Chapter 33: Fatal misunderstanding

Huang Rong’s heart jumped, “Is it possible that Master Ling has fallen under some kind of mind control? Similar to the Bewitching Technique of the “Nine Yin Scriptures”?” She was planning to step forward to find out, but when she saw Ding Dian and Ling Shuanghua’s happiness, she hesitated for a moment.

But soon after Huang Rong had this thought, she had another idea. She remembered the incident of Ling Shuanghua’s marriage with the son of the Lu family. It caused a rift between the Lu Ling family and the Ling family. Her brother Jing was focused on national affairs and never considered the affairs of the family, thus she had to make more plans for the family. Their daughter Fu’er had grown up. That son of Lu family was talented in both civil and military, if they were to be married, Lu Wenhuan would definitely not restrict or guard against her brother Jing.

Making up her mind, Huang Rong faintly smiled, and let these few people leave. When Song Qingshu passed by her, Huang Rong lowered her voice and said with a smile, “Scholar Song’s Nine Yin Scripture is well practiced.”

Madame Hu was waiting outside the residence, and their group of four left Jingzhou City overnight. It wasn’t until they stopped at a ruined temple on the outskirts of the city that Song Qingshu breathed a sigh of relief. His back was already soaked in cold sweat. His plan was a great one, but he forgot that Huang Rong had also practiced the Nine Yin Scripture. He didn’t know why she didn’t stop him. ‘It’s all because of my good karma’, Song Qingshu cried out in his heart.

With a light cough, Song Qingshu approached Ding Dian and  Ling Shuanghua, “Master Ding, as promised I have made it possible for you lovers to finally get married. I wish you two a long and happy married life. But I hope you will keep your part of the  promise and will teach me the remaining half of the Divine Brilliance Scripture.”

Ding Dian smiled, “Okay, listen carefully.”

Song Qingshu concentrated his attention and leaned forward, but Ding Dian suddenly struck him with a fist.

Madame Hu felt something was wrong when she noticed that Ding Dian was laughing, so she kept her attention on him. But Ding Dian’s strike was too fast, she had no time to counter, so she could only jump and stand in front of Song Qingshu.

Ding Dian’s fist strike hit Madame Hu on the back, and she snorted and sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

Song Qingshu’s eyes turned bloodshot and he hugged Madame Hu in his arms, only to feel that her body had no strength, as if she had no bones. He didn’t know how badly she was hurt, and then yelled at Ding Dian, “Are you crazy?”

Ding Dian blankly looked at his fist and secretly regretted it, but after hearing the question from Song Qingshu, he couldn’t help but sneer,”Huh, did you really think that you and that villain can conceal your plot from me. I knew about it long ago!”

Song Qingshu was almost dizzy, “Was your brain hit by the door on the way out? I convinced Ling Tuisi to personally marry Miss Ling to you, what else do you want?”

“Yes, Brother Ding, is there any misunderstanding in this?” Ling Shuanghua on the side was also dumbfounded at the current turn of events.

“Shuanghua, you don’t know this man’s sinister heart. That day, when he said that he had a way to unite the two of us, I became suspicious, so I secretly followed him, and found out that all this was indeed a plot cooked up by him and your father. If I let their plan succeed. Once we are out of Jingzhou City, they will stab us in the back!” Ding Dian followed Song Qingshu that day and heard their plan to backstab him and Ling Shuanghua.

Song Qingshu sneered, “Are you an idiot? I went into the Ling Mansion by myself and how else would I succeed if I didn’t make up some lies. How else could Ling Tuisi, that old fox, be fooled by me? Besides, Ling Tuisi wants your Liancheng Swordplay Manual, but I don’t care about that, so why would I need to scheme together with him?” 

Ding Dian was taken aback, and then he remembered that Song Qingshu already knew the secret of “Liancheng Swordplay Manual”, so he really had no motive to cooperate with Ling Tuisi. Recalling the whole thing calmly, he couldn’t help but suddenly realize that he hated himself for being corrupted by Ling Tuisi. After experiencing people’s tricks, he regarded all the people in the world as villains. When he saw Song Qingshu, he subconsciously classified him as having ulterior motives and judged as a villain when he found a little evidence. He didn’t even consider verifying the information.

When Ling Shuanghua saw her lover’s expression, she realized that he had blamed the good guy, so she couldn’t help but squat down to check Madam Hu’s injuries. She saw her pale face and she became so angry that she couldn’t help but cry out, “Big Brother Ding, sister, she’s going to die soon, hurry up! Find a way to save her!”

At this moment Song Qingshu had already gritted his teeth, and his eyes were staring at the two of them with hatred. He also blamed himself. If it wasn’t for him, then his sister-in-law would not be dying now.

As he looked at Ling Shuanghua’s snow-white neck with bloodshot eyes, Song Qingshu’s mind went blank for a moment, and a crazy smile appeared at the corner of his lips. He quietly took out a dagger from his sleeves, and was about to slash at her pink neck as a farewell to his sister-in-law. Kill her…make Ding Dian regret his whole life! As for the retaliation from Ding Dian afterwards, that was no longer important.

“There is a way!” Ding Dian quickly said after hearing Ling Shuanghua’s voice.

Song Qingshu’s heart jumped, he raised his head to look at Ding Dian, his pupils slowly returning to a touch of sanity.

“Then why are you not hurrying to save her?” Ling Shuanghua bitterly said, wondering why her Big Brother Ding suddenly became so slow-witted.

Ding Dian looked hesitant, and finally spoke, “I can save her with the help of the Divine Brilliance Scripture, but Madame Hu was injured very badly. I am afraid that I will need to take off my clothes, and then I will have to inject my true qi into her acupuncture points. This… between a man and woman…it’s not appropriate, I…I…”

Ling Shuanghua flushed when she saw his anxious face. She knew that her lover was a gentleman, and he certainly didn’t want to take advantage of another woman. But, if that was the only way, then it would ruin Madame Hu’s reputation… so she glanced at Song Qingshu with embarrassment.

When Song Qingshu heard that he could save Madame Hu’s life, he was immediately ecstatic. He didn’t care about anything else, he quietly put away the dagger, and quickly shouted, “Don’t be so muddled, hurry up and save her!” Song Qingshu was from modern society, and he didn’t care much about these decorums of ancient times. He wouldn’t care even if  Madame Hu had a full-body checkup!

Song Qingshu then noticed that his sleeves were being pulled slightly, and when he looked down, Madame Hu opened her eyes slightly and spoke in a weak but firm tone, “Qingshu, forget it, I will never let other men see my body. Promise me, don’t let other men touch me!” 

When she saw Song Qingshu nodding hesitantly, Madame Hu smiled, her eyes began to loosen, and her mouth murmured, “You