Chapter 304: The ever-changing minx

“Ah?” Song Qingshu was dumbfounded for a moment. 

Knowing that Dongfang Muxue was just teasing him, he angrily said, “Yes!” 

After speaking, he calmed down and secretly guarded against Dongfang Muxue’s sudden retaliation.

Unexpectedly, Dongfang Muxue didn’t move at all, but rather seductively said, “I’m injured and my bones are weak, I don’t really want to move, why don’t you help me take it off.”

“Uh…” Song Qingshu looked her up and down with strange gaze, “Are you okay?”

“What’s the matter, are you afraid of me?” Dongfang Muxue’s eyes were half opened, showing a seductive expression, “I can’t beat you now, what are you afraid of?”

Song Qingshu swallowed, and spoke with a hesitant expression, “Heh, who said I was afraid!.” 

Seeing that Dongfang Muxue didn’t show any signs of defense, Song Qingshu timidly stretched out his hand.

“What’s the matter, don’t you dare to take it off?” Noticing that Song Qingshu’s fingertips were on her belt, not moving, Dongfang Muxue opened her eyes and gave him a playful look.

Song Qingshu gritted his teeth and pulled the belt down. He really wanted to know if Dongfang Muxue was a woman, otherwise that question would be a thorn in his heart.

Dongfang Muxue trembled, but she didn’t stop him. Feeling the coolness on her chest, she gave Song Qingshu an angry look, “Are you sure now?”

“Not yet…” Song Qingshu’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, “Shem*les also have breasts.”

“Then you can continue to check.” Dongfang Muxue uttered in a sweet nasal voice, which made Song Qingshu tremble.

“Are you seducing me?” Song Qingshu felt his mouth go dry.

“What do you think?” Dongfang Muxue gave him a charming glance.

Song Qingshu’s heart swayed, and he stretched his hand to her skirt, and slowly slid it down. He could feel the tightness of Dongfang Muxue’s skin when he first touched it, and then slowly relaxed.

After a while, Dongfang Muxue’s legs tightened, she tightly held Song Qingshu’s hand, and looked at Song Qingshu with a flushed face, “Have you touched enough?”

“No!” That warm and moist land made Song Qingshu sure of the fact that Dongfang Muxue was indeed a woman, and she was also a woman who would easily overflow with nectar.

Dongfang Muxue tapped her toes, and slid her whole body up a certain distance, escaped from Song Qingshu’s clutches, tidied up her messy dress, and said with a blushing face, “That’s it for today.”

“Why are you…” Seeing Dongfang Muxue’s firm attitude, Song Qingshu could only accept it as a rare service, but he was still very puzzled about the reason why Dongfang Muxue would let him do that.

“Otherwise, how can I dispel the doubts in your heart.” Dongfang Muxue’s expression gradually returned to normal.

Having his thoughts seen through by Dongfang Muxue, Song Qingshu smiled awkwardly. In his original plan, Xia Qingqing was supposed to stay in the Forbidden City and disguise herself as Kangxi, and he’d go to Shandong alone.

He couldn’t trust anyone for such an important matter, and after thinking about it, only Xia Qingqing was the most trustworthy person he could find. But Dongfang Muxue suddenly appeared and saw through his identity, so Song Qingshu found that he couldn’t exclude her from his plan.

Dongfang Muxue had higher level of martial arts skills, more wit and wisdom, and it would be more reassuring if she was the one taking his place in the Forbidden City. However, he was conflicted. She and Song Qingshu didn’t have a close relationship. So, whether she would cooperate with Song Qingshu at ease in the future was really hard to tell.

Accustomed to seeing intrigues and tricks, Dongfang Muxue quickly understood Song Qingshu’s concerns, and after hesitating for a while, she realized what she had to do.

“Even if I don’t get married in this life, I still have to find a man. In the whole world, the only one who can catch my eyes is you for the time being.” Dongfang Muxue got off the couch, and the flush on her face gradually faded. “Your ideal fascinates me very much. Compete with the heroes of the world for the hegemony over the Central Plains, defeat Mongolia, which is in full momentum, and rule the world. It’s exciting to think about it.”

Soon Dongfang Muxue changed the subject, “However, compared to the heroes of the world, our power is too weak now. If there is still suspicion between you and me, it may cause lifelong regrets in the future.”

“I understand, you want to conquer the world with me, so you want to make sure that the relationship between the two of us is close.” Hearing Dongfang Muxue’s clear analysis of the relationship between them, Song Qingshu felt a slight sense of loss.

Dongfang Muxue hesitated, in the end, she still didn’t tell Song Qingshu that when he brought her to touch the clouds in the sky, she made up her mind that he would be the only one for her in this life. After all, Dongfang Muxue used to lead one of the largest factions in the Central Plains, she was not like those little girls who were full of fantasies about romance. She had her own pride, and was also clears about the boundaries between intellect and emotion.

Song Qingshu dispelled all the messy thoughts in his mind, quickly recovered his smile, and stretched out his hand to hug her, “In this case, don’t you think we are not close enough?”

Dongfang Muxue spat, slipped her footsteps, and gracefully dodged his evil claws, “Why are you in so much hurry? When I told you to go to the Tibetan Tantric factions to learn the Joyful Meditation Method, I knew that sooner or later, I would inevitably have to so that…with you. I think you should’ve realized it as well.”

