Chapter 287: Future son-in-law

“Don’t call me that in the future.” Su Quan’s face darkened, and she said with her  pursed lips.

Song Qingshu felt confused for a moment, then suddenly came to his senses, and he laughed, “It’s my mistake, how about I call you Sister Su?”

“What kind of younger brother does this?” Su Quan glanced at Song Qingshu’s hand around her waist, turned her body sideways, as her eyelashes slightly trembled, “I’ve been bullied by you to death, so I can’t be your sister. “

“Then I won’t call you Madame Hong, how about calling you just Madame?” Song Qingshu leaned forward, looked at the delicate and lovely ear lobe in front of him, and gave it a light lick.

“You can call me whatever you want…” Su Quan trembled, and gently pushed him away, “Let’s talk about the method you mentioned.”

When speaking of business, Song Qingshu’s expression immediately became serious, and he said in a deep voice, “Now the Mystic Dragon Cult has missed its best chance to deploy its defenses, and Hongli’s army has already penetrated into the hinterland. Coupled with the recent chaos, the Mystic Dragon Cult not only hurt its vitality, but also the hearts of the people. In their current panicked state, confronting Hongli’s army head-on will undoubtedly lead to defeat.”

“Then what should we do?” Su Quan had also thought of these points, and a look of worry appeared on her face.

Song Qingshu smiled lightly, “Didn’t Hongli propose that he would withdraw if we handed you over, in order to cause civil strife in the Mystic Dragon Cult? Now that their goal has been achieved, this condition has become his constraint instead.”

“Do you want to hand me over?” Su Quan looked sad, “Forget it, as long as you say a word, I will pass the Mystic Dragon Cult on to Fang Yi, and then I will go to Shengjing City to surrender to Hongli. I just don’t know that if Hongli will abide by his promise and withdraw the troops. I heard that this Prince Bao is very fond of women, and this lowly one is still considered quite pretty, so I think that old pervert will spare the Mystic Dragon Cult.” Su Quan started weeping before she even finished speaking.

Even though he knew that she was just acting, Song Qingshu’s heart ached for Su Quan’s lovely and pitiful appearance, and he couldn’t help but smiled wryly, “You know that’s not what I meant.”

Unexpectedly, hearing what he said, Su Quan suddenly became more sad, and the tears began to roll down her cheeks.

“Are you really crying?” Song Qingshu hurriedly wanted to wipe away her tears.

Su Quan leaned aside, avoiding Song Qingshu’s hand, then she stretched out her pretty fingertips to wipe off the tear stains on her face, and showed a pitiful smile, “Of course I knew that you wouldn’t do that, I was just trying to squeeze out some tears to arouse your desire to protect me. How could a man I had chosen myself do that? If you really planned to do that, wouldn’t it mean that I was wrong? The more I though about it, the sadder I become, and the tears began to fall down.”

Song Qingshu couldn’t tell whether she was showing her true feelings or it was just another high-level charming technique, but he subconsciously believed her. After all, it was impossible for a person to live with a mask on their face all the time.

Gently embracing Su Quan’s fragrant shoulders, Song Qingshu said, “Don’t worry, I will definitely protect you.” Then he explained the plan to Su Quan in detail.

If Song Qingshu didn’t exist, Su Quan would’ve never even thought of handing herself over to the enemies. That would be the most stupid thing to do. After all, the enemy’s goal of causing an internal strife in the Mystic Dragon Cult has been achieved. If Su Quan surrendered, the Mystic Dragon Cult would have no leader, and then, they would need only one brigade of soldiers to completely wipe out the Mystic Dragon Cult.

But the situation would be quite different if Song Qingshu played the part of the intermediary. After all, Hongli’s condition was to hand over Su Quan, and then he would withdraw. Song Qingshu was the special envoy of the imperial court, and as long as he insisted on that point, the army outside the island would be caught in a dilemma.

After all, no matter how tense the relationship between Shengjing and the imperial court was, they hadn’t formally acted against each other at the moment, and the generals on this expedition would not dare to offend Song Qingshu, the imperial envoy. This was a delicate moment for both Hongli and Kangxi, and no one would dare to take responsibility for something which may cause the two sides start a war ahead of time.

“Are you going to see Hongli in Shengjing with me?” Hearing Song Qingshu’s words, Su Quan subconsciously shook her head, “I am very grateful for your kindness. Those generals outside the island may not dare to do anything to you, but last time you had offended Hongli quite a bit. If he sees you again, he might try to kill you. No, it’s too dangerous for you to go.”

“Who will protect your safety if I don’t go?” Song Qingshu’s words made Su Quan choke.

“Hongli will not let you go, because of your involvement in the death of Fukang’an.” Song Qingshu continued to explain, “But Fukang’an was not killed by you after all, and with my mediation, it wouldn’t be impossible for me to protect you. Well…”

Song Qingshu couldn’t finish his words as a pair delicate and ruddy lips pressed on his lips. And, the two finally separated after a long time. Su Quan’s long and charming eyes were full of spring as she looked up at Song Qingshu, and subconsciously pursed her lips, “I suddenly found myself falling in love with you a little.”

“Is it just a little? It sounds quite sad.” Song Qingshu touched his lips, which still had the residual warmth of a beautiful woman.

Su Quan turned around with a smile, and naturally got out of his embrace, “Anyway, I am a seductive witch. It would be too embarrassing if you could win my heart so easily like naive a little girl.”

“Why would I want your heart? I only care about your body!” Song Qingshu teased.

