Chapter 310: The demoness’ hairpin

Song Qingshu’s expression froze, he pressed the table with both hands and pulled it up, overturning it and blocking it in front of him. The speed of the wooden table rolling in the air was astonishing, and the arrows that hit it were either knocked away or stuck on it. As a result, all of this terrifying rain of arrows were actually blocked.

While the Divine Arrow Eight Heroes were in a daze, Song Qingshu shot out the remaining chopsticks in his hand.


The chopsticks flew towards Zhao Min with a terrifying and sharp sound of ripping through the air. 

The Mongolian guards turned pale with fright, but the chopsticks were as fast as lightning, and ordinary people couldn’t react at all. Only the masters present in the scene could barely detect it.

The Xuanming Elders and Monk Jinlun were too far away, and it would be too late to rescue Zhao Min even if they wanted to save her. Ah Da, Ah Er and Ah San, who were close to Zhao Min were shocked, and Ah Da subconsciously slashed at the flying chopsticks with his sword.

Before Ah Da entered the Ruyang Palace as a servant, his real name was Fang Dongbai. He was once the head of the top ten elders of the Beggar Gang, nicknamed the Eight Arms Divine Swordsman.

Fang Dongbai had seen that Song Qingshu had easily knocked Xuancheng’s Zen Staff weighing dozens of catties into the air with just a single chopstick. He knew that the internal Qi attached to the chopsticks was not trivial, and he didn’t dare to expect that he would be able to stop it with a single sword. With some clever technique, he just hoped to slightly change the flight trajectory of the chopsticks, so that Zhao Min could escape the catastrophe.

What shattered Fang Dongbai’s heart was the fact that the sword that he was using was broken to pieces, and he could only hope that Ah Er and Ah San behind him would be able to stop the chopstick. Otherwise if something happened to Zhao Min, he was afraid that none of the brothers would have a good ending.

Almost at the same time that Fang Dongbai was swinging his sword, Ah Er and Ah San also reached out to grab the chopstick. They came from Shaolin in the Western Regions, and their Dali Vajra Palms and Dali Vajra Fingers were practiced to the peak. It had reached the level of iron, and even cracking stone was simply as easy as flipping the palm of their hand. Unexpectedly, when they grasped it, they felt a burning pain in the palm of their hand, and even if the two of them worked together, the ultimately failed to stop the chopstick.

The two ignored the bloody line in their palms, and looked towards Zhao Min in fear. 

At the moment, Zhao Min’s face was pale, but there was no external injury on her body. The chopstick was stuck on the pillar behind her, and there was a broken red hairpin hanging on it. As Zhao Min’s personal guard, they naturally knew that the red hairpin was Zhang Wuji’s love token for Zhao Min in the past.

“The subordinate is incompetent, and failed to protect the princess.” Ah Da, Ah Er and Ah San hurriedly knelt down to plead guilty, and the rest of the guards also reacted and pulled out their weapons to guard Zhao Min and Hua Zheng in the middle.

The Xuanming Elders angrily cursed, and jointly rushed towards Song Qingshu. 

Monk Jinlun also secretly broke into a cold sweat. He almost let the two noble ladies die under his nose, but he could see that Song Qingshu was merciful, so he hesitated for a while, and didn’t rush to join the battle, but stood next to Zhao Min And Hua Zheng as a guard.

In the blink of an eye, the three had already fought for several moves. 

Song Qingshu was fighting against two opponents, his palm technique was simple and exquisite, and he didn’t seem to be in a disadvantage in the slightest.

“Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms?” The Xuanming Elders let out a sigh, and became a little concerned about the prestige of the world’s number one palm technique. They really didn’t want to fight with this opponent for a long time, so they decided to take advantage of Song Qingshu’s young age. They began to work together, and planned to end the battle relying on decades of practiced skills to compete with his internal strength.

Xuanming Divine Palm technique was exquisite, not to mention that the Xuanming Elders were proficient in combined strikes, so Song Qingshu was forced to take a step back.

As the three of them stood quietly in the scene, and the faces of the two Xuanming Elders became more and more green, and everyone around them could see strands of blue Qi visible to the naked eye, passing from their arms to Song Qingshu.

“Brother Song!” Seeing Song Qingshu go against two opponents, Xia Qingqing hastily pulled out the Golden Serpent Sword, intending to step forward to help him. But she couldn’t help but hesitate, since it could also attract other Mongolian experts to join the battle.

Li Mochou secretly drew three Frozen Soul Silver Needle from her sleeve, also planning to look for opportunities to help.

After carefully considering the situation in the scene, Song Qingshu frowned, and then said to the two women, “Youyou, Miss Li and you should leave first, we will regroup at the previously agreed place.”

Seeing that Song Qingshu was able to speak calmly even after exerting so much of his internal strength, not only the Xuanming Elders, but also the rest of the people in the inn were shocked.

“Brother Song, I won’t leave. If we die, we will die together!” Xia Qingqing pursed her lips, but her tone was extremely firm.

“Silly girl, it’s not that you don’t know about my martial arts. If I want to leave, who in the world can stop me? If you stay here, I will have to face those masters while protecting you. So maybe the two of us will really become a pair of mandarin ducks on the yellow spring road.” Song Qingshu smiled wryly, and said in a secret voice transmission.

Xia Qingqing’s ears turned red at her lovers words. She was no longer the unruly and willful young lady in the past, so of course she knew the priorities and understood what Song Qingshu said was true. So she nodded and said with loving eyes, “Okay, I will always wait for you there.” 

After finishing speaking, she ran out of the window.

