Chapter 286: Do you dare to try?

Ever since the conversation with Ouyang Feng, some accumulated complications in Song Qingshu’s heart suddenly became clear. In his eyes, the whole world had become very different from what it used to be in the past.

Blood Saber Elder, Master Sangjie, and Yu Zhenzi were all master-level figures, as well as first-class masters in the whole of Wulin. But Song Qingshu stood firmly with his hands behind his back in a calm manner even while facing the three auras. He had an aura of dignity that made it seem like he wasn’t affected by them at all.

Su Quan and others at the side saw his arrogant stance, and they couldn’t help but feeling anxious for him. 

However, it was entirely different in the eyes of the three masters. They could clearly see Song Qingshu standing there, but they couldn’t perceive his existence all at. It was as if they were standing before an endless void, which made them feel bewildered and unsure.

Yu Zhenzi knew that he had pretended to be servile towards Song Qingshu earlier, but in fact, he had secretly joined forces with the Blood Saber Elder and others to lure Ouyang Feng over, hoping to take the opportunity to get rid of the two of them. Now that Song Qingshu has escaped from the Spirit Serpent Cave, he was probably the one who was in the most danger.

Even if the Blood Saber Elder and Sangjie had chosen to retreat, Song Qingshu might’ve let them go, but that wouldn’t be the same for him, so he had no choice but to bite the bullet and take the lead in triggering a battle, and tied the two masters with himself.

Considering the lessons he had learned in Shengjing in the past, Yu Zhenzi did not dare to use the Five Sacred Mountain Sword Art this time, but switched to Iron Sword Sect martial arts and attacked Song Qingshu.

Before the admiring gazes of the rest of the audience, Yu Zhenzi seemed to have turned into seven afterimages, each figure was like smoke and mist, making it hard to clearly tell them apart, and he already seemed quite invincible before the fight even started.

Both the Blood Saber Elder and Master Sangjie were extremely experienced people. They knew that if they just stood by and watched, they would be defeated one by one in the end. So, it would be better to combine their strength and fight the opponent.

With a loud roar the two masters attacked as well. The Blood Saber Elder swung his Blood Saber with a cold light, and Sangjie’s big palm strike was extremely mysterious. Cooperating with Yu Zhenzi, they attacked Song Qingshu from three different directions.

“Be careful!” The two women reminded in unison.

Su Quan turned around and looked at Fang Yi with a faux-smile. Fang Yi felt a little scared in her heart after being stared at, and quickly lowered her head, but her eyes still wandered into the field.

Yu Zhenzi was very satisfied with his own performance this time. Whether it was the timing or angle of the sword attack, it was the culmination of his whole life’s hard work and experience. He was confident that any master would have to retreat from such a magnificent sword move.

However, soon the smile at the corner of his mouth froze completely on his face, and Song Qingshu avoided his best sword strike just by turning his body slightly! Shocked, Yu Zhenzi was about to back away when Song Qingshu stretched out two fingers at a very slow speed, so slow that Yu Zhenzi could clearly see the trajectory of the opponent’s attack, but he was even more shocked to find that he couldn’t dodge it. Then, he found that the tip of the sword in his hand was firmly gripped between the opponents two fingers.

As soon as Yu Zhenzi lost his calm, he felt a sharp force coming from the tip of the sword, which caused the him to swing the sword to meet the Blood Saber Elder’s attack.

The Blood Saber Elder was aiming to strike Song Qingshu’s back with a thunderous blow. Seeing that the target was getting closer, he was secretly happy, but he didn’t expect that the target in front of his eyes would turn into Yu Zhenzi’s sword in a flash and stab at him at the very next moment.

The two weapons were treasures that cut iron like mud, so neither got any advantage. After the weapons met, the Blood Saber Elder and Yu Zhenzi retreated a few feet, and felt their blood surging forth. Looking at the damage on their respective weapons, they had no time to feel distressed and hastily looked up with concern towards the battle situation in the scene.

