Chapter 31: Snowy Mountain Sword Art vs Shadowless Fist

“I say Master Ding, you have been suffering here for so many years, even if you are not tired, the lord has gotten quite tired of all this.” Song Qingshu looked at Ding Dian in the hall and deliberately said, “Just say it and get it all over with.”

“Bah!” Ding Dian gave Song Qingshu a vicious look.

The look in Ding Dian’s eyes made Song Qingshu’s heart tremble. He gave him a thumbs up in his head and thought, ‘Great work! This guy could win an Oscar for his acting skills.’

“Beat him.” Ling Tuisi sneered a few times. All that torture for so many years was proving to be useless. Now he was losing his patience. He ordered the execution of the punishment out of habit.

“Puff puff puff!” The stick fiercely fell on Ding Dian’s body without stopping, and the sound of flesh getting hit filled the room. Ding Dian did not say a word, he just silently endured it. He also didn’t dare to resist it with his strength, for fear of being found out by Ling Tuisi. This kind of normal skin trauma was nothing to him. If he circulated some true Qi for a few moments after going back to the cell, the injury would heal naturally.

“Father, please don’t force Big Brother Ding!” At this time, a female voice came from behind. It made Ding Dian tremble all over, and he swiftly turned his head in excitement. It was indeed Ling Shuanghua that he had been thinking about day and night.

In the hall, Ling Tuisi was shocked and angry. He raised his finger to point at Ling Shuanghua and said, “Why are you here? Have you forgotten the vow you made at that time!”

“This daughter has never forgotten.” Ling Shuanghua walked over to help Ding Dian and turned around. “Fortunately, this daughter has been enlightened by an expert and realized that my mother has done good all her life, and now I am certain that she has reached the Western Paradise (Sukhavati), so she will naturally not suffer in the afterlife.”

Ling Tuisi’s expression changed drastically, and he stared fiercely at Song Qingshu. At this moment, there was a loud bang, the door was knocked apart, and a soldier vomited blood and was thrown in.

“There are assassins!” The stern voice coming from outside made the hearts of everyone in the room jump.

There were sounds of fighting and blades, Ling Tuisi’s guards couldn’t resist for long, and were steadily getting forced back. Soon a few men dressed as swordsmen rushed in, when they noticed Ling Tuisi on the main seat, their eyes brightened. And one of them rushed over.

The guards on the left and right of Ling Tuisi pulled out their weapons and faced their assault, which initiated a  bitter fight. Song Qingshu noticed that the swordsmanship of these people were complicated and varied, and Ling Tuisi’s guards fell one by one.

“Father!” Ling Shuanghua anxiously cried out when she saw one of the swordsmen leaping high, and stabbing at Ling Tuisi with a sword.

Ding Dian really loved Ling Shuanghua to the extreme. And, he couldn’t bear her slight grievance. When he saw this, he was shocked. The iron chain on his body broke to pieces. He kicked the ground with his feet, and arrived in front of Ling Tuisi in a hair’s breadth.

The swordsman was taken aback and hurried back to save himself. Regardless of his complicated swordsmanship, Ding Dian aimed straight to the man’s body, changed his fists to claws, and grabbed the opponent’s chest at once. The opponent was caught by him and immediately went limp all over.

Song Qingshu hid behind a pillar and stretched out his head to look, only to see that the person had no breath, he was dead! He took a breath of cold air, and quickly retracted his head, while muttering in his heart, “One dead daoist is better than two live daoist. You can fight all you want. The more chaotic the fight will be, the better. Don’t mind me. Brothers, I haven’t even got to try what martial arts feels like, so I don’t want to die before my wish is fulfilled.”

“Divine Brilliance Scripture and Shadowless Fist? You are Ding Dian!” Several swordsmen in the hall had already cleaned up the remaining guards. When they turned around to see that scene, their leader exclaimed.

It turned out that the Snowy Mountain Sect had specifically investigated all the masters in Jingxiang before coming for this mission, so naturally they also knew about Ding Dian, a powerful martial artist.

The arrow had been shot, and this matter had to end. Now the Snowy Mountain Sect could only hope for a quick fight, otherwise, if the guards outside the mansion reacted, they were afraid that their whole forces would be wiped out. Their leader also understood this quite clearly, “Junior Brother Feng, Uncle Master and the others are almost unable to hold on outside the door. So I will hold him back first, you go and kill Ling Tuisi, then we will retreat.” After speaking, we swung his sword and attacked Ding Dian.

