Chapter 296: Three women in one place

Song Qingshu put his fingers close to Concubine Tong’s slender neck, while hesitating in his heart.

Concubine Tong had just experienced the peak of bliss, so now her skin was radiant, delicate and charming. Her expression was full of shyness, and at the same time it had a trace of worry, “Recently, has any minister provided the Emperor some medicine for virility? It can damage your body, so the Emperor should not use it in the future.”

Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment. He was really dumbfounded, as he never thought that the thing Concubine Tong was worried about, would be this, “Why do you say that?”

Concubine Tong shyly buried her face in his arms, and said in a low voice, “The Emperor is much more vigorous than before, and this Concubine is struggling to bear it.”

“Why, don’t you like it?” Song Qingshu gently fiddled with her hair, as if stroking a docile cat.

“This Concubine… naturally likes it,” Concubine Tong pressed her thin lips, “It’s just the Emperor’s body…”

“Don’t worry, I have my own measures.”

Concubine Tong’s body was smooth and tender, and as she twisted a few times in his arms, Song Qingshu felt a trace of heat rising in his nether region, so he gently pressed her head down with his hand. Concubine Tong soon understood, and sent a glance full of complain towards him, as she obediently moved her head to quell the raging dragon underneath.

Song Qingshu let out a long sigh of relief, and his expression became very happy, ‘That’s right, why should I give up such a comfortable life and return to the days of shedding blood with the sword?’

Concubine Tong rhythmically raised and lowered her head, and kept making extremely delicate hums. 

Song Qingshu was enjoying her flexible tongue and her beautiful curves, but suddenly his expression turned serious, and he quickly pulled up the quilt on his body and moved to the other side of the bed.

Ding! Ding! Ding! 

A dozen embroidery needles fell down to the ground as they had missed their target. Only then did Concubine Tong realize that there was an assassin, as she screamed and hid behind Song Qingshu.

“Huh? I didn’t expect that the Emperor was secretly a master…”

As a familiar voice reached his ears, Song Qingshu looked at the beautiful figure who slowly walked in with a strange look in his eyes.

“Cult Master Dongfang?” Song Qingshu asked with a wry smile.

“How do you recognize me?” Dongfang Muxue was taken aback. She came here today to assassinate Kangxi. But, she was worried that the Imperial Court would take out their anger on the Sun Moon Holy Cult, so she didn’t appear as Dongfang Bubai, but as Dongfang Muxue instead. She appeared in public wearing women’s clothing for the first time in a long time, but who knew that Kangxi would recognize her at a glance.

Song Qingshu smiled wryly. How could he not recognize Dongfang Muxue? 

In fact, he really wanted to reveal that it was actually him, but because of the severity of the situation, he didn’t dare to reveal this secret to others. In order to do that, he had to find out her motives first, “May We know what is the purpose behind this rare late night visit by the Cult Master Dongfang?”

Dongfang Muxue suppressed the doubts in her heart, and lightly said, “I had a friend who was killed by the Emperor not long ago. I don’t have many friends in this world, and it just happens to be that he was the only one. So, I naturally want to ask for an explanation.”

Hearing her words, Song Qingshu felt quite moved in his heart. 

The relationship between him and Dongfang Muxue has always been very delicate. They were not lovers, and they naturally were not enemies either. If he really wanted to make it clear, it would be more appropriate to describe their relationship as sympathetic opponents. However, seeing that she actually came deep into the tiger’s lair for his sake, he felt like teasing her for a bit. He signaled Concubine Tong to calm down, then asked, “We killed a lot of people a while ago, may We know who was the friend of Cult Master Dongfang?”

“Why does Your Majesty ask questions you already know the answer to?” Dongfang Muxue showed a sarcastic expression, “It is naturally Song Qingshu.”

Song Qingshu’s heart warmed up, but he calmly said, “Song Qingshu intended to assassinate Us, so naturally We could only kill him. We didn’t know that he was the Cult Master’s friend, so We might have unintentionally offended you. Well, then let’s do this… We shall grant some of your requests in order to appease your anger. We hope that the Cult Master will express it.”

