Chapter 285: The fall of a master

“You broke your promise… ah!” Xu Xueting finally realized that he was just being used as a pawn, but it was too late to regret it. Knowing that if he continued to fight, he would die here sooner or later, he decided to take the risk to make their conspiracy public, hoping to unite with Hong Antong again.

However, his distraction naturally exposed flaws in his moves. The Blood Saber Elder had tons of experience in actual combat and he took the opportunity to slit Xu Xueting’s throat.

Hearing Xu Xueting’s screams, Taoist Wugen panicked, turned around and attempted to flee, but Sangjie managed to hit him with a palm strike. He staggered a few steps, and finally vomited blood and died.

Yu Zhenzi’s expression changed, and he quickly jumped out of the battle circle, and ran out using his movement technique. However, suddenly there was a flash of sword light in front of his eyes, and he quickly backed up a few feet in shock.

As Yu Zhenzi was forced back by a sword slash, Yelu Nanxian became puzzled in her heart, ‘Could it be that the conspiracy last night was just to get rid of Xu Xueting and others? Could it be that all my previous inferences were wrong?’

The Blood Saber Elder and Sangjie took the opportunity to disperse and form a triangle with Hong Antong, surrounding Yu Zhenzi tightly in the center. Yelu Qi was eager to get involved, but Yelu Nanxian was not sure what these people were up to, so she signaled him to stand still.

“Yu Zhenzi may be doomed this time.” Su Quan shook her head, she knew that Hong Antong’s martial arts was slightly better than Yu Zhenzi’s, and Yu Zhenzi was thought as an equal to Hong Antong only due to his movement technique. Now that two other masters of the same level had joined in, Yu Zhenzi’s future was uncertain.

“That’s not necessarily the case, maybe it’s Hong Antong who is in danger.” Song Qingshu thought for a moment, and saw through the tricks of these people.

Su Quan had a sharp mind, and she quickly realized the meaning when she heard his words, and her pretty face could not help but change slightly.

“Do you want me to save your husband?” There was an inexplicable smile on the corner of Song Qingshu’s mouth.

Su Quan shook her head, “This old thief captured me to be his wife. Although he just wanted to maintain his prestige in front of his subordinates, cover up his disability, and didn’t really do anything to me, but I still hate him. Even if he didn’t die now, I will destroy the foundation of the Mystic Dragon Cult, and then kill him sooner or later.”

“Are you trying to emphasize that you’re still pure by saying that?” Song Qingshu smiled even more proudly.

Su Quan’s expression became a bit embarrassed, and the slight bush faded from her charming youthful face, “If you already know what I mean, then why are you teasing me?”

Song Qingshu didn’t expect her to be so frank. A mature woman was really different from a young girl. She knew exactly what kind of man she wanted, and she had a great sense of when to advance and retreat. She gave him enough hints, but she wouldn’t make it clear, in order to avoid the risk of rejection.

“What I mean is— even if you don’t tell me, I know all of this.” Song Qingshu held Su Quan’s trembling hand, and the heat from his palm brought the blush back to her face.

“Are you trying to take advantage of this conflict to kill the envoy?” In the hall, Yu Zhenzi’s expression turned dark.

“Hmph, why didn’t you remember your identity as an envoy when you were cooperating with my subordinates to cause trouble just now?” Hong Antong snorted coldly, but he was thinking in his heart, ‘If I were to kill Yu Zhenzi now, it would mean becoming a complete enemy with Shengjing, and the decisive battle would become inevitable. But, if I were to hand over Su Quan in order to make them retreat, what will the disciples of the cult think of me?’

As Hong Antong was hesitating, the Blood Saber Elder and Sangjie were busy stalling Yu Zhenzi. Although the two could make Yu Zhenzi stay, but Yu Zhenzi’s movement technique was just too ingenious, and he almost broke out several times.

‘Forget it, now that the people in the cult are lacking morale, it would be good to kill Yu Zhenzi and regain my prestige.’ Hong Antong was, after all, a master, and he quickly made up his mind. Finding a fatal flaw, Hong Antong silently flew up and struck Yu Zhenzi’s back with his palm.

For unknown reasons, a sudden a gap appeared between the Blood Saber Elder and Sangjie, and Yu Zhenzi took the opportunity to jump out of the two people’s encirclement. But Hong Antong knew that Yu Zhenzi was quite old, and he was confident that even if his palm strike couldn’t kill him, he would at the very least be seriously injured. This was a life or death situation, and even with Yu Zhenzi’s movement technique, he had no way to escape, so Hong Antong didn’t withdraw his palm strike, and took the opportunity to move forward.

Unexpectedly, there was no panic expression on Yu Zhenzi’s face, and a tricky smile appeared at the corner of his lips. Hong Antong realized that something was wrong, so he tried to quickly turn away, but it was too late. He was fatally wounded by Sangjie’s palm strike and the Blood Saber Elder’s Blood Saber.


Hong Antong knelt on the ground, and glared at the two men who had betrayed him. He knew the extent of his injuries. His heart veins were shattered by the palm strike. At the same time, there was a bloody wound on his waist, and his spine was severed by the Blood Saber. Even the King Yama wouldn’t be able to save him now.

Seeing the sudden reversal of the situation, the Yelu siblings were secretly startled.

“Hong Antong, during your time as the Cult Master, you committed heinous crimes and harmed the world. You should have been dealt with long ago. We are just delivering justice for the heavens.” A voice came from the corner.

Hong Antong looked back and laughed angrily, “Oh, look who it is? It turns out to be the Yellow Dragon Envoy Yin Jin. Xu Xueting and the others turned against me, but at least they dared to challenge me. They are considered heroes. But you are a shameless villain who fails to see the big picture with his own eyes. Now you come out to spout bullsh*t, you are really shameless!”

