Chapter 309: Demoness

“It’s just a little effort, Miss Li don’t have to worry about it.” Song Qingshu put down his wine cup, smiled faintly, and watched Li Mochou from a close distance.

She had a pink face and peachy cheeks, full chest and straight waist, and with such a tall figure, there must be a pair of straight long legs under the loose Taoist robe. She was really a stunning beauty!

‘According to the original novels, her beauty should be no less than Xiao Longnu, and now I see her, sure enough, what the books said was indeed true!’

Li Mochou felt quite uncomfortable standing there and being swept all over by Song Qingshu’s gaze. If an ordinary man looked at her like that, she would have him attacked already. However, this young mans eyes were warm, and there was more appreciation in his eyes than lu*st, not to mention that Li Mochou found it hard to feel disgusted just after he rescued her, so she just quietly stood in place.

But Li Mochou had never been looked at by a man in such way for many years, so her face inevitably got a little hot, and her cheeks soon turned a bit red.

After such a change, the eyes of the entire inn focused on Song Qingshu, and everyone had different expressions.

Monk Jinlun’s face changed slightly, as if he was struck with a thunderbolt. Although he was confident that he himself could counter the attack, but he didn’t expect that this young man could knock away that Zen Staff weighing tens of catties with just a chopstick. And his grasp over the accuracy of strength was really terrifying!

Only now did Zhao Min clearly see Song Qingshu’s appearance, and she couldn’t help being taken aback for a moment, and let out a light sigh, with a look of astonishment on her face, “Why is it him?”

“Minmin, do you know him?” Hua Zheng felt that the young man had a special air of calmness and majesty, and when she heard Zhao Min muttering to herself, she couldn’t help but look at her curiously.

“We can be regarded as acquaintances.” Zhao Min had not yet recovered from the shock, “It’s strange, why does he seem completely different now?”

Song Qingshu used to have the nickname Jade-Faced Mengchang, and his appearance was naturally very charming and handsome, but he used to be very narrow-minded in the past, which led to him having a gloomy and unruly look on his face. 

But the current Song Qingshu’s martial arts had gotten higher and higher, and his heroic nature had been awakened by Ouyang Feng’s words, which caused his temperament to go through a drastic change. He had become more restrained, and more elegant.

“Amitabha, who is the benefactor? Why do you want to save this demoness?” Seeing that Song Qingshu’s chopsticks had knocked his Zen Staff into the air, Xuancheng was very surprised. There’re weren’t many people in the Wulin who could be his match.

Unexpectedly, he got to meet so many masters in a small inn. Those two wretched-looking old men, and the fan monk with the big wheel, although not as strong as him, they weren’t that far behind. But the young man in front of him, who looked only in his twenties, gave him an unfathomable feeling. 

‘When did the world have such a powerful young man?’

“I’m just a passer-by. When I saw that this Miss was about to lose her life, I couldn’t bear to let it happen, so I provided some help. I hope the master will forgive me.”

All the people in the world knew that he had failed to assassinate Kangxi and died, so Song Qingshu knew that his identity was sensitive at the moment, so he didn’t want to reveal his name.

Seeing that Song Qingshu refused to answer, Xuancheng’s face flashed with a trace of green, and he quickly sifted through the list of young masters in the Wulin in his mind, constantly guessing the identity of the man in front of him, ‘Qiao Feng? His appearance does not match the age. Young Master Murong? His martial arts is not this high. Could it be that person?’

“It turns out to be the Master Zhang of Ming Cult, why are you hiding it?” Xuancheng sneered.

Song Qingshu couldn’t help laughing, and turned to look at Zhao Min, “Even if I am willing to be the lover of the Princess, she probably won’t agree.”

Seeing Song Qingshu’s frivolous words, Zhao Min suddenly became angry, she coldly snorted, grabbed a bow and arrow from the guard’s quiver, and shot it at Song Qingshu.

Because of Zhao Min’s noble background, many top martial arts masters had taught her martial arts, so she was also quite adept at archery. Even the arrow she had casually shot, was no less than an arrow shot by a warrior in the army.

With Song Qingshu’s current realm, he naturally didn’t fear some measly arrow. He calmly raised his hand, firmly clamping the arrow with his two fingers, and said, “Master Xuancheng, you have seen it all. I can’t be him unless Mongolia has a custom of shooting arrows as a show of affection.”

Zhao Min’s face turned cold, and she was about to explode, but suddenly she smiled, as if ice and snow had just melted, “Young Master Song, was haven’t seen each other for a while, but I didn’t expect your martial arts to progress so quickly, it seems that the Wudang’s martial arts is really broad and profound.”

‘What a vicious woman!’

Song Qingshu smiled wryly. 

For many years, Shaolin and Wudang had been at odds. For one thing, the Shaolin Temple thought that Zhang Sanfeng was a Shaolin traitor and Wudang’s martial arts were learned secretly from the Shaolin Temple. 

Of course, the people in the Wudang Sect were not happy with such accusations. The martial arts they learned were obviously Zhang Sanfeng’s creations. 

Secondly, Zhang Cuishan was forced to death by Shaolin Temple, and at the same time, Yu Daiyan was cut off from his whole body by the powerful Vajra Finger of Shaolin Temple. So although the two factions were both famous and authentic martial arts factions, their relationship has always been very tense.

Xuancheng was obsessed with practicing martial arts, and after hearing that Wudang Sect’s Zhang Sanfeng’s martial arts were superb, coupled with the deep-rooted dispute between their factions, he always had the idea of ​​going up to Wudang Mountain to meet him for a spar.

Hearing Zhao Min expose Song Qingshu’s identity as a disciple of the Wudang Sect, Xuancheng sneered, “It turns out that you are the disciple of that Shaolin traitor, no wonder you are so defiant!”