“Bah!” Su Quan felt as if her cheeks were burning hot, and looked at Song Qingshu with extremely seductive eyes, “Wouldn’t it be better to get my heart and body at the same time?”

Seeing Su Quan’s rejuvenated and radiant appearance, Song Qingshu thought this kind of game was quite interesting, and couldn’t help stretching out his hand to support her jade-like chin. Su Quan hesitated for a moment, but didn’t dodge.

“Brother Song!” Fang Yi’s voice came from outside the door, and the two of them subconsciously returned to normal, looking as if they were sitting upright from the start.

As soon as Fang Yi entered the hall, she saw the two sitting together on the throne of the leader in the hall. Although they were not that close, she could still feel the ambiguity between the two. Fang Yi felt very sad, especially after she saw the flush on Su Quan’s cheeks, .

“Why, you won’t recognize me since you have your Brother Song?” Su Quan looked at Fang Yi with a smile, but there was a trace of coldness in her eyes.

“Subordinates doesn’t dare. I have seen the Cult Master!” Su Quan had accumulated her prestige for a long time, and Fang Yi subconsciously felt a little terrified.

Song Qingshu who couldn’t stand this atmosphere, and asked, “Fang Yi, what can I do for you?”

Although she had skin-to-skin relationship with Song Qingshu, Fang Yi could feel that the relationship between herself and Song Qingshu was not as close as she had thought. “I couldn’t find the little princess, and after many inquiries, I found out that she was abducted by a group of mysterious people on the way to another place to perform missions. I want to save her.”

“Mu Jianping?” Thinking of the innocent little princess in the original book, Song Qingshu was a little distracted for a while. However, now he had to solve the Mystic Dragon Cult’s urgent situation, so he didn’t have time to take care of her. “It must’ve been one of Wu Sangui’s subordinates. The little princess should be in no danger for the time being. You can start to investigate from these two clues.”

Seeing that Song Qingshu didn’t intend to accompany her at all, Fang Yi sighed in her heart and nodded, “Okay.”

“Fang Yi, you can choose a few good subordinates to go with you. They can help you on the way.” At that moment, Su Quan spoke up.

“Thank you, Cult Master.”

Seeing Fang Yi’s dejected look when she left, Su Quan frowned and looked at Song Qingshu, “Isn’t she all yours now? Why does it seem like that you don’t like her?”

“It a matter of emotions, so who can tell.” Song Qingshu looked very melancholy, and angrily said, “It’s all your fault, if you didn’t force her to come to my bed, it wouldn’t be like this.”

“Oh?” Su Quan chuckled, “If you really didn’t want it, with your martial arts, did she have the ability to force you?”

“That’s why men often regret their impulses.” Song Qingshu said with an awkward expression.

Recalling the scene where she was eavesdropping outside the door back then, a rosy blush appeared on Su Quan’s snowy skin, and she couldn’t help cursing, “Oh come on, I think you really enjoyed Fang Yi’s tender body at the time. Otherwise, why would she…”


On an unnamed island outside the Mystic Dragon Cult, in the camp of the commander of the Shengjing Expeditionary Army.

Li Shiyao looked at the young man who suddenly appeared in front of him. He was startled, but didn’t panic and call the guards. He just looked at the young man and asked, “Who is your Excellency?”

Song Qingshu admired the man’s calmness in his heart, and replied, “I am Song Qingshu. I hope that I am not bothering General Li.”

Li Shiyao had heard many rumors of Song Qingshu’s frightening martial arts, but he never thought that the guy would be able to hide from the thousands of troops and sneak into his tent without a sound, “How dare I be discourteous! Master Song is deeply favored by the Emperor, so how dare this Li take you lightly? This is a great honor!” Thinking of the news that Yu Zhenzi had brought back sometime before, Li Shiyao was sure that Song Qingshu might not have the best intentions this time.

“General Li, you are being polite. Li Yuanzhi and I are very good friends. You are her uncle, so I should naturally behave like a junior.” Song Qingshu said with a smile.

Thinking of that eccentric little niece, a smile appeared on Li Shiyao’s face, and he politely invited Song Qingshu to take a seat. The worry he had felt before disappeared.

‘I didn’t expect that Li Kexiu would grab on to such a fat thigh.’ Li Shiyao sighed in his heart.

He and Li Kexiu were cousins. They were both famous generals in Liaodong frontier defense, and under the command of Prince Bao. The Li family realized early on that there would be a battle between Hongli and Kangxi, so they made early arrangements for Li Kexiu to find an opportunity to offend Hongli, which would give them a reason to join Kangxi. Li Shiyao, on the other hand, stayed on this side, and soon became Hongli’s subordinate.

In that way, no matter who won the battle for the throne in the future, the Li family would remain intact.

Hearing Song Qingshu’s introduction, Li Shiyao took him as Li Kexiu’s future son-in-law, and naturally regarded Song Qingshu as his own.

The two exchanged pleasantries for a while, and soon got to the point. After listening to what Song Qingshu had to say, Li Shiyao made a strange expression, “Nephew Song, you should know that capturing Su Quan is just an excuse. Now that we know that the situation inside the Mystic Dragon Cult is quite chaotic, we will just wait until tomorrow morning. Then the army will launching an attack, and the Mystic Dragon Cult will be destroyed. It will be quite difficult for me to let them go at this point of time.”

“The matter of Mystic Dragon Cult is insignificant, so it’s worth not mentioning it. General Li must know what Prince Bao plans to do next after he is done with the Mystic Dragon Cult.” Song Qingshu didn’t care about the guy’s dilemma, and asked a question instead.

Li Shiyao remained silent.

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