Chapter 284: Scheming against Huang Rong

“Hmph, he has already decided to sacrifice me. He is just worried that the army outside would not spare the Mystic Dragon Cult even if he handed me over to them. In that case, he would lose face after losing his wife, so naturally he dares not to agree that easily.” Having followed Hong Antong for a long time, coupled with the information she got from her spies, Su Quan naturally knew what Hong Antong was thinking at this time.

Before Song Qingshu could answer, Ouyang Feng on the side teased, “Little brother, this girl is so coquettish, she is full of coquettishness in her every gesture, I’m really worried that you will be fascinated by her in the future.”

“That’s not true!” Su Quan was stunned, and a blush appeared on her face, as she stomped her feet in embarrassment, “Master Ouyang, you are highly respected, why are you making fun of me, a little girl?”

“Highly respected?” Ouyang Feng snorted, “It’s a good thing I’m not a womanizer, otherwise I would’ve acted like my Ke’er if I saw a little lady as coquettish as you, and put you on my bed first.” Thinking of Ouyang Ke, Ouyang Feng let out a long sigh, “My poor Ke’er.”

Song Qingshu thought to himself, ‘Ouyang Ke would only use force to violate girls from good families in his early years. He was really a disgrace to our generation, and his death can only be regarded as his own fault.’

Of course, he had to say some superficial things. Just as he was about to say a few words of consolation, Ouyang Feng suddenly burst into anger, “In the final analysis, Ke’er was harmed by Guo Jing and Huang Rong. If it weren’t for Huang Rong, Ke’er wouldn’t have had his legs broken, and the villains wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of that. I want to deal with Guo Jing and Huang Rong, can you help me?”

“Ah?” Song Qingshu was taken aback, he didn’t expect this guy’s thoughts to jump like that. When he thought about what a glorious image Guo Jing and Huang Rong had in the hearts of ordinary people in the Song Dynasty, not to mention the Wulin, and the super masters like Hong Qigong and Huang Yaoshi behind them, he concluded that he would be out of his mind to step into that muddy water.

Seeing Song Qingshu’s embarrassed expression, Ouyang Feng quickly regained his senses and realized that even if this little fox agreed to work with him, he would probably not provoke Guo Jing and his wife.

Suddenly a thought flashed across Ouyang Feng’s mind, ‘This kid has a handsome face, and he seems to be quite a lus*tful person. Huang Rong was very beautiful when she was a young girl, and now as a married woman, she must’ve become even more charming, if I used that to…’

In that instant, Ouyang Feng had a an idea, and he came up with a way to use Huang Rong to force Song Qingshu to deal with Guo Jing. Then he spoke with a strange smile on his face, “I won’t mention this matter for now, but I believe you will agree to it in the future.”

Song Qingshu felt baffled, and thought, ‘How could I ever agree to such a thing…’ and at that moment, the conversation in the hall intensified, so he quickly turned his attention towards it.

“What do you mean to say?” Hong Antong stared at Xu Xueting and calmly asked.

Hong Antong had accumulated his prestige for a long time, and Xu Xueting felt his legs go weak after being stared at by him, but when he thought of having so many helpers behind him, he immediately gained confidence, “Since Prince Bao has said that he would withdraw as long as you hand over your wife, we should agree to that! Compared to the foundation of the Cult, and the safety of thousands of our brothers, a mere woman is nothing.”

Xu Xueting actually understood very well in his heart that after being forced to such a point by everyone, even if Hong Antong had the idea of ​​sacrificing Su Quan before, he would never agree now. After all, if Hong Antong had offered to hand over Su Quan on his own, everyone in the cult would be grateful to him, and his prestige would only rise instead of dropping. But the meaning would be completely different if he was forced by others to hand over Su Quan. Even after dealing with the outside enemies, Hong Antong’s prestige would collapse, and the opposition, who were already deeply displeased, would be ready to cause trouble.