As soon as this remark came out, the atmosphere in the inn suddenly became tense. 

Zhao Min also didn’t expect Xuancheng to be so merciless. Zhang Sanfeng was someone who was highly respected throughout the Wulin, but this man directly called him a Shaolin traitor! 

Now, if Song Qingshu, as a Wudang disciple, failed to take back the face of his grandmaster, he would never be able to lift his head.

Sure enough, Song Qingshu’s expression changed. Although he had no feelings for the Wudang Sect, and he had already been expelled from Wudang by Zhang Sanfeng, he could never truly get rid of his connection to the Wudang Sect.

“This Song is not that knowledgeable, but even I know that Shaolin martial arts emphasizes the use of Buddhism to resolve the demon in one’s nature. The higher the Dharma, the higher the martial arts. As a Buddhist disciple, you have no compassion, and your words are full of greed, hatred and ignorance. You are truly unworthy of being a high-ranking monk of the Xuan line.” Song Qingshu’s tone was flat, but in contrast, onlookers really felt that Xuancheng was quite inferior.

Hearing Song Qingshu’s remark Xuancheng was inexplicably surprised, wondering why this young man’s words were exactly the same as what that person from the Buddhist Scripture Pavilion had said? 

But Song Qingshu was young, so Xuancheng didn’t believe that he really had such insight. He judged that Song Qingshu was just a blind cat who met a dead mouse, so he just snorted, “Wudang is known as a famous and decent faction, but you are greedy for beauty, and you rescued Li Mochou, this demoness for her beauty. With a disciple like this, one can see the nature of the Wudang Sect.” (G: Idiom, meaning: coincidence.)

Hearing what Xuancheng said, Xia Qingqing grabbed Song Qingshu angrily, and Li Mochou stood still in embarrassment, but Song Qingshu himself remained very calm, “Firstly, this Song is no longer a disciple of Wudang Sect, that Princess Shaomin can testify for me.” He raised his hand to point at Zhao Min, but all he got was a coquettish snort.

Song Qingshu didn’t take it seriously, and continued, “Secondly, Great Monk, which eye of yours saw that I was greedy for beauty and saved Daoist Li because of that?”

“Just now, you stared at that wicked girl’s whole body, everyone in the room saw it.” There was no lack of ridicule in Xuancheng’s tone.

“I can testify for Master Xuancheng on this point.” Zhao Min joined in to add to the chaos, “From the look Young Master Song gave Daoist Li just now, it was almost if he really wanted to strip…”

Halfway through the speech, Zhao Min deliberately stopped talking, but her meaning was self-evident. Seeing that their master had spoken, the two Xuanming Elders, added even more embellishments, accompanied by wanton and obscene laughter.

Li Mochou was so angry that she trembled all over, and even though she was worried about the disparity between their martial arts, she still couldn’t help but tremble slightly and got ready to strike. 

At this moment, Song Qingshu lightly pressed her shoulder and slightly shook his head at her.

She has always kept herself clean since she started traveling the Wulin, not to mention being in contact with men, even if a man looked at her more than once, Li Mochou probably would’ve shot him blind. However, at this moment, when Song Qingshu put his hand on her shoulder, she didn’t get angry for the first time. Feeling the heat from the palms on her shoulders, Li Mochou suddenly felt a shyness befitting a young girl.

Seeing that Li Mochou had gradually calmed down, Song Qingshu just looked at Xuancheng and said, “I have a story here, and I hope the Great Monk can comment on it.”

Everyone in the inn was puzzled, but Song Qingshu just continued to say, “Once upon a time there was an old monk traveling with a young monk. They encountered a river on the way. They also saw a woman who wanted to cross the river but did not dare to cross it. The old monk took the initiative to carry the woman across the river. After crossing the river, he put the woman down and continued on the road with the little monk. The little monk couldn’t help thinking all the way: ‘What happened to Master? How dare he carry a woman across the river?’ Walking, and thinking all the way, he finally couldn’t help it, and asked: Master, you violated the precepts. Why did you carry a woman on your back? The old monk sighed: I have already put her down, but you still can’t let her go!”

Song Qingshu stopped talking, but everyone in the scene understood what he meant. 

Thinking that he was comparing Master Xuancheng, the most dignified Shaolin master in two hundred years, to the young monk who couldn’t let go, they all showed a hint of amused smiles.

“Young Master Song speaks eloquently, but unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, you can’t cover up the fact that you rescued Li Mochou, a demoness.” Seeing that Xuancheng’s bald head had flushed red, Zhao Min suppressed her smile and spoke out to provide some help.

“The princess is quite right. This Song is usually quite restrained, but he has no resistance to demonesses. When I see a demoness, I can’t help but feel pity for her.” Song Qingshu suddenly changed the subject, and he looked at Zhao Min and said, “However, the word “demoness” is really not convincing when the Princess says it. When it comes to being a demoness, who can compare to the Princess?”

Hearing Song Qingshu’s frank confession that he liked demonesses, and then called Zhao Min a demoness, Princess Hua Zheng couldn’t help but chuckle. She leaned over and whispered in Zhao Min’s ear, and pointed to Song Qingshu’s direction with her eyes while talking. 

Zhao Min’s pretty face quickly turned red, then paled.

“Divine Arrow Eight Heroes, shoot him to death!” Zhao Min coldly ordered.

“Yes!” The Divine Arrow Eight Heroes drew the bow without any hesitation. They were all masters of archery, so shooting three arrows at the same time with one bow was no problem for them, and the rate of fire was extremely astonishing. 

After the arrows were shot, the next three arrows were already on the string, without any pause!

Although there were only eight people, a rain of arrows poured down in the direction of Song Qingshu in the blink of an eye.

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