Li Mochou had more experience in the Wulin, and knew that her presence here would not be of any use to the competition of masters at this level. After hesitating for a while, she cupped hands and thanked Song Qingshu, “Thank you for your kindness today, this Li will definitely repay you in the future.” 

After speaking, she also ran out of the window.

“Where do you think you’re going!” Seeing that Li Mochou was about to flee, Xuancheng let out an angry roar, and shot a Animitta Kalpa Finger attack aiming at Li Mochou’s back.

Song Qingshu’s eyes turned cold, and he shook the Xuanming Elders away with his palm. With the help of the counter-shock force, he came between Monk Xuancheng and Li Mochou, and smashed Xuancheng’s Animitta Kalpa Finger away with his fist.

“I’m not a person who doesn’t want his favors repaid. So of course, if Miss Li wants to repay, this Song will be very happy.” Hearing Song Qingshu’s joking words from behind, Li Mochou almost stumbled when she was jumping out of the window sill.

“Great Devil Eradicating Fist, the Nine Yin Scripture?” Xuancheng gasped, stopped his pursuit, and looked at Song Qingshu solemnly.

“Master really deserves to be a Shaolin Temple martial arts prodigy, and you actually recognized a martial art from the Nine Yin Scripture.” Song Qingshu gave him a surprised look, and spoke with a friendly tone.

“You, as a disciple of Wudang, don’t use its own martial arts, but actually use the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms from the Beggar Gang and the Nine Yin Scripture that has been lost for a long time in the Wulin. It can be seen that the Wudang Sects’s martial arts is really not that great.” Xuancheng sneered.

Song Qingshu was at a loss for words for a moment, and the little goodwill he had just felt disappeared without a trace. ‘Was this smelly monk somehow cheated by people from the Wudang Sect before he became a monk?’ 

However, even thought he was no longer a Wudang disciple, and he had to maintain the reputation of the Wudang Sect.

“The Great Monk might not be aware, but this Song made a big mistake in the past, and was expelled from the Wudang Sect by the Grandmaster. I no am no longer a disciple of Wudang, and really dare not use any Wudang martial arts. Otherwise, with Wudang’s Pure Yang Infinite Skill, and Taiji Swordplay, or Taiji Fist, it wouldn’t be a problem to match the unique skills of the eminent monks of the Shaolin Temple.”

According to the rules of the world, what Song Qingshu said was reasonable, and no one could force him to use Wudang martial arts to fight against the enemy. 

Xuancheng felt very regretful, and suddenly felt that fighting Song Qingshu had no real advantages, as defeating him wouldn’t really damage the Wudang Sect’s reputation. What’s more, the martial arts he showed was really unfathomable. In case of a draw or even a loss, where would be put his face?

Xuancheng silent stood in place, his expression constantly changing.

The Xuanming Elders on the other side were shaken away by Song Qingshu’s palm strike. They felt their blood rush up and suffered a lot of internal injuries. 

In fact, this was their own fault. In the past, the two of them had suffered defeat under Zhang Wuji’s hands for the same reason. They thought that it was impossible for another youth to develop the same incomparably vast inner Qi as Zhang Wuji, but the reality slapped them hard. If not for their misguided preconceptions, even if they lost, they wouldn’t have been injured so quickly.

Lu Zhangke and He Biweng each drew their weapons. 

They were famous for their Xuanming Divine Palm, and except for dealing with Zhang Wuji, no one in the Ruyang Palace had ever seen them use their weapons— a Deer Head Short Staff, and a Crane Beak Double Brush. They were strange weapons, with extremely strange moves, and combined with the occasional cold Qi from the Xuanming Divine Palm, even Zhang Wuji, who was so successful at the beginning, almost faced defeat.

The scene where the two Xuanming Elders suffered a loss fell into the eyes of the two noble ladies, and their expressions became a little bit uneasy. 

The two Xuanming Elderswere about to run up and fight Song Qingshu again, but Zhao Min’s faint voice made them stop, ” Master Lu, Master He, you can stop for now. I heard that Shaolin Temple is the ideal in the orthodox martial arts when it comes to upholding justice. Master Xuancheng is about to punish the accomplices of the demoness Li Mochou. It would not be proper for us to interfere in his duty.”

Just as Zhao Min recovered from the shock, she noticed Xuancheng’s expression, and realized that it would be impossible to use the conflict between Shaolin and Wudang to provoke a fight between Monk Xuancheng and Song Qingshu, so she shifted the topic to Li Mochou.

If there was only Xuancheng and Song Qingshu in the inn, even if Song Qingshu rescued Li Mochou, their confrontation would’ve just ended with a spar, and there would be no real fight.

But now that Zhao Min was present with her forces, if Xuancheng allowed Song Qingshu to rescue Li Mochou and ignored it, the reputation of the Shaolin Temple would be ruined in case the information was spread by Zhao Min’s subordinates.

Xuancheng may be a martial idiot, but he was not an idiot. He knew Zhao Min was borrowing a knife to kill someone, but he had no choice but to jump into the trap. What’s more, he was confident that his martial arts was world-class, and felt that it wouldn’t be difficult for him to defeat Song Qingshu first and then turn back to Zhao Min to settle the score. So he laughed out loud, “Well, I have heard for a long time that the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms of the Beggar Gang is the best palms technique in the world. This poor monk will then use the Prajna Palm, which is the number one palm technique in Shaolin Temple, to match it.”

Without waiting for Song Qingshu’s reply, Xuancheng attacked with a palm strike.

“Minmin, I can see that Master Xuancheng’s palm strike is slow and light, and doesn’t seem to have much strength. Why does that Young Master Song keep dodging it like he is facing something dangerous?”

After watching for a while, Princess Hua Zheng couldn’t help turning her head to ask Zhao Min.

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