“That person was obviously very cunning all his life, but I didn’t expect him to suddenly act so foolish.” Dongfang Muxue’s eyes flashed with a trace of unquenchable anger, “Although I don’t know why he suddenly wanted to kill you, but since that was his dying wish, then you have to die!”

As soon as her words fell, a white shadow flashed, and the distance between the two of them seemed to vanish in an instant, as Dongfang Muxue suddenly appeared in front of Song Qingshu. She held an embroidery needle between her two fingers, stabbing at the center of his brow.

Song Qingshu hurriedly raised his hand to tap her wrist, and just as he was done guiding the embroidery needle to the empty space, he found Dongfang Muxue’s palm, silently imprinting on his chest.

The two palms met, and a white figure retreated violently. Seeing that Song Qingshu was still staying on the bed and had no intention of chasing after her, Dongfang Muxue wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, and looked at him solemnly, “No wonder that even with Song Qingshu’s realm of martial arts, he failed to assassinate you, and couldn’t even escape. I thought it was that Old Eunuch who had made a move, but now it seems that the Emperor is the real master in the palace.” 

After Dongfang Muxue was attacked by Zhang Wuji last time, she stayed in the Five Poisons Cult in Yunnan to recuperate from her injuries. But when she heard the news that Song Qingshu had been killed and burned to ashes. She became so emotional that she couldn’t calm herself down, so she suppressed her injuries and arrived at the north of the Forbidden City, intending to assassinate Kangxi to avenge him. However, she didn’t know that Kangxi had been hiding his strength all this time.

Dongfang Muxue reckoned in her heart that with Kangxi’s realm martial arts, she might’ve been able to defeat him when she was in her peak, but not now, considering that she had only one third of her martial arts strength left. Even in the confrontation just now, the injuries in her body had almost relapsed. As it stands, not only will she be unable to get revenge, but she might even die here.

Seeing Dongfang Muxue’s frowning appearance, Song Qingshu felt distressed but also a little happy. After all, before the two of them became friends, he always used to be suppressed by her. Now that the situation had reversed, he naturally appreciated it quite a lot.

After casually tapping on Concubine Tong’s sleep acupoint, Song Qingshu wrapped her with piece of clothing. He stood up, then walked towards Dongfang Muxue, and said with a smile, “Did the Cult Master Dongfang ever make a heavenly oath with Song Qingshu?”

“Never.” Dongfang Muxue replied as she remained on guard while regulating the True Qi in her body.

“Then, is Song Qingshu your lost relative?”


“That’s also not the case. Then why do you want to risk your life for him?” Song Qingshu came close to Dongfang Muxue, brushed up a strand of her beautiful hair, and showed a wicked smile, “We have all the riches in the world, and the Cult Master has high level of martial arts skills. So why don’t you marry Us? If you and We (I) join forces, the world will be in the palm of Our hands!”

Dongfang Muxue had never been harassed like this in her life; her eyes became cold, and she sent a palm strike towards Song Qingshu’s ribs. Song Qingshu showed a slight smile, and calmly dodged, then the two fought for another quick bout.

Dongfang Muxue’s biggest advantage was her movement technique which was the best in the world, but she was currently seriously injured, and her movements were bound to be strained when she moved around. On the contrary, Song Qingshu was getting faster and faster. In the end, Dongfang Muxue struggled to barely parry her opponents attacks.

Song Qingshu was thinking that it was time to let this end, when suddenly his expression changed, and he quickly jumped to the side.


A long whip swept over the place where he was standing just now, and the hard square bricks on the ground were shattered to pieces.

Song Qingshu turned his head to look, and saw a beautiful woman under the moonlight. She was standing not far away, holding a long whip as she looked at him coldly.

Song Qingshu trembled all over, and his expression turned dark.

“Emei Sect, Zhou Zhiruo?” Dongfang Muxue had a very good eyesight, so she could naturally see thought the opponent’s martial arts at a glance. The White Python Whip technique along with the Emei Sect’s unique breathing method, meant that it could only be Zhou Zhiruo, the head of Emei Sect.

