Chapter 295: Concubine Tong’s suspicion

Concubine Tong was one of Kangxi’s most beloved concubines, and she was naturally far more familiar with Kangxi compared to the likes of Duo Long and others. Even if his appearance and speech patterns were flawless, once there was any kind of intimate contact, how could Concubine Tong not be able to tell the difference? How could she not know the characteristics of her own man?

But at the moment , Song Qingshu couldn’t find a reason to avoid it, and thought in his heart, ‘I must keep a safe distance from her from now on, otherwise this long-term plan might come to naught.’


“The Emperor is here!”

Hearing the eunuch’s voice from a distance, Concubine Tong stood up with a face full of joy, and she asked the maid while arranging her hair in front of the bronze mirror, “How is it, do I look pretty today?”

“Of course you’re beautiful. Mistress, you are the most beautiful concubine in the harem!”

Hearing the maid’s words, Concubine Tong’s eyes bent like two crescent moons, as she knelt on the ground full of joy, and greeted Song Qingshu, “Long live Your Majesty!”

Song Qingshu looked at Concubine Tong, who was looking up at him, with eyes that seemed to be full of spring. Under the radiance of the candlelight, her pretty face looked extraordinarily charming, and he felt a great headache coming his way.

Song Qingshu signaled the eunuch to put the stack of memorials on the couch, and then said to Concubine Tong, “I’m going to review the memorial today, you should rest by yourself first.”

A hint of disappointment flashed in Concubine Tong’s eyes, but she quickly calmed her mind. She ordered the eunuchs and maids to prepare some snacks, then leaned over and said, “Then this Concubine is going to make some soup for the Emperor to nourish his mind and calm his mind.”

“Don’t bother, I’m not hungry.” Song Qingshu was not used to this kind of show of affection from Concubine Tong, so he subconsciously distanced himself.

“Your Majesty manages a lot of stately affairs during the day, and he has to review memorials at night, which consumes a lot of energy. You should drink some soup to take care of your body. The Emperor should continue with reviewing the memorials first, and this concubines will come as soon as I am done with preparing the soup.” Concubine Tong didn’t care, and after saluting Song Qingshu, she enthusiastically left.

Song Qingshu depressedly looked at the departing figure of Concubine Tong, and thought, ‘Now that I’ve cultivated my inner Qi to the realm of Transformation from Man to Heaven, I don’t really need any supplements.’ 

He was really not used to Concubine Tong acting like a good and loving wife.

Although he hated reviewing memorials, now it seemed easier to review memorials than facing Concubine Tong alone, and Song Qingshu gradually became engrossed in the act.

In his mind, he roughly simulated the power structure of the entire Qing court. He memorized which factions were there, and which faction each official belonged to. As long as he payed enough attention, he could see a clue from the memorial. After all, those who submitted the memorials always had their own selfish agendas.

Most of the times, a memorial would be filled to the brim with righteous words, which seemed to make sense. But, with a little bit of attention and analysis it was possible to infer which faction the person belonged to depending on which officials’ interests would be affected by the memorial and which officials’ interests would be damaged.

Suddenly he felt a pair of soft little hands on his shoulders, which made Song Qingshu tremble involuntarily.

“Did this Concubine disturb the Emperor?” Concubine Tong gently asked.

Seeing that Song Qinghu just expressionlessly shook his head, Concubine Tong took the porcelain bowl from the maid and said with a smile, “Your Majesty, try this sweet-scented osmanthus and lotus seed soup made by this Concubine.”

Song Qingshu really wanted to throw away this bowl of soup, so he wouldn’t have to face the Concubine Tong in the future. However, before Kangxi left Yanjing, he obviously loved Concubine Tong the most, so if his attitude suddenly changed 180 degrees after returning from Shengjing, everyone would start to have doubts.

Smelling the fragrance coming from Concubine Tong’s lithe body, Song Qingshu suddenly felt a little flushed as his heartbeat began to rise. There seemed to be an inexplicable heat rising within his body, which made Song Qingshu very surprised, ‘What’s going on?’

He carefully inspected the True Qi in his body. There was no sense of obscurity in its operation, but the True Qi circulating in his meridians didn’t seem to be as calm as usual.

‘What is this?’ Song Qingshu was taken aback, as he didn’t think something like this could happen.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty?” The voice of Concubine Tong came from next to his ear. Song Qingshu suddenly woke up, forced a smile, and reached out to take the bowl.

“It seems that the Emperor is very tired, let me massage the Emperor’s shoulders.” Without waiting for Song Qingshu’s to react, Concubine Tong naturally stood behind him and began to gently massage his shoulders.

Feeling the soft touch of the ten fingers which were as smooth as jade, and the appropriate strength, Song Qingshu’s body quickly relaxed, and he began to enjoy the gentle touch of her fingertips. It was evident that in order to please the Emperor, Concubine Tong must have worked hard on he massaging skills.

Every time Concubine Tong pressed a place, Song Qingshu felt a tingling sensation spread out, as his body gradually became hot and his throat turned dry. Although his reason told him that something was wrong, that tingling and numb feeling was so comfortable that Song Qingshu couldn’t bear to let her stop.

Seeing Song Qingshu closing his eyes with a face full of enjoyment, Concubine Tong felt very happy. When she pressed Song Qingshu’s temples, she intentionally or unintentionally let his head rest on her chest. The indistinct squeeze made her skin flush, as she suddenly smelled a strong and mysterious fragrance in her nose. She felt hot all over her body, and soon she pressed her face to Song Qingshu’s back in a daze, and said in a raspy voice, “Your Majesty, it’s getting quite late, let’s rest.”

