Chapter 31: Disciplining the Nun V (part 2)

With those words, Sister Linda carefully took something out.

It was a sheet of paper.

Accepting the paper, Jake began to check the contents, and soon his face began to wriggle with surprise and an unconcealable desire.

“This… a gold mine?”

“Yes, you know the Aosta Mountains located in the area west of Lugano, right? There has been news that a gold mine was discovered there a while ago.”

“That… is that true? A gold mine… can something like that really be found in that area?”

“It’s true. The owner of the Beden Merchant Company himself had come to visit me for the matter some time ago. Now that they’ve discovered a gold mine, they’re asking if I can help them manage the mine. He even showed me a nugget of gold they had just dug up!”

“Gulp… so it’s really a gold mine..”

It was quite obvious, but even if they were called mines, an iron mine and a gold mine differed in size, as well as their profits.

It’s said that it would take an iron mine more than 10 years to generate the same amount of profit a gold mine can generate in a few months!

So, you can imagine just how valuable it was.

In addition, there was no need to doubt the authenticity of this information as it was directly from the owner of the Beden Merchant Company, not some random nobody!

“If I can get my hands on the profits that come from that… I won’t have to earn money while foolishly hiding my identity like this anymore.” Sister Linda’s eyes glittered.

“And I won’t have to rely on the possibly of war anymore…” Lord Jake added.

The two people began to salivate at the possibility of becoming even more rich with gold.

However, there were parts that they had to think about in many ways rather than accepting the offer at face value.

The biggest problem was that their partner was the owner of the Beden Merchant Company, and if they tried to recklessly embezzle the profits, they might end up offending him.

Bahamut was a person who was on a different level from the naive workers Linda was deceiving at the iron mines, and the power he possessed was immense!

At the moment, the commercial power in Lugano was actually entirely in the hands of the Beden Merchant Company. So if they foolishly offended him, they would suffer.

However, it was also not possible to satisfy their desires by quietly helping the Company with their work and receiving some small part of the profit.

From Linda and Jake’s of view, they needed a clever way to monopolize the tasty piece of meat called the gold mine, while not offending Bahamut as much as possible.

“I came up with a good plan of my own about that part…”

And… for that matter, Linda had already come up with a plan of her own.

“Huh, I knew it! Indeed, my Linda is really brilliant. Just like what we have been doing so far, this plan would be successful as well, right?”

“Of course. If everything goes according to my plan, no matter how powerful the Beden Merchant Company is, they won’t be able to anything.”

With those words, Linda began to explain her plan.

After hearing what Linda had to say, a smile filled with anticipation began to form on Jake’s lips.

“I see… that’s really great! I’ve always known it since I was little, but Linda, you are definitely a genius!”

“Hehehe, even so, if I hadn’t had a childhood friend like you, I’m sure this flower would have withered without even blooming. That’s why, I’d like to have your full cooperation as well, Jake.”

“Of course, our bright future is at stake. I will give you unconditional support!”

After the conversation, the two drank the remaining wine.

And, right after that…

“He he~”

Linda lets out a small laugh and slowly approached Jake.

Under the effect of alcohol, they slowly kissed each other’s lips.

“It’s a pity… we have to end with this today…” Linda whispered with her face flushed red.

Touching her chin, Jake said in a soft voice, “It’s not the right time yet. Wouldn’t it be a disaster if you became pregnant? However, that time is not too far away. If we finish this job well, we won’t be afraid of anything anymore. When that time comes, I will be able to embrace you with a peace of mind.”

“Hehehe… I am looking forward to that as well. To be able to completely become one with the man I like.”

Looking at the face of her childhood friend who had been with her since childhood, a smile filled with affection began to form on Linda’s lips.

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  1. Shes 100% just using him lol ic so maybe r*ing her actually will be a form of torture didn’t expect her to be a virgin. How tf are they scared of having a baby when our MC been busting nuts in his 2 slaves and lover but never once mentioned the possibility of pregnancy lol

    1. This is bs just like any ntr plot. Just relax and enjoy it when the mc destroy their plans and steal the woman.

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