After Song Qingshu used his strength to push back the two masters, the Wooden Sword suddenly appeared in his right hand. Looking at the complicated and mysterious palm strike attacking from his side, he raised his sword and stabbed at a certain point in the attack, which caused the attacker, Master Sangjie to fly back with a loud cry.

When Master Sangjie finally steadied himself, his chubby face was dripping with cold sweat. No one knew the state of his hands which were hidden in the wide sleeves.

When everyone was watching in confusion, Song Qingshu said, “Sangjie, if you can escape your life today, go back to the Shingon Sect and practice hard for three years, maybe you can practice the Mahamudra again.”

Seeing Sangjie’s face turn pale, the Blood Saber Elder and Yu Zhenzi were shocked! Sangjie, as the number one master of the second generation of Shingon Sect disciples, his Mahamudra skills could be said to be outstanding, but Song Qingshu defeated him with just one sword strike!?

The fat on Sangjie’s face trembled wildly, and his voice became hoarse, “What you gave me today, I will return a hundredfold in the future.”

“In my opinion, those who say such things are incompetent people…” Song Qingshu smiled nonchalantly, “What’s more, it’s not certain whether you will have a future.” (G: Zhang Wuji had said the same thing to him in the past.)

Sangjie’s face turned even more pale, and the Blood Saber Elder also felt cold. Then he looked at the Yelu siblings who had been standing by, he coldly said, “The Khitan has received many great favors from Mongolia, and we have always advanced and retreated together. Could it be that the two of you will just keep watching?”

The Yelu siblings looked at each other, and saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes. Originally, they really didn’t want to step into this muddy water, but the Liao Empire and Mongolia were allies, and now the dilapidated Liao Empire needed to rely on Mongolia in many places. If they allowed Mongolia’s envoys to be killed here, it might damage the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Yelu Nanxian took off her cloak, revealing an enviable tall and proud figure. She slowly pulled out the sword in her hand from its sheath, pointed at Song Qingshu, looked at him with a wry smile and said, “Master Song, such things can’t be helped in the Wulin, so please!”

Yelu Qi also stepped forward at the same time. He got the true inheritance of the Old Ipm Zhou Botong when he was young, and he had learned orthodox martial arts from Taoist Quanzhen, who was also one of the few great masters.

Seeing Yelu Nanxian’s cold and frosty pretty face full of dignity, Song Qingshu put away the Wooden Sword and showed a warm smile, “Since they are friends of Miss Nanxian, I will naturally not make things difficult for you. You can leave. Please take care of yourself.”

Yelu Nanxian was stunned for a moment, and noticed that the eyes of everyone in the scene were full of inexplicable ambiguity when they looked at her. She showed a rare blush, then put her sword back into the sheath, and looked at Song Qingshu with a softer look in her eyes, “Nanxian expresses her thanks, Master Song.”

Seeing the two just standing there, and looking at each other across the air, Su Quan gave a light cough, looked at the Blood Saber Elder and the others, and said in a cold voice, “You guys are still not leaving, are you waiting for the Mystic Dragon Cult to prepare a banquet? “

She really wanted to take this opportunity to kill Blood Saber Elder and Master Sangjie to avenge Hong Antong and gain prestige in the cult, but since Song Qingshu had agreed to let them go, Su Quan weighed between her prestige and her image in Song Qingshu’s mind. In the end, her image in Song Qingshu’s mind seemed more important, so she didn’t refute him.

Seeing the the Blood Saber Elder leaving in embarrassment, Yelu Nanxian thought that they not only did good with the Mongolian side, but also foiled the conspiracy of Alibuge and Hongli, and at the same time completed the work of the Hidden Secret Service. Su Yin’s order to protect Su Quan finally ended in success, so she looked at Song Qingshu with a little more gratitude in her eyes, “Us brothers and sisters are going back to the Liao Empire, so we will not dawdle here, may we meet again.”

“May we meet again.” Song Qingshu nodded with a smile.

Seeing Song Qingshu watching Yelu Nanxian leave, Su Quan chuckled and said, “She has left. Since you are so reluctant to see her go, why didn’t you keep her as a guest.”