“Who are you?” Seeing Dongfang Muxue whose appearance was not inferior to hers, Zhou Zhiruo asked suspiciously.

Not long after she arrived, she saw this woman fighting with Kangxi and gradually falling into a disadvantaged situation. She was shocked by Kangxi’s realm of martial arts, so she helped the woman without thinking.

“I am just an ordinary friend of Song Qingshu.” Dongfang Muxue marveled at Zhou Zhiruo’s beauty, and her mood suddenly became a little strange.

“Ordinary friend?” Zhou Zhiruo naturally didn’t believe it. How could an ordinary friend take such a big risk to avenge him, not to mention the woman was so beautiful.

“Master Zhou doesn’t have to put on that kind of air in front of me.” Dongfang Muxue snorted coldly, “You have found the wrong target… well, if you really want to, then you can do that to the person over there.”

Zhou Zhiruo suspiciously looked in the direction of her line of sight, and saw a woman in black walking out from the shadows. She was holding a glittering golden snake-shaped sword in her hand. Although her face was covered by a black scarf, with her beautiful eyebrows and starry eyes, one could easily still tell that she was a stunning beauty.

“What kind of situation do you think this is, are you here to fight or be jealous?” Xia Qingqing snorted coldly. She had just arrived not long ago, so she didn’t hear the conversation between Dongfang Muxue and Song Qingshu, but when she saw Kangxi’s unfathomable martial arts, she became filled with regret.

When she saw Kangxi’s realm of martial arts with her own eyes, she knew that all her previous revenge plans were just a joke. Not only was it hopeless, but it also cost Song Qingshu’s life!

Feelings of self-blame surged inside her like a wave. At the moment, Xia Qingqing just wanted to die with Kangxi, so she naturally didn’t want to see the other two potential powerful helpers fighting among themselves. 

As for the relationship between the two women and Song Qingshu, she didn’t really to care about it now.

“Who is jealous!”  An undetectable blush appeared on Zhou Zhiruo’s icy face, “Song Qingshu can only die in my hands! No other people can’t kill him! If people in the world find out that my… my husband was killed, but I couldn’t avenge him, I would lose face as the leader of the Emei Sect!”

Hearing Zhou Zhiruo’s words, Dongfang Muxue smiled disdainfully, and Xia Qingqing also snorted coldly.

Looking at the weird atmosphere in the scene, Song Qingshu wanted to curse out loud, ‘What are those basta*d inner guards doing, they let so many assassins in!’

Even if he wanted to show his identity now, he couldn’t do it anymore. Song Qingshu got a headache just thinking of the possibility that after revealing his identity, he had to face the three women who had a complicated relationship with him at the same time!

“If you want to be in denial, you can keep doing that…” Xia Qingqing snorted impatiently, raised the Golden Serpent Sword and attacked Song Qingshu. At the moment, she just wanted to die, so her every move was a desperate move, without a trace of defense. She only hoped that before she died, she could seriously injure Kangxi and give the other two women a chance to kill him.

Xia Qingqing’s suicidal movements, Song Qingshu’s headache intensified even more. It was impossible for him to actually hurt her, so he could only use his movement technique to avoid her attack.

“Be careful!” When Dongfang Muxue saw Xia Qingqing’s desperate attacks, she was quite moved by her decisive madness. At the same time, she felt annoyed at Song Qingshu’s ability to make so many women treat him so sincerely. She didn’t want to see this passionate woman die like this. She quickly recovered and attacked, so that Kangxi would have no chance to hurt her.

Seeing the two women attack Kangxi one after another, Zhou Zhiruo’s expression changed. She naturally understood that the two women had an ambiguous relationship with Song Qingshu, and she didn’t want to have anything to do with them, let alone join forces to avenge Song Qingshu. 

But at the same time, she also understood that with the realm of martial arts that Kangxi had shown before, she couldn’t beat him by herself. So, after struggling for a long time, Zhou Zhiruo bitterly stomped her feet, waved her long whip, and joined the battle.

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