Chapter 32: The situation of the Beggars’ Sect

The Beggars’ Sect was known as one of the largest sects in the world. But, although they had a large number of members, the organization was very loose in its structure. Huang Rong soon realized that there were many people with varied intentions, and it was only a matter of time before the Beggars’ Sect split up. In order to avoid the devastation caused by the great turmoil, Huang Rong took the initiative to propose a method of divide and conquer.

She led a part of the force to guard Xiangyang. Many of the Beggars were from the Yanzhao area. They had always been homesick. Some of them wanted to participate in the national struggle and another just wanted to be in the Wulin. Huang Rong simply appointed Wang Jiantong, the leader of one group, as the leader of the first faction. On the other hand, she appointed Shi Huolong as the leader of another faction and let them wander the Wulin as they pleased.

Everyone was greatly satisfied with this action. Wang Jiantong and Shi Huolong got the name of the sect leader. Since they got what they wanted, they wouldn’t have any dissatisfaction and naturally won’t cause trouble.

For Huang Rong,  the situation where the sect would split was a foregone conclusion, so she made a decisive decision. Rather than let the two of them rise up, and let both sides tear their faces, it was better to personally give them the name of the sect leader. In this way, the positions of the two sect leaders would be given by her. Although the three of them would be sect leaders, and they seemed to be equal, but In the hearts of everyone in the Beggar’s Sect, her status had suddenly become lofty, and her prestige had risen instead of decreasing.

Moreover, after this division, her strength did not decrease that much, instead she eliminated some of her confidential problems over the years, and was able to help her husband guard Xiangyang more steadily.

In addition, the two branches that were divided worked hard for years to come. Specifically, the Hebei branch had produced the hero, Qiao Feng. Under his leadership, the reputation of the Beggar’s Sect of the Hebei branch had become one of the best in Wulin. He became the rudder of the Beggar’s Sect. But unfortunately, for various reasons, Qiao Feng left the Beggar’s Sect and became the king of the southern courtyard of the Khitan. Due to his departure the Hebei line was never as strong as it was before.

With the assistance of the elder Chen Youliang, Shi Huolong, the sect leader of the other branch, recruited many martial artists from the Wulin, and now his reputation in the Jiangnan Wulin even surpassed that of the Xiangyang headquarters.

Wu Liuqi belonged to the Jiangnan branch, but due to a dispute of opinion, he injured another elder and was expelled from the sect. Although Huang Rong was no longer their direct leader, he had seen her in Xiangyang before. Huang Rong had also paid attention to matters in the Beggar’s Sect, so she knew that Wu Liuqi was expelled from the sect.

Wu Liuqi was frightened by Huang Rong’s prestige, he hesitated immediately, but when he thought of his senior brother, he gritted his teeth and said, “Leader Huang, this subordinate also knows that Ling Tuisi is related to the logistics of Xiangyang, but this person killed my senior brother for a treasure. So, this subordinate must take revenge for him!” After he finished speaking, he prepared to break Ling Tuisi’s neck.

Ling Shuanghua exclaimed, and at this time an urgent voice came from behind the pillar, “Mei Niansheng was killed by the traitor Wan Zhenshan!”

Wu Liuqi looked back and saw Song Qingshu helplessly walk out.

There was no other option for him but to come out. If Ling Tuisi was killed by Wu Liuqi, no one knew what Ling Shuanghua would do, and his chance of acquiring the Divine Brilliance Scripture could be ruined. Even if Ling Shuanghua was discouraged and followed Ding Dian to go far away. In Dian Dian’s opinion, he didn’t play any role in it at all, so why should he give him the Divine Brilliance Scripture?

Song Qingshu sorted out his thoughts and spread out his hands, “Hero, be merciful and see clearly. I don’t have any martial arts, and my weak arms and legs can’t stand even a weak slap from anyone present here. Please don’t try to attack on a whim. That’s great.”

Huang Rong smiled sweetly, but Wu Liuqi was a little impatient to hear his bullshit, “If you have something to say, then quickly speak!”

Song Qingshu was not worried, and quickly said, “Mei Niansheng was killed by his three apprentices Wan Zhenshan, Yan Daping, and Qi Changfa. You must be wondering how the insignificant martial arts of the three of them hurt your senior? I will tell you, it was Qi Changfa who pretended to be loyal to the master, he went behind Mei Niansheng and stabbed him with a sword. Mei Niansheng was seriously injured, and the three of them succeeded in their vile plot.”

