Chapter 308: The demoness in distress

The internal force behind this Buddha’s Call was incomparably majestic, as it was able to make an ordinary sound have no less effect than the Lion’s Roar!

Everyone in the inn felt their hearts tremble.

The two Xuanming Elders also stopped attacking, frowned and turned around to guard against any sudden attacks. Although Li Mochou was able to escape, her pink face became even paler than before.

Soon a great monk in a yellow cassock walked in with a Zen Staff. This man seemed to be middle-aged, but his face was smooth as jade, his appearance was dignified, and had a pair pair of calm eyes. His demeanor made everyone in the inn feel on their toes.

“I don’t know what advice this master has for us?” Although Lu Zhangke was a little worried about this monk, but when he teamed up with his junior brother, there were very few in the world who could contend with them, and his words were quite rude after being interrupted by the other party.

A trace of anger flashed in the eyes of the great monk, but it quickly disappeared without a trace. He looked at the rude man and called out the Bud*ha’s name again, then said, “I don’t dare to give any advice, it’s just about this female benefactor who was being besieged by two benefactors. This poor monk has been looking for her for many days. So please let this poor monk subdue this female devil.”

“Senior brother, I have long heard about the filth and evil hidden in the Bud*hist Temples of Ch*na. Now that I see it, it really deserves its reputation.” He Biweng smiled and winked at the great monk, “This master is pursuing this Taoist nun. She is indeed quite charming and beautiful, it must have moved the master’s heart. A monk matches a Taoist nun, a nun matches a monk, it’s so wonderful, hahaha…”

Lu Zhangke also laughed cooperatively, the face of the great monk on the opposite side turned blue, and he shouted in a deep voice, “Hmph! Where did these two fools come from?”

The Xuanming Elders, didn’t feel offended, they smiled and said, “Great Monk, everything should be taken on a first-come-first-served basis. We saw this beautiful Taoist nun first. However, we are quite generous, so it’s not impossible for you to get a share later. So don’t rush to jump in line.”

Li Mochou’s face turned frosty. If an ordinary man dared to speak such foul words towards her, she would have already made sure that his fate was worse than death. But now, whether it was the Xuanming Elders or the great monk, their martial arts were far superior to hers, so she could only wait and see what happens.

“Your mouth is full of obscenities, the Bud*ha’s wrath can also be like a lion’s roar, and this poor monk is not that talented, so I really might not be able to restrain my anger…” The great monk raised his eyebrows and muttered to himself, and everyone in the inn could only hear some vague fragments of what he said. Then he suddenly raised his hand, and a burst of hot True Qi shot out from his sleeve.

The martial arts practiced by the Xuanming Elders was of the cold Yin nature, and they were extremely afraid of this kind of Yang Qi. They didn’t dare to directly face the attack, and hurriedly dodged to the sides. The attack left a circle of scorched black marks on the place where they were standing before.

“Animitta Kalpa Finger?” Seeing the great monk making a move, Song Qingshu let out a sigh. 

The Animitta Kalpa Finger was a unique skill belonging to Shaolin. In the current world, apart from Shaolin Master Xuanbei, only Tubo’s Jiumozhi had mastered it. Master Xuanbei had died at the hands of Jiumozhi in Shenjie Temple in Dali, so who was this great monk in front of him?

“The Animitta Kalpa Finger!” The Xuanming Elders have been active in the Wulin for many years, and they were naturally familiar with many unique knowledge of martial arts. Seeing that this great monk was using one of Shaolin’s unique skills, they were secretly startled, and their tone also became more respectful, far less presumptuous than it was just now, “Dare to ask the master his dharma name, which one of the eminent monks from the Shaolin Temple are you?”

The great monk snorted. Just moments ago, the two Xuanming Elders seemed to be extremely insolent, but now they were being courteous and respectful. But he still found this situation advantageous, “This poor monk’s dharma name is Xuancheng.”

“So it’s an eminent monk of the Xuan generation!” 