Song Qingshu was taken aback, and smiled wryly, “No way, I was just thinking about how long they will take to make you the Cult Master.”

At that moment, the disciples of the Mystic Dragon Cult in the hall came to their senses, and they all knelt down and shouted, “We respectfully invite the Cult Master to ascend the seat, and may the Cult Master live a long life and be equal to heaven!”

Su Quan smiled sweetly, and held Song Qingshu with one hand, “Come with me.” 

The two slowly walked up the steps, and came to Hong Antong’s usual seat. Then she said, “You may rise.”

“Thank you, Cult Master!”

“Even though Master Hong was not good in the past… but he has made great contributions to our cult. Hear me! Take Master Hong’s body away and bury him in a grand manner the next day.”

“Follow the order of the Cult Master.”

Many disciples of the Mystic Dragon Cult cursed in their hearts. It was clear that she and Master Hong had murdered the elders together in the past, but now she put all the blame on Hong Antong.

“There is one more thing.” Su Quan looked at Song Qingshu beside her with a smile, “Pass on this order. Master Song will be the most honored guest of our Mystic Dragon Cult from now on. Seeing him is like seeing the Cult Master. His order is the order of the Cult Master.”

Most of the young disciples of the Mystic Dragon Cult were Su Quan’s supported, so they don’t feel anything wrong with this order, but the rest of the old people sneered in their hearts, ‘Her husband just died, but the adultress got a new man so quickly…’

But considering that the situation was unfavorable, these people dared not have any other thoughts. Hearing Su Quan’s crisp and flattering voice, the bones of their body turned weak, and they felt envious in their hearts, ‘This Song Qingshu has to be ridiculously lucky to enjoy so much favor.’

“Now that the enemy is at our door, everyone should performs their duties and strictly guards each stronghold. I will issue orders for specific affairs later.”

Seeing the members of the Mystic Dragon Cult respectfully retreating under the stairs, Su Quan felt like she was in a dream. She didn’t expect her wish to come true so soon. She thought it would take a lifetime…

Thinking of that, Su Quan looked at Song Qingshu with a heart full of affection.

Being looked at by such a charming stunner with such eyes, there was no man who would not be tempted. 

While Song Qingshu was feeling quite proud, he secretly exclaimed in his heart, ‘Did Su Quan really fall love with me? Heh, I’m afraid that’s not necessarily the case. Now that there are strong enemies at her door, she needs a strong man, and I am more in line with her requirements in all aspects, so she is acting like this.’

If he was still that young man from the past, he might’ve been convinced by her affectionate eyes, but Song Qingshu had already passed that stage, and he could see through Su Quan’s careful considerations at a glance. (G: Character development.)

If it was before, Song Qingshu might have felt resentful, but now he had gradually gotten used to the rules of this world. Su Quan’s choice was understandable, not to mention that Su Quan was not only a beautiful woman, but also a smart and mature woman. If he built a strong relationship with such a woman, there should be no unnecessary troubles in the future.

“There is a powerful enemy at our door, and the vitality of the Mystic Dragon Cult is seriously injured, you… do you have any good solutions?” It was a very normal sentence, but when uttered by Su Quan with a look of reluctance and a charming nasal tone, it seemed extremely seductive.

“There is a way, but I don’t know if Madame Hong would be willing to do that.” Song Qingshu had been thinking about how to solve the dilemma of Mystic Dragon Cult quite a while. Not long after he came to Mystic Dragon Cult, he got inspiration from the representatives from all sides and finally figured out a way.

Goblin: I would like to point out some important things that might save you from a lot of confusion. Yes, the protagonist is a womanizer, but he is a womanizer with a clear goal and purpose. If you see him go after a woman, even if that woman was previously an enemy, you should take it as a part of this greater plan. He very rarely courts women who doesn’t have some part in his overall plan. Does he love them? That is up for debate. Personally, I feel it’s more of an attachment than love. His experience when it comes to true love is not a pleasant one. And, you can’t really hope for true love to bloom in the world he is in. The protagonist is slowly changing, and he will continue to do so. Also, this novel is composed of several big arcs, and this arc is almost at its end.

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