Chapter 30: Disciplining the Nun IV (part 2)

“Although I may not be able to enjoy the same happiness as now… I am willing to sacrifice it for you all.”


“To think that you’re prepared to do so much for us…”

To the people present here, what Sister Linda said made a lot of sense.

They also knew that the current situation was not very good, and they all understood that they needed an opportunity to solve the situation somehow.

In that respect, people couldn’t defeat Sister Linda’s will to step out herself to change the situation.

“Don’t be too sad. Even if my work there is prolonged, I will make sure to visit this place often in the future. Until then, please. I hope you stand up and take good care of the people here.”

“Ah.. I see, Sister.”

“Just trust us. I will do my best to follow the will of Sister.”

As she listened to people’s declarations, a calm smile began to form on Sister Linda’s lips.


Downtown, located in the southern region of Lugano.

Within the magnificent lord’s castle, a lord and his entourage were enjoying a luxurious banquet.

“Ha Ha Ha! You mean grain prices have risen again?”

“Yes, it has, Lord Jake. Thanks to that, we have earned a lot this time as well!”

Lord Jake Lugas owned the plains of Lugano.

He was a handsome young man who ascended to the position of lord at a young age and still exudes the feeling of a young master.

This was the 6th year since he became a lord, and he was very satisfied with his daily life these days.

There were news of war coming from neighboring territories.

Due to that, their demand for grain was rising day by day, and that was giving Jake a very large profit, who had stored up a large amount of grain by harshly exploiting the farmers a few years ago.

“Indeed, Lord Jake’s talent is amazing. I mean, you predicted that this would happen and you prepared in advance!”

“In addition, I heard that the iron ore mines from the mountains in the north is also very profitable. When you first said that you would invest in and develop the area, I honestly had some doubts, but now I think I know what you wanted to do.”

“Isn’t that what investing is all about? You should look for opportunities and read the flow of the time. And, when you find something you can benefit from, you have to hold it firmly in your hands. Thanks to that, I can fully enjoy my time like this today.”

“Indeed! Now, take another drink, My Lord.”

The entourage downed their wine with jubilation.

Lord Jake wanted to have another drink, but he shook his head with regret, “Ah, unfortunately I have other things to do today. I’m supposed to meet an important guest right here.”

“If it’s a guest… ah, I think I know who it could be.”

“In that case, we will have to take our leave. Please have a good time.”

The aides got up from their seats and took their leave.

After sending them off, Lord Jake Lugas lazily got up and looked out the window.

A vast farmland spread out before his eyes

Until just a few years ago, the place had been privately owned by farmers, but after his father passed away and Jake became the lord, everything changed.

Immediately after becoming the lord, Jake resolutely raised the land tax rate.

As a result, a large number of farmers who couldn’t bear the huge tax rate had to sell their land and instead they became tenant farmers or serfs under the direct control of the lord, that could benefit from a lower tax rate.

If they belonged to the lord, at least they could eat and live.

However, there were those who failed to do so. They fled and moved to the nearby parish area in the mountains. Many of the workers who were now currently working in iron mines were created in such a process.

As a result, the total production of crops decreased to 70% of the usual level, but the grains piled up in the lord’s warehouse doubled.

‘In addition, the people who ran away to the mines are digging up a lot of iron ores, which is my other source of money. Indeed I am great. To think that I can increase my father’s mediocre finances to the extent.’

As Jake was lost in his megalomania, there was a knock on the door.

Tok! Tok! Tok!

As the sound of the knock on the door reached his ears, Jake slowly turned his head with a smile on his face.

“Come in. I was waiting for you.”

He happily greeted the goddess of luck standing before him. 

It was a beautiful woman dressed in a nun’s uniform. 

Her beautiful golden blonde hair shined in the sun, as the woman, Linda Halls spoke with a delightful smile on her lips,

“It’s been a while, I missed you, Jake.”

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