The current abbot of Shaolin Temple was Xuanci and since the other party was of the same generation as the abbot, his martial arts wouldn’t be much weaker. So the attitude of the two Xuanming Elders became even more respectful. (G: The Shaolin monks had unique generation titles in different eras. It hepls to identify which generation they are from.)

“Xuancheng?” On the other hand, Monk Jinlun was startled, so he got up and asked, “May I ask, is the master one of the Thirteen Absolute Monks known as the number one martial artist in Shaolin Temple in two hundred years?”

As soon as Jinlun Fawang reminded them, the two Xuanming Elders suddenly remembered a legend in the martial arts world. The seventy-two unique skills of Shaolin Temple were extensive and profound, and it was absolutely impossible for anyone to master all of the seventy-two skills.

Decades ago, Shaolin gave birth to a martial arts prodigy who actually mastered thirteen unique skills! 

It could be said that there have never been anyone like him since ancient times and will never be one again. It’s just that there were rumors that he had gone mad during his practice, and had lost all his his martial arts. 

‘Could it be him?’

The great monk looked at Monk Jinlun, and a strange look flashed in his eyes, then he said, “I didn’t expect that there are still people in the Wulin who remember this poor monk.”

Hearing his response, the expressions of the people in the inn were varied, and the guards such as the Divine Arrow Eight Heroes readied their weapons and focused their attention on him. 

The two Xuanming Elders looked at each other, and could see the fear in each others eyes. 

In recent years, Monk Jinlun had felt that his martial arts was the best in the world, so he looked eager to make a move. But he was also afraid that Xuancheng’s fame as Shaolin Temple’s number one martial artist in the past two hundred years would prove to be correct, so he dared not act rashly.

‘The number one martial artist in Shaolin in two hundred years?’ Song Qingshu sneered in his heart, “I don’t believe that he is stronger than the Sweeper Monk.’ 

As a person who had advance knowledge of the original books, and Song Qingshu naturally didn’t believe that great monk Xuancheng would be more powerful than the Sweeper Monk.

“Xuancheng, you bald donkey, you have chased me for thousands of miles, what is the reason for that?” Li Mochou bitterly asked, unlike the silence stance of the rest of the crowd.

“Demoness, you are causing trouble in the world, and killing innocent people indiscriminately. So this poor monk wants to stop you from causing more harm to the people. Originally, according to this poor monk’s temperament, I planned to punish you on the spot, but the brother abbot was merciful and ordered me to arrest you and bring you back to the Shaolin Temple. I allowed you to escape several times before to repent, but this time I’ll see how you can escape!” Master Xuancheng knocked his Zen Staff heavily on the ground, and the floor below shattered to pieces.

During these past few days Xuancheng has been chasing after Li Mochou, but because of Xuanci’s decree, he was unable to kill her many times, and Li Mochou was able to take the opportunity to escape with her excellent movement technique. 

However, Xuancheng’s inner strength was profound, and he would always catch up. Although Li Mochou was able to escape temporarily, if she really wanted to get rid of him, that would be quite impossible.

“There are so many people in the world who are heartless and cruel. I, Li Mochou, only kill when provoked. So why would that stinky donkey send you after me?” Li Mochou showed no trace of fear on her face, which made everyone in the inn admire her courage.

“Master Xuancheng, since you have old grievances, then we brothers will not get involved. Master, please do your own thing.” The Xuanming Elders laughed dryly, and quickly gave up, then returned to the vicinity of their group.

Xuancheng’s eyes turned cold. At first glance, he could tell that the two old men in front of him were not good people but judging from their figure and breathing method, they shouldn’t be weak, not to mention the tall and thin monk beside them. Therefore, Xuancheng also didn’t want to cause more problems for himself.

“Evil woman! You killed dozens of people belonging to Lu Zhanyuan’s family, and you killed innocent people indiscriminately when you were traveling the Wulin. Today, this poor monk will be exacting justice for the heavens!” Xuancheng looked at Li Mochou and scolded angrily, then swung his Zen Staff to strike at her.

