Chapter 303: Do you want to check?

“The Qing Dynasty is now well-equipped with soldiers and provision. It won’t be easy for you to overthrow it.” Dongfang Muxue was not so optimistic and said with a frown.

“Yes, based on my current foundation, it’s definitely impossible for me to overthrow it directly.” Song Qingshu looked at Dongfang Muxue and smiled, “But with your help, the fake Kangxi, there is a way to make the impossible, possible!”

Dongfang Muxue showed a knowing smile, “So your plan is, as long as I, Kangxi, make foolish decisions, you can slowly grow your strength, and the officials of the Qing court would gradually become disappointed with their emperor, and the people’s hearts would change. Then one day, it won’t be impossible for you to overthrow the Qing Dynasty.”

“Miss Xue is worthy of being taught…” Suddenly remembering that Xia Qingqing was still at their side, Song Qingshu hurriedly changed his tone ​​and covered his mistake, “I can’t hide anything from you.”

“It’s just that, can your disguise technique really prevent others from seeing any flaws?” Dongfang Muxue was very suspicious of this.

“I learned this technique from a little maid from the Murong family in Gusu. It’s very useful. If I carefully teach it to you, there shouldn’t be any problems.” Song Qingshu pondered for a moment, then suddenly hesitated, “But those concubines in the harem… you might face some difficulties with that.”

Song Qingshu’s meaning was obvious. Although he was fake, he was still a man. So he was able to use some tricks to hide some flaws from those concubines. But Dongfang Muxue was different. Not only would she be a fake Kangxi, but she wasn’t even a man. Naturally, she would have to face even more difficulties.

“Hmph, you don’t have to worry about that, as long as you can make me look like Kangxi, I can take care of the rest.” Dongfang Muxue gave him a hard look, and soon showed a hint of fascination, “There are rumors in the Wulin, that the Murong family in Gusu is very familiar with many of the world’s martial arts, now it seems that the rumors are indeed true, considering that even a little maid has such excellent skills.”

“You don’t plan to go there to challenge them, do you?” Song Qingshu turned pale with shock, “Young Master Murong was very kind to me, so for my sake, you must be merciful.”

What a joke! Although Murong Fu could be regarded as a first-class master, but if Dongfang Muxue really challenged him to a duel, it would be nothing short of a tragedy. In the original book, Murong Fu had a somewhat flawed personality, but in this world, he had helped Song Qingshu to mend his broken meridians by providing the information about the Divine Brilliance Scripture, so he had a debt of gratitude towards Murong Fu.

“Don’t worry, why would I give up such an interesting thing as impersonating Kangxi, and instead run all the way to Gusu?” Dongfang Muxue suddenly showed a trace of hesitation, “What’s more, there are rumors in the Wulin that Murong Bo didn’t really die, and as I haven’t really recovered from my serious injury yet, if I were to run into him, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to have a good fight.”

Hearing her say that, Song Qingshu finally nodded in relief.

It was almost dawn, and Song Qingshu didn’t want Xia Qingqing’s identity to be exposed, so he asked her to go back to her courtyard first and continue to play the role of Concubine Ping. 

Knowing that the current Kangxi was actually Song Qingshu, Xia Qingqing was naturally happy to remain as the Concubine Ping, but she still felt a little bit reluctant when she left.

After Xia Qingqing left, Dongfang Muxue teasingly said, “Miss Xia’s appearance seemed so pitiful that even I, a woman, couldn’t help but feel moved. But you are actually willing to let her go.”

“The future is long, and there are rules in the palace. It would be bad if we revealed some flaws at this time.” Now Song Qingshu finally found the chance to complain, “Why did you do that… I was going to break up with Zhou Zhiruo and sever our connection.”

“Didn’t you like the feeling?” Dongfang Muxue didn’t answer, but asked instead.

“It was not bad indeed…” Song Qingshu murmured, then felt quite embarrassed, “It’s just that I finally planned to sever my connection with her, and now I’m in a mess again due to your interference.”

“You want to sever the thread of love? Miss Zhou is like an orchid in the empty valley. She is so beautiful, and you were really planning to do that?” Dongfang Muxue gradually put away her smile, and turned serious, “I’m not so bored that I want to play the part of a matchmaker. It’s just that Miss Zhou is the leader of the Emei Sect. She is very influential in Sichuan, and since you plan to compete for the world, it would be unwise to abandon her like that.”

A trace of displeasure floated on Song Qingshu’s face, “A man who wants the world should rely on his own ability, what’s the point of relying on a woman?”

Dongfang Muxue sneered and said, “In the past, Emperor Guangwu was a heavenly genius. He was a master in both literature and martial arts, better than the current you in every aspect. But didn’t he still have to rely on the 100,000 army behind a woman, Guo Shengtong, to have the capital to compete for the world? All those emperors who started from nothing, had to rely on the support of women in their early stage! Liu Bang received the support of Lu Zhi, Gao Huan received the support of Lou Zhaojun, and Zhu Yuanzhang received the support of Ma Xiuying! Did the later generations look down on them because of that?”

Song Qingshu was startled, cupped his hands and thanked, “Thank you Miss Xue for your guidance, I was indeed being pedantic.”

“Miss Xue?” Dongfang Muxue looked confused, “Are you planning to lie to that Madame Yuan for the rest of her life? In the future, when she finds out that I killed Yuan Chengzhi, and you are closely related to me. Guess what she will think?”