Song Qingshu nodded, “That’s right, during the battle of the Forbidden City, you were injured by Feng Qingyang’s innate sword energy, and Zhang Wuji’s sneak attack in the Sun Moon Holy Cult made your injuries even worse. Under normal circumstances, it’d be hard for you to get your strength back even if you recuperated for ten years.”

“I didn’t allow you to use the Joyful Meditation Method to heal my wounds before. It was because your martial arts realm was not strong enough. Now…” Dongfang Muxue hesitated to speak, “Looking at your realm at the moment, there should be no problems.”

“There is one. My inner demon is almost ready to cause problems.” Song Qingshu smiled wryly.

“Inner demon?” Dongfang Muxue was stunned.

Only then did Song Qingshu tell her the legends of the Joyful Meditation Method, and at the same time, he told her about the sudden loss of control when he was with Concubine Tong the first time.

With Dongfang Muxue’s accomplishments in martial arts, she quickly understood what was going on, and a smile couldn’t help but appear on her cheeks, “If there was no check and balance, then all the men in the world would run to practice this crazy method, and in the end, it would be a disaster for the women of the whole world.”

“You’re still in the mood to joke around…” Song Qingshu said gloomily, “When I think that someday I will burn myself with lu*st and explode to death, I feel that life in the future is so grimm.”

“According to what you said, it should be that the more Joyful Qi you have in your body, the less you can control your desires, and once you are driven by desire, it would lead to copulation with a woman, and that would increase the Joyful Qi in your body even more, leading to a vicious circle, isn’t it?” Dongfang Muxue pursed her lips and smiled.

“It should be like that.” Song Qingshu looked frustrated. He could clearly feel that his desire had become much stronger recently. He thought it was because of the three thousand beauties in the harem, which had awakened some evil thoughts in him.

“Actually, you don’t have to worry too much…” Dongfang Muxue comforted, “In my opinion, it’s easy to solve this problem.”

“What can I do?” Song Qingshu was immediately overjoyed. With Dongfang Muxue’s martial arts realm, maybe she could really solve this problem!

“When you feel that your True Qi has reached the critical point, you can find…a woman with serious internal injuries, and follow the dual cultivation of the Joyful Meditation Method. After that, part of your True Qi will transfer to that woman, and the greater the gap you have in internal strength, the more obvious the effect will be. As long as you always keep your True Qi at a safe threshold, there would be no risk.”

“It really seems to be the case when you say it like that…” Song Qingshu snorted, “But there were so many talented and wise people in the Tantric way, why didn’t they use this method to suppress their inner demons?”

“It’s because they were too smart, they didn’t want to do things that would lessen their strengths.” Dongfang Muxue sneered, “The people of Wulin regard their own internal strength as their own life, and they had worked hard to develop their own internal strength, so they were not willing to let others take advantage of their hard work. Only you are an exception, in that you don’t really care about it.” After speaking, Dongfang Muxue couldn’t help showing a hint of appreciation on her face.

Song Qingshu was very clear about his own personal values. He was a person who came from the modern society, so unlike other people who were subtly influenced by the environment of Wulin since they were a child, he naturally didn’t care much about the puritan ways of the martial artists, and it was the same for the matter of giving his internal strength to the woman he was intimate with. He didn’t feel it was something wrong.

“If that’s the case, let’s heal.” Song Qingshu suddenly approached Dongfang Muxue with a sly face, and gently tugged at her sleeve.

“I said not now.” Dongfang Muxue snorted, and calmly moved a little to the side.

“Why? Ah…” Song Qingshu suddenly put on a painful expression, “I feel the Qi in my body overloading, and my meridians are about to burst!”

Dongfang Muxue gave him a look, and angrily said, “Although my martial arts skills were greatly damaged, my eyesight is still there. Now your pulse is stable and your breathing is light. There is no sign of a inner demon.”

“You saw through it…” Song Qingshu smiled sheepishly, “Why not do it now?”

Dongfang Muxue blushed at the question, hesitated for a while, and could only say, “I want you to be in the best condition when we do it. You just fought fiercely with Zhou Zhiruo last night…” Dongfang Muxue didn’t finish speaking, but the meaning of the expression was self-evident.

No matter how thick-skinned Song Qingshu was, it made him so choked up that he couldn’t speak, so he stood there in embarrassment.

“How about we continue the disguise?” The two remained silent for a while, and Dongfang Muxue whispered.

“Okay, okay!” Song Qingshu hurriedly nodded as if he had been pardoned.


For the next few days, Song Qingshu and Dongfang Muxue stayed in the room. One taught with all his heart, and the other studied hard. After all, there couldn’t be any mistakes in this plan.

When Dongfang Muxue finally succeeded in disguising herself as Kangxi, she was extremely excited. Looking back at her life, she had very few moments of happiness, and this certainly counted as one of them.

While she was indeed happy, Dongfang Muxue was not satisfied with only changing her face into Kangxi, she began to try to change into other people, such as Zhou Zhiruo, Xia Qingqing, and even Song Qingshu…

“It’s only now that I realize why you wanted to teach this to me.” Dongfang Muxue suddenly took off her mask and stared at Song Qingshu with a strange expression.

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