Song Qingshu in the distance could feel the True Qi on the Zen Staff, and was startled, ‘They were not all exaggerating when they claimed that this great monk is known as the number one martial artist in Shaolin Temple for two hundred years. I’m afraid no one in the entire Shaolin Temple can use the Evil Suppressing Staff technique this perfectly. It’s so powerful!’

Xuancheng’s blow was indeed very powerful, so Li Mochou naturally didn’t dare to take it head-on, with a touch of her toe, she dodged to the side. The table and chairs where she was just now were quickly smashed to pieces by the Zen Staff.

Xuancheng fought Li Mochou many times, so he had expected her to make this move. This heavy Zen Staff seemed to have a mind of its own, as it moved with the help of the ground’s recoil force, and pursued Li Mochou like a tarsal maggot.

Seeing that there was no way to avoid it, Li Mochou swung her horse tail whisk around the Zen Staff, turned over and fell a few feet away with her strength. That flexible and slender waist made all the men in the field salivate.

‘Tsk tsk, if I could hold that little waist with both hands, it would surely be very refreshing.’ Lu Zhangke licked his lips, and felt his body became hot, but he only dared to say those words in his heart, fearing that if he offended that great monk, it would be another unnecessary trouble.

Naturally, Li Mochou didn’t know what was going on in Lu Zhangke’s mind, as she looked at her trembling right hand with a pale face. Although she managed to escape Xuancheng’s attack just now, Xuancheng was also relentless, and when his Zen Staff trembled, an invisible wave was transmitted, breaking the horse tail whisk in the process. 

Although Li Mochou had quickly let go, her hand still felt numb, and she might not be able use it to fight again in a short time.

Li Mochou didn’t dare to fight head on, and took advantage of the distance between her and Xuancheng, as she used the top quality movement technique, Ascending the Blue Sky from the Ancient Tomb Sect and flew towards the window without hesitation.

Xuancheng’s martial arts was far superior to Li Mochou’s, and he has always been deeply concerned that the other party would escape again, so he had already thought of a countermeasure against it. Seeing that Li Mochou really chose to escape, he threw the Zen Staff at her with all his strength.

Accompanied by the shrill sound of the wind, the Zen Staff shot forward. If Li Mochou continued to flee, she might not be able to escape the fate of being seriously injured and killed by the Zen Staff.

Li Mochou was also aware of that, but she had been rampant in the Wulin for many years, relying not only on martial arts and poisonous needles, but also on her top-notch fighting reflexes. She knew very well that if she failed to escape from Xuancheng’s hands, she would have to spend her life in the temple lighting candles, facing the wall and thinking about her mistakes. So she judged that it would be better to end her life here once and for all.

After weighing the pros and cons, Li Mochou decided to bear the blow of the Zen Staff, and also to take the opportunity to escape if she survived. So she didn’t dodge or evade, and just concentrated her True Qi towards her back, waiting for the impending strike.

Lu Zhangke gasped, with his eyesight, he could tell that Li Mochou’s and Xuancheng’s skills were miles apart. Li Mochou would surely die if she was hit by that staff, so he couldn’t help feeling sorry for such a beautiful Taoist nun. The beautiful flower would disappear just like that. Of course, even if he wanted to save her at the moment, it was still too late.

Zhao Min on the side looked solemn, and Hua Zheng also showed a look of agitation, and they all watched the tragedy happen.


When the Zen Staff was about to hit Li Mochou’s back, a chopstick was suddenly shot from nowhere. After it collided with the Zen Staff, the chopstick immediately shattered, but affected by its force, the Zen Staff also deviated from its original trajectory and flew towards the window.

Li Mochou saw that the Zen Staff that was supposed to be behind her was flying in front of her, and she couldn’t help but turn pale. She tipped her toes, and abruptly stopped her figure, then gracefully turned and landed beside Song Qingshu’s table. 

She suspiciously looked at him, only to find that an extremely handsome man was pouring himself a drink, and the pair of chopsticks by the side of the bowl just happened to be missing. Although she didn’t know what was going on, she still cupped her fists and thanked him, “Thank you, Your Excellency, for your help!”

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