Hong Antong’s residual prestige was still there, which caused Yin Jin to tremble in fright, and he subconsciously shrunk back. The Blood Saber Elder said with a sinister smile, “Yellow Dragon Envoy, you are now the highest in the Mystic Dragon Cult in terms of seniority, go and kill Hong Antong, then you will naturally become the next Cult Master, and we will fully support you, what do you think?”

Although Yin Jin was afraid, but when he thought of becoming the Cult Master, greed gradually gained the upper hand. He unsheathed his sword and walked towards Hong Antong step by step. Although the rest of the Mystic Dragon Cult member in the hall despised Yin Jin as a human being, considering that the situation was disadvantageous, no one dared to speak out.

Hong Antong felt that his life force was slowly seeping away, as he watched Yin Jin deliberately dawdling as he slowly approached. Knowing that he might not be able to fight back, he smiled sadly, “Forget it, I, Hong Antong, a master, can’t die at the hands of a coward like you.” After speaking, he gathered the remaining internal energy and attempted to strike on his own forehead.


A small stone flew in from the outside. Hong Antong’s wrist became numb, and his action was interrupted. Everyone looked at the door in amazement, and saw Song Qingshu and Su Quan slowly walking in. Then everyone in the hall showed different expressions.

“Brother Song!” Fang Yi was among the disciples of the Mystic Dragon Cult. She had been worried that something had happen to Song Qingshu, but when she saw Song Qingshu, she excitedly stood up.

Song Qingshu signaled her to stay there first, came to Hong Antong, and sighed, “Master Hong, the battle between you and me in Yangzhou in the past is still vivid in my memory. I really didn’t expect to see each other again in such a situation. Life is really unpredictable.”

“Madame, is that you?” Hong Antong snorted coldly, ignored him, and instead looked at Su Quan in surprise.

Looking at Hong Antong’s unstable breathing, Su Quan’s expression turned a little complicated, and she kept her lips tightly closed.

“Madame, from all your actions over the years, I knew that you have always wanted to kill me. Now that I am finally going to die, are you feeling happy?” Hong Antong looked very calm while speaking.

“I didn’t get to kill you with my own hands, so why I be happy?” Su Quan sneered.

“You are right to hate me. After all, I deserve that.” Hong Antong smiled wryly, “But you and I have been married for many years, you should ask yourself, have I treated you well or not?”

Su Quan hesitated for a while, then nodded, “You have treated me well.”

“Then, for the sake of those years of relationship, I want to ask you one thing before I die.” Hong Antong smiled gratifiedly.

Su Quan glanced at Song Qingshu’s face, saw that he had nothing to say, nodded and said, “Say it.”

“Help me kill this shameless villain Yin Jin.” Hong Antong gritted his teeth.

“Okay!” Su Quan didn’t hesitate, and in a blink of an eye, she had already come to Yin Jin’s side. Yin Jin was originally the weakest in terms of martial artist among the Five Dragon Envoys, and was only good at flattering other. Su Quan’s sudden attack broke his neck before he could even react.

Seeing Yin Jin being killed, Hong Antong nodded in satisfaction, mobilized his last internal strength, and said loudly, “Su Quan has made meritorious deeds in protecting the Cult! I have decided to pass on the position of Cult Master to her. Are you all convinced?”

Many disciples of the Mystic Dragon Cult in the hall were Su Quan’s people, and in terms of prestige and martial arts, no one in the Mystic Dragon Cult could compare to Su Quan at the moment.

Blood Saber Elder and others turned pale, and Su Quan was a little at a loss, but Song Qingshu gave Hong Antong an admiring look, and gave him a thumbs up, “You know when to stand down, this Song admires you1”

Hong Antong looked at Song Qingshu, and the expression on his face became very strange. Hatred, anger, regret, and all kinds of emotions came one after another, and finally thousands of words turned into one sentence, “Treat her well in the future…” As soon as the words fell, he died.

“What did he tell you?” Su Quan came back, looked at Song Qingshu and asked. The conversation between the two was very low, and it was difficult for the rest of the hall to hear it clearly.

Song Qingshu shook his head, but instead turned to Blood Saber Elder and the others, “It’s time for us to settle the account of plotting against me last night.”

“Master Song, it would be best if you stop. The Mongolian and Khitan envoys are highly skilled in martial arts, and we are outnumbered. You and I are officials of the same court, so we should watch out and help each other.” Yu Zhenzi said happily, and edged closer to Song Qingshu.

Song Qingshu smiled, “Really? Who was the one who brought Ouyang Feng to fight with me yesterday? I don’t want to repeat Hong Antong’s mistakes.”

Seeing that Song Qingshu had seen through the secret alliance of the three, Yu Zhenzi said with a stern look, “Song Qingshu, although your martial arts are high, but with so many top masters in the arena, I don’t believe you can win.”

Yu Zhenzi has been defeated by Song Qingshu several times, which has cast a shadow in his heart. He had to regain his master’s self-esteem to break this inner demon, otherwise he would not be able to advance in the path of martial arts in the future. It was very rare to see so many masters gather at one place, and Yu Zhenzi knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get rid of his inner demons.

Both Blood Saber Elder and Sangjie suffered from Song Qingshu’s hands, and they wanted to deal with his long ago, not to mention that Song Qingshu was the number one master of the Qing Empire. So whoever managed to kill him would not only get the respect of Alibuge, but also get the highest reputation in the wulin.

Although they were concerned about Song Qingshu’s martial arts, the three of them thought that it was not something impossible if the three of them joined forces and Yelu siblings who were quite amazing in martial arts could be of great help as well. So they all held their breaths and quietly surrounded Song Qingshu.

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