“You are courting death!” As the leader of the cult, it would be strange it Hong Antong couldn’t understand what Xu Xueting could understand. Looking at the light of hope in the eyes of the people below, he knew that if he didn’t immediately kill the chickens to scare the monkeys, and deter their ungerminated thoughts, his future would be dark.

Hong Antong twisted off a piece of wood from the handle of the seat, channeled his inner strength and shot it toward Xu Xueting. Although Xu Xueting’s martial arts could be considered top-notch in the Mystic Dragon Cult, he didn’t have the ability to stop Hong Antong’s furious blow. However, just when he was about to be pierced through the chest, a horse-tail whisk suddenly swept over, changing the direction of the wood, and saving Xu Xueting’s life.

Xu Xueting quickly recovered from the shock, and gave Yu Zhenzi a grateful look.

“Yu Zhenzi, this is the internal matter of the Mystic Dragon Cult, what are you doing!” Hong Antong was shocked and angry.

Yu Zhenzi also had the plan of ​​causing internal strife inside the Mystic Dragon Cult, so naturally he couldn’t just sit back and watch Hong Antong control his subordinates with a thunderous force, and said with a smile, “Your Cult is now dire need of talents, why should Cult Master Hong take the lives of his subordinate because of a disagreement?”

Yu Zhenzi’s words were like boiling oil in cold water, and it immediately ignited the long-suppressed resentment of everyone in the Mystic Dragon Cult.

Xu Xueting scolded angrily, “This old man only cares about that vixen. When did he ever care about his subordinates? Brothers, Hong Antong is unwilling to sacrifice that vixen, and it seems that he is going to sacrifice us. We might as well fight to the death and kill Hong Antong first, and then capture Su Quan and hand her over to Taoist Yu Zhenzi. Then the problem of Mystic Dragon Cult will be resolved.”

Song Qingshu outside the window looked sideways at Su Quan, leaned closer and softly blew in her ear, “Vixen~”

Su Quan turned around with a slight anger on her face, “You are the vixen!”

“If I am the vixens man, I won’t mind.” Song Qingshu looked at her with a sly smile.

“I really can’t stand the two of you flirting with each other.” Ouyang Feng coughed lightly, and said with a strange expression on his face, “There’s nothing worth paying attention to here, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Su Quan’s face became hot with embarrassment at his words, she turned her head away and stopped answering. Song Qingshu wondered, “Aren’t you going to take revenge on the one who plotted against you?”

“It’s just some cheap tricks. I can’t be bothered to pay attention to him.” Ouyang Feng looked towards the western sky. “What’s more, it was a blessing in disguise and I managed to regain my sanity. It’s been a long time since I’ve been away from home, so I have to go back and have a look.”

“White Camel Villa?” Song Qingshu asked curiously.

Ouyang Feng nodded, “By the way, I will also have to pay a visit to some old friends when I go through the Jin Empire. Little brother, I will see you later.” The he jumped and disappeared into the distance without waiting for an answer

‘I wonder when we meet again next time, will it be as an enemy or a friend?’ Song Qingshu sighed, then noticed that Su Quan was staring at the fight inside, and he couldn’t help but put his arms around her waist, “Why, are you worried about your husband’s safety?”

Feeling the heat from the big hands on her waist, Su Quan shuddered all over. She knew in her heart that this was inappropriate, but she didn’t want to resist, and she couldn’t help but look at Song Qingshu with her beautiful eyes.

“Although I’m more handsome than your husband, you don’t have to keep staring at me,” Song Qingshu wondered.

Su Quan shook her head, “I just feel that you are a little different from before.”

“What’s the difference?” Song Qingshu was stunned.

“For example, you hugged me very naturally. You didn’t do this before… ah, anyway, I can’t say more…” Su Quan’s pretty face was already very charming, but now it was even more so with a trace of blush.

Hearing her words, Song Qingshu became thoughtful, “Thanks to Ouyang Feng’s guidance, I realized how constrained my way of living was in the past.”

“Now that you’re free, you decided to bully me?” Su Quan pursed her lips and complained. At the moment, she didn’t look like a mature woman anymore, she was clearly a wronged little girl.