“Huh?” Ding Dian jumped into the air when he saw the sword strike. He immediately noticed that there was a faint chill coming from the blade of that sword, and he realized that this man’s martial arts was much higher than the one just now.  He spotted several other Snowy Mountain Sect members from the corner of his eyes. Their aim was the concealed Ling Tuisi. Ding Dian became anxious in his heart, and kicked a chair over,  temporarily obstructing the way of those few people, and took the opportunity to jump over and stop them.

Ding Dian stopped all four Snow Mountain Sect swordsmen by himself, found a few flaws in their martial art, and sent two of them to their afterlife. As a result, the Snowy Mountain Sect had only two strong martial artists struggling to support them.

Ding Dian knew that the martial arts of these two men were much higher than that of the other Snowy Mountain Sect disciples, and he realized that he couldn’t beat them in a short time. He thought in his heart, and opened his mouth to ask, “Are the two of you called Bai Wanjian and Feng Wanli?”

Bai Wanjian and Feng Wanli became more and more frightened as the battle progressed. This Ding Dian’s martial arts was probably better than their father’s (master). Hearing the constant shouts from a distance, they knew that the mission was impossible to succeed. They glanced at each other, hurriedly attacked with a few sword strikes to force Ding Dian away, and both leaped outside the mansion, “Ding Dian, today’s hatred, the Snowy Mountain Sect will remember it.”

Ding Dian also had no intention of pursuing, and silently returned to Ling Shuanghua. Seeing the painful groaning of the men in the room, Ling Tuisi looked at the two men in the hall with a sullen expression on his face.

Before he could even open his mouth, suddenly all the roof tiles above his head shattered. A black shadow fell from the air, and immediately arrived in front of Ling Tuisi. His left hand grabbed Ling Tuisi’s throat like a tong, and the right hand pressed on his chest. Even if there was a slight movement from the strong palm, it could kill Ling Tuisi.

Song Qingshu, who was hiding behind the pillar, secretly cried out. Wu Liuqi’s arrival at this time might ruin his plan.

Wu Liuqi yelled out loud, “Ding Dian, you have learned my senior brother’s martial skills, then why did you help and protect this enemy who killed my senior brother. Is it because you were fascinated by his daughter’s beauty?”

Song Qingshu’s expression on the side suddenly became a little strange. What beauty does Ling Shuanghua have now? Wu Liuqi had only looked at her graceful figure, and he assumed that she was a great beauty.

“Who are you?” Ding Dian was also taken aback. He and Mei Niansheng spent a very short time together. He didn’t know that he still had a little Uncle Master.

“Mei Niansheng is my senior, who do you think I am?” Wu Liuqi said angrily when he realized that Ding Dian didn’t even know him.

“Wu Liuqi, the beggar in the snow, it’s normal for Master Ding to not know you.” With a nice female voice, Huang Rong slowly walked in. It turned out that Huang Rong and her party quickly realized that something was wrong with the sound of fighting coming from the prefect’s mansion. When they swiftly ran over, they happened to encounter Wu Liuqi grabbing Ling Tuisi.

“Leader Huang…” Wu Liuqi’s expression turned a little ugly when he saw Huang Rong’s figure.

“Elder Wu, it was excusable for you to leave the Beggars’ Sect that day, but why are you now helping the Mongol to assassinate our Song court official?” Huang Rong asked indifferently. 

It turned out that when Huang Rong followed her husband in Xiangyang for many years, she treated the Beggars’ Sect only as a tool. She neglected its management, and during the years of the Song-Mongolian war, the Beggars’ Sect was made to help and suffered heavy casualties. This caused dissatisfaction with some members. They felt that Huang Rong was selfish and dragged them into the struggle between countries. Many people were also really worried about the future. In addition, Huang Rong was a female leader, so there were more and more complaints among the members.

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  1. What an idiot. And the daughter as well. Her father forced her to make a vow that would make her mother be tormented forever in the after life if she saw the love of her life, just let that sink in how evil it is. And she is a stupid girl that wants to protect her fuckass of a father, and he is a fucking simp like CAET said… How much were you tortured and for how long? Blegh, yuck. Yuck yuck yuck. That sound reminds me of some dude with a weird as laughter xD

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