Song Qingshu’s eyes had already turned red. Hearing her suggestion, he picked her up in a princess carry and walked towards the embroidered bed step by step. When the maid and eunuch at the door saw it, they retreated in understanding, and closed the door behind them.

At the moment, Concubine Tong was lying in Song Qingshu’s embrace with a blushing face, her hair was tied up in a bun, with fragrant white teeth, and a graceful and slender body. She seemed so soft as if she was boneless.

Soon, the brocade clothes slipped off, revealing a large area of ​​snowy and smooth skin. When he thought that this woman was the most beautiful concubine in Kangxi’s harem, Song Qingshu felt a wicked sense of excitement deep in his heart. He slowly spread her two slender legs with his hands, revealing that soft and delicate flower petals, with sweet nectar seeping out from the depths. 

Not wanting to wait any longer, he directly pressed her down with his body.

Concubine Tong’s face became flushed red, her expression— cheerful and sweet, as she wrapped her legs around Song Qingshu’s waist. Her delicate body trembled from time to time, and she let out suppressed grunts as if to express her feelings towards the man on her body who didn’t know how to show pity and cherish the delicate flower.


In the early morning of the next day.

Song Qingshu woke up and looked at Concubine Tong lying lazily beside him. The brocade quilt had slipped down to her waist, revealing her charming delicate body.

Recalling her shy and coquettish expressions last night, as she bit her lips and bitterly beared his powerful thrusts, Song Qingshu couldn’t help but feel his blood become more turbulent, but soon his expression became dignified. He couldn’t figure out why he had acted like a hungry beast last night.

He secretly checked the True Qi in his body. It had returned to its former calmness, and even became more condensed and thick, which must’ve been due to the mysterious Yin Qi in Concubine Tong’s body.

‘Could it be that the backlash of the Joyful Meditation Method has begun to appear?’ Song Qingshu’s expression became more and more ugly. Although he had heard Jiumozhi and others say how dangerous it was to practice the Joyful Meditation Method, he had never really taken it seriously. After all, he had practiced the method for so long and had no problems until what happened last night.

“Is the Emperor going to court early? Forgive me for not being able to stand up and see you off. The Emperor showed no mercy last night… this concubine is very weak now.” Concubine Tong complained, as she struggled to sit up, but only felt weak all over. She was too tired to even lift a finger. She knew it was because she had been tossed about all night by the Emperor, so presumably he would not be offended by such a trivial matter.

“You should have a good rest.” Song Qingshu was worried that she might notice something abnormal, but looking at her now, it seemed that she didn’t realize that the man who ran wild on her body last night was not her husband at all, so he couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief.


In this way, a period of time passed without any danger. 

Song Qingshu dealt with political affairs in the early morning during the day, and lingered at Concubine Tong’s palace at night, enjoying the beauty and her endless tenderness. In the entire Forbidden City, no one noticed that the Emperor had changed, even if it was the imperial concubines sleeping with Song Qingshu.

Song Qingshu found himself becoming more and more obsessed with being the Emperor. The feeling of being the Emperor, the feeling that everyone’s fate was in his own hands, was simply the most irresistible temptation in the world. What’s more, there were beauties in the harem who were gentle and courteous. As for the dirty things they did when they secretly competed for favor with each other, he didn’t really care about that at all.

In fact, according to Song Qingshu’s original plan, disguising himself as Kangxi was only temporary measure. After all, he couldn’t continue to pretend all his life. Although Kangxi was dead, he was still alive. Although Song Qingshu was alive, he was dead.

Emperor Kangxi only reigned over a part of the Mainland, and Song Qingshu’s original intention naturally didn’t stop at just that. In his plan, as long as he completely controlled the entire palace and prepared a puppet to take his place, he could set out, and establish his own foundation in Shandong. And, with the help of the imposter Kangxi, it would not be difficult for him to overthrow the Manchu rule in an upright manner as a Han. 

Under the right circumstances, it wouldn’t even be impossible for him to annex Mongolia!

However, Song Qingshu still underestimated the temptation of power. Before, he had never thought that he would be fettered by the title of a mere emperor, but when he really became the emperor, he found that he couldn’t bear to let it go.

‘Why should I let it go? Why should I go to Shandong and work hard to develop the rebel army, and then single-handedly fight against another empire? Even if I succeed, won’t I still be just an emperor?’

What’s more, there were many risks involved in leading a rebellion. If he didn’t pay attention to it, he would be doomed and become a speck of dust under the wheel of history. Maybe future history books would say that on xyz year, Song Qingshu revolted in Shandong. Although the momentum of the rebellion was huge, but because of the limitations of the peasant class, it was suppressed by the Qing government three months later, and Song Qingshu was also executed in public.

Although a few thoughts occasionally did flash across his mind, warning him not to sink further down but those thoughts were quickly dispelled by the voices of the officials shouting “Long live!” and the bewitching and charming presence of Concubine Tong.


“Your Majesty, I feel that you seemed to have changed recently.” Song Qingshu was in deep thought when the voice of the Concubine Tong in his arms made him break out in a cold sweat.

“What’s the difference?” Song Qingshu calmly asked.

“This Concubine dare not say it.” Concubine Tong’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and she finally shook her head.

“Tell me, I will forgive you for your insolence.” 

‘Did she still see through it?’ Song Qingshu felt a chill in his heart, and a trace of murderous intent flashed in his eyes, but he couldn’t bear to attack the beauty lying under him.

“This Concubine can’t tell for sure. But I always feel that the Emperor has changed after he came back. Every time this Concubine serves the Emperor, I feel…” Concubine Tong blushed, “I feel like I am serving another man.”

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