Taoist Wugen and Zhang Danyue had already discussed the matter with Xu Xueting, and with the help of Blood Saber Elder and Sangjie, they naturally had confidence in their hearts. Seeing that it was the right time, both of them took a step forward, and echoed Xu Xueting’s opinions, and their subordinates also took the opportunity to take their side and shout.

Hong Antong’s expression changed slightly. He didn’t expect that almost all of the Five Dragon Envoys would  turn against him, and a tinge of green appeared on his face, as he felt ruthless in his heart, ‘Okay, since you all turned against me, at worst, I will kill you all, and promote a few people to become the next Five Dragon Envoys.’

He knew that as long as these leaders were executed on the spot, people in the cult would naturally settle down. Therefore, even while surrounded by powerful enemies, Hong Antong decided to make a quick decision.

Among the three, Zhang Danyue’s martial arts was the weakest, so he decided to get rid of him first. Hong Antong rushed towards Xu Xueting, and when Xu Xueting concentrated on defending and the other two came to rescue him, he slapped Zhang Danyue’s head with his right palm from one side of his body.

Zhang Danyue was terrified, and he stabbed seven times upwards in an instant with the pair of Mandarin Duck  Short Swords in his hand. This was really a life and death moment for him, as he executed the seven sword strikes extremely swiftly and fiercely. 

Hong Antong slightly tilted his right palm, and then pressed lightly on the opponents left chest, then took advantage of the momentum to leap away. 

Zhang Danyue roared as he rolled on the ground, then turned over and stood up. His face had turned black and blue, and soon his legs gave way, and he fell to the ground, apparently dead.

Xu Xueting and Taoist Wugen were terrified, and they subconsciously glanced at the Blood Saber Elder and Sangjie. However, they didn’t know that the other party had no intention of making a move at all. So they cursed in their hearts, and had no choice but to bite the bullet and face Hong Antong’s fierce attack.

“As the saying goes, honest words are harsh to the ears. The three Dragon Envoys are just looking out for the thousands of members of the Mystic Dragon Cult. It’s fine if Master Hong doesn’t agree to it. But why are you attempting to kill them? I can’t bear to watch such an injustice, so I must take action.” Yu Zhenzi looked as if was filled with righteous indignation. 

Yu Zhenzi naturally hoped that both sides would suffer from the internal conflict, but judging by the current situation, it would be difficult for Xu Xueting and the others to hurt Hong Antong, so he decided to balance the disparity in power between the two sides.

As he was about to deal with Xu Xueting and Taoist Wugen, Hong Antong couldn’t help being surprised and angry when Yu Zhenzi suddenly joined them.

Yu Zhenzi’s martial arts was not inferior to Hong Antong’s, and with the addition of his movement technique, his body seemed extremely ghostly, as he carefully helped Xu Xueting and Taoist Wugen to withstand most of Hong Antong’s attacks. And, he also used the right timing and made sudden attacks from time to time.

With the help of Yu Zhenzi, Xu Xueting and Wugen Daoist were able to feel less pressured, and they desperately entangled Hong Antong’s hands and feet, so that Yu Zhenzi could have a chance to kill him.

Seeing that Hong Antong was in danger, the Blood Saber Elder and Sangjie looked at each other, then joined the battle, and shouted, “Master Hong, we are here to help you!”

Hong Antong was a very seasoned fighter, the reason why he seemed in danger was that he had allocated part of his energy to guard against these people’s sudden attacks, but when he saw that the two of them actually helped him hold Xu Xueting and the two back, he felt relieved.

“You guys!” Xu Xueting and Taoist Wugen couldn’t help being surprised and angry when they saw that the other party didn’t act according to their previous agreement. They were about to ask questions, but the Blood Saber Elder and Sangjie didn’t plan to give them a chance.

Although Xu Xueting and Taoist Wugen were considered masters, they couldn’t compare to these two giants, and they were soon forced into a dangerous situation.

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