Chapter 31: Disciplining the Nun V (part 1)

The woman standing in front of Lord Jake… was the parish priest of the mountainous region north of Lugano. 

She was the woman who was referred to as the Saintess of Salvation by the residents of the parish, Sister Linda Halls.

Sister Linda Halls showed a pleasant smile as she looked at Lord Jake standing in front of her.

This noble was the enemy of many workers suffering in the iron mines. Even now, he was receiving the hatred of the people of his own domain.

However, the Saintess of Salvation, who was respected by many people, smiled at such a person, and began to approach him with a look full of affection. It was as if he was the person she loved, without harboring the slightest bit of hatred in her heart.

And, smiling back at her, Lord Jake opened his mouth to say, “I missed you. What took you so long to contact me?”

“Sorry. The work in the mines have been a bit eventful as of late. I only came to meet you today because I have something to tell you.”

“Hooh… is that so… well done.”

They hugged each other while talking in an affectionate voice.

The warm hug lasted for a while, then the two people sat down at a well-prepared table, picked up their wine glasses, and continued talking.

“Okay, what is the situation with the mines?”

“It’s still running very well. Thanks to your hard work, the number of people coming to work as miners is increasing.”

“Hah, that’s how it should be. In fact, I have been demanding more from them these past few days.”

“They are indeed stupid. Wherever they go, they can’t escape from being our livestock in the end. They are really easy to manipulate. They do whatever I say when I give them a mouthful to eat, squeeze out some tears, and listen to their laments about their life.”

Linda said in a jovial voice while remembering the workers who died before her eyes just the day before.

“And they continue digging up the iron ore with their insignificant lives, while we receive all the profit.”

“Profit… that is the central part of a legitimate business. Ha ha ha, it’s just that there are a lot of embezzlement of funds along the way.” With those words, Linda elegantly tilted her wine glass.

It was a completely different behavior from how she acted in front of the miners, where she never lost her kind smile. However, now she had removed her mask and was savoring this very sweet moment of ‘leisure’ to her heart’s content.

“Isn’t it quite difficult? You have to act like a compassionate nun in front of them. If it was me, I would’ve left that place long ago no matter how much money it made me.” Lord Jake said after taking a sip of the wine.

“That’s right. To be honest, I’m kind of fed up with it too. How long do I have to laugh like an idiot in front of those dirty peasants?” Sister Linda complained.

“We can’t help it. Because this was the easiest way to get the position of former parish priest. It’s fortunate that it went relatively easily thanks to my father’s connections.” Lord Jake consoled his companion.

“Well… thanks to that, I, who was just a fallen aristocrat who had nothing to do with the clergy, was able to disguise myself as a nun and even received an official appointment from the Church.” Sister Linda laughed.

“Ha ha ha!”

A delightful smile began to form on the lips of the two, as they recalled the risky yet exciting memories of playing with fire in their youth, where the two of them manipulated letters from Lord Jake’s late father alone in a secret room in the past.

“Haaa.. that’s true, but I’m starting to get tired of this as well, I’d rather have a war break out and quickly make a big profit. If that happened, I won’t have to wear this dirty nun’s uniform and throw it away.”

“Me too. I wish that the Rose Empress of the Dragona Empire would stop watching from the sidelines.”

The Dragona Empire and its ally, the Tarkic Empire, were currently looking for an opportunity to invade. It was quite obvious that if they really drew their swords, blood and wind would rage on the continent.

But… for Linda and Jake, that was something irrelevant.

What they were interested in was whether the price of iron ore and grain they were selling would increase or not.

They didn’t really care if thousands or tens of thousands of people died in the war, and there was no need for them to care, rather, they would welcome the war with a smile since they would benefit in the process.

When the conversation had progressed to that point, Linda spoke to Jake in a voice filled with seriousness, unlike how it was before.

“So… I actually have some good news for you, want to hear it?”

“What? Is it about the war?”

“No, it’s about something else…”

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  1. I don’t really see the point in r*ping her. I get how it was huge torture for the virgin redhead but the nun should just be beaten lol in my opinion though ig its because our MC turned into a sadist and gets turned on from seeing these fked up woman submit but meh I don’t like her. Also at this point I can honestly see our MC becoming the true top villain with how hes starting to actually like torturing woman

  2. That is some exquisite green tea, brewed with the utmost skill. I have never thought both of my guesses would completement each other like that.

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