately dimmed. Su Quan was worried that she might accidentally touch some mechanism, so she hurried to Song Qingshu’s side.

Sensing Su Quan’s body trembling slightly, Song Qingshu thought in his heart, ‘Life and death are the most difficult things for people to see through. If I hadn’t died once, I might not have been so indifferent in such a desperate situation. Although Su Quan was usually very domineering in the Mystic Dragon Cult,  she is, in the end, only a woman in her early twenties.’ Thinking of this, Song Qingshu let the other party hold his arm.

Using the Twin Dragons Fetch Water, Song Qingshu pulled a torch on the ground into his hand, stretched it forward to illuminate the road and held Su Quan with the other arm, as he walked towards Ouyang Feng.

Perhaps because she was too worried, Su Quan didn’t notice that her twin mounds were just on top of Song Qingshu’s elbows. Feeling the soft touch, Song Qingshu smiled bitterly. He didn’t want to take advantage of Su Quan like this, but he knew that if he reminded her, the other party might be embarrassed, so he could only let it be. This sweet little incident eased his heart even more, and removed that last trace of anxiety.

When the two came to the hall, Ouyang Feng was still standing upside down on the stone platform in that weird posture, Song Qingshu wanted to help him, so he decided to approach him and talk.

Understanding his thoughts, Su Quan decided to follow whatever he wanted to do, “Don’t forget, I am the wife of the Cult Master of the Mystic Dragon Cult, and I also have a way to deal with the snake in that passage later.”

Song Qingshu thought about it for a moment and decided to take her with him. First, he waved his palm and hit the surrounding walls, feeling the wind of his palm, and all the remaining hidden weapons were shot out.

“I don’t believe that it can automatically refill the ammunition.” Song Qingshu smiled disdainfully. He had seen many ancient tomb related dramas in his previous life, and knew that this kind of mechanism was just a one-off thing. Even if someone wanted to reload it, it wouldn’t be possible in a short time. These mechanisms had existed in ancient tombs for hundreds of years. Hundreds of years were enough to corrode the springs of these mechanisms.

Eventually they reached the narrow tunnel full of snakes. Song Qingshu turned around and asked Su Quan, “Could it be that you also know Ouyang Feng’s method of controlling snakes?”

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