“Sometimes not knowing the truth is better than knowing the truth…” Song Qingshu sighed helplessly, “I hope I can keep it hidden from her for the rest of my life.”

“We will not be able to hide it in the end.” Dongfang Muxue said softly, and the two gradually fell into silence.

“What exactly is your disguise technique? Demonstrate it to me quickly.” Seeing the effect of Song Qingshu impersonating Kangxi, Dongfang Muxue couldn’t restrain her curiosity.

“It’s not that difficult at all, the key is your appearance, voice, and your own acting skills…” He had sent an eunuch to inform the official that he didn’t intend to attend the morning court today, so Song Qingshu had a lot of time, and he began to carefully teach Dongfang Muxue in the room.

“Those dead eunuchs are glancing this way from time to time, it’s really annoying!” Dongfang Muxue was listening carefully, but she suddenly slapped the table with both hands, took out a few embroidery needles, and was about to shoot them out.

“Oh, my aunt!” Song Qingshu rushed over and quickly grabbed her hands, “If you shoot them to death and make a big fuss, it will definitely arouse the suspicion of the people. We are now in a critical situation, so be patient and keep a low profile.”

“Let go of my hands.” Dongfang Muxue blushed. In fact, she hadn’t really intended to shoot the needles, or Song Qingshu would never have been able to stop it so easily, even thought she was injured.

Song Qingshu awkwardly withdrew his hand, and in order to clear the embarrassment, he talked about other things, “Anyway, I know who in the palace sent those eunuchs to spy on us. The news that I won’t go to the morning court has probably spread all over the palace, plus that basta*d Duo Long adding fuel to the fire, I am certain that many people think that I am currently… enjoying the three of you, so much so that I didn’t even go to the morning court.”

“The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked.” Dongfang Muxue said bitterly. (G: Idiom.)

Song Qingshu smiled wryly and said, “Now you have seen it too, so I think you should start considering how to deal with this harem of schemers in the future.”

“Hmph!” Dongfang Muxue raised her head proudly, “I’ll be better at that than you.”

“Why?” Song Qingshu was taken aback.

“Did you forget that I am the majestic Cult Master of the Sun Moon Holy Cult! In the past, I used to have groups of concubines. The competition for favor among them was probably no worse than this palace.” Dongfang Muxue spoke with pride.

Song Qingshu’s expression became extremely strange, “You can’t compare to me anyway, you are not a man, so… hehe.”

Dongfang Muxue spat, “You underestimate me. Naturally, I have the ability to satisfy those women and make them drunk in pleasure. Maybe you’re the one who can’t compare to me.”

“How on earth did you do it?” Seeing that she didn’t look like she was lying, Song Qingshu couldn’t help being puzzled. He was really curious, how could Dongfang Muxue, a woman, satisfy other women…that or something else!

“Why should I tell you about the private matter of the boudoir?” Dongfang Muxue gave him a look, and calmly said.

“If you don’t tell me, I won’t teach you the disguise technique!” Song Qingshu threatened with vigor.

“If you won’t teach, then don’t. You will rot in this inner palace all your life, and let the name Song Qingshu fade with the wind.” Dongfang Muxue remained unmoved, and instead lay gracefully on her side on the couch, resting her head on her hands, her starry eyes remained half closed.

“Uh, good Sister, I was wrong, please give me some pointers!” Song Qingshu realized that he couldn’t do it the hard way, so he decided to be soft, and muttered in his heart, ‘In order to pursue the truth, I’ll just have to swallow my bitter tears… hah!’

“Alright, alright…” Dongfang Muxue was annoyed by his persistent nagging, so she could only wave her hand, “Come here, bring your ears close.”

Song Qingshu happily obliged, and listened to Dongfang Muxue’s detailed explanation, with his face full of excitement, “Is this all right?”

“Only a woman can understand the things that women want. You men only know how to be reckless and think that women would enjoy it.” Dongfang Muxue felt a little strange while discussing this kind of private matter with Song Qingshu, but she also felt a strange sense of excitement.

“It really is an eye opener!” Song Qingshu was amazed, and said with a look of eagerness on his face.

“You can’t wait to find a concubine to experiment with, huh?” Dongfang Muxue snorted, “Don’t even think about it, you are not allowed to leave before I learn your disguise technique.”

Having his thoughts seen through, Song Qingshu showed an embarrassed smile, “By the way, you will be impersonating Kangxi from now on. And, you are so capable, don’t you also want to do some experiments with the harem?”

“I get really excited when I think about it.” Dongfang Muxue’s eyes lit up. (G: She’s a perve*t!)

“Uh…” Song Qingshu didn’t mind much, after all, they were all Kangxi’s concubine, “I don’t care about others, but you can’t touch Concubine Tong.”

“Why?” Dongfang Muxue looked at him with playful eyes.

“She… can be considered my woman, I feel a little… strange when I think about you to playing with her.” Song Qingshu thought to himself, ‘What is this! Am I actually afraid that she’ll steal my woman?’

“No matter how capable I am, I’m just a woman, and I won’t really do them any harm. So what are you afraid of?” Dongfang Muxue said.

“Now I really have some doubts about whether you are a woman or not.” The more Song Qingshu said, the more chills he felt run down his back.

Dongfang Muxue’s expression became very strange. She wanted to raise her eyebrows when she heard his words, but she quickly relaxed and showed a faint smile, “Why, do you want me to take off my clothes and let you check?”

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