Wu Liuqi was a little dizzy after hearing all the info dump, but he finally understood, and looked at Ding Dian suspiciously, “Is that really the case?”

Ding Dian glanced at Song Qingshu and nodded, “All that he said is true, I saved my master who fell into the water and got the true details from the master himself.”

“If you don’t believe him, you can take a look at the appearance of this lady.” At this time, Ling Shuanghua also spoke up and unwrapped her veil. The scarlet scars on her face made everyone in the hall take a deep breath, and Ling Shuanghua smiled sadly, “Do you think Big Brother Ding will be fascinated by my ‘beauty’?”

Ding Dian felt a pain in his heart and gently held her hands, “Shuanghua, no matter what you become, in my heart you will always be the beautiful girl I met at the Chrysanthemum Festival.”

Huang Rong glanced at the two in surprise. She did hear before that Miss Ling refused to marry Master Lu in Xiangyang for another man, and even disfigured herself to show her determination. Today, when she saw them, she realized just how deep their love was.

At that time, Wu Liuqi didn’t know that Song Qingshu was present when he attacked Wan Zhenshan. For a while, he did not know how to face Huang Rong, his former sect leader. He let out a loud cry, released Ling Tuisi, and flew out through the window.

Ling Tuisi sat down with a dark face, touched his neck with one hand, and pointed at Ding Dian with the other, “Capture this felon down to me.” The soldiers who came drew out their sabers and surrounded Ding Dian.

Huang Rong couldn’t figure out the grievances between the two for a while. She guessed whether the reason for Ling Tuisi’s deep hatred was that his daughter was ruined by Ding Dian, so he wanted to deal with him. With a conflicted mind, Huang Rong had to stand aside and watch the changes.

Song Qingshu took a long sigh and finally had the chance to act according to his own script. Now was the perfect time for him to appear on the stage.

“Master Ling, I have something to tell you.” Song Qingshu bowed respectfully.

Thinking of being saved by him just now, Ling Tuisi’s expression calmed down, “Scholar Song, please say.”

“Although this Ding Dian is hateful, he saved the lord’s life from the hands of the Snowy Mountain Sect just now.” Song Qingshu laughed a little strangely. “His attitude just now shows that he and Miss Ling really love each other. I dare to suggest here, why don’t you make the right decision and allow them to be together?”

Ding Dian couldn’t help but sneer. If Ling Tuisi was that easy to convince, would he and Shuanghua suffer for so many years.

But what made everyone’s eyes fall to the ground was that Ling Tuisi hesitated for a moment before actually saying, “Okay!”

Ding Dian and Ling Shuanghua looked at each other in disbelief, and Ling Tuisi continued to say, “Ding Dian, this official will betroth Shuanghua to you today, and you must treat her well in the future. The grievances between us are really hard to forget. So, I never want to see you anymore. Go away. The farther you go, the better!”

Song Qingshu noticed that Ding Dian was stunned, and angrily said, “Won’t you pay respect to your father-in-law?”

Ding Dian knelt down with great joy, and stubbornly kowtowed a few times,”This son-in-law thanks my father-in-law.” At that moment, he only felt that all the torture he had suffered over the years was worth it.

Ling Shuanghua also cried with joy, and then knelt down and reverently kowtowed a few times in order to thank him for his many years of nurturing.

“Hurry up, or I might change my mind at any time. Maybe I will regret it and come to chase you tomorrow.” Ling Tuisi touched his forehead and waved his other hand impatiently.

“Big Brother Ding, take Miss Ling away quickly.” Song Qingshu came over to help Ding Dian, whispered in his ear, and pinched him on his shoulders.

Ding Dian immediately woke up, this Ling Tuisi had too much contrast in character before and after. So something weird must be happening here. He hurriedly pulled Ling Shuanghua and ran out.

Huang Rong on the side looked suspicious and looked up in the hall. When she noticed Ling Tuisi’s muddy eyes and numb expression, her heart jumped, ‘Could it be…’

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  1. Huh? Muddy eyes? In this kind of development, in most of the cases the villain is being drugged. I wonder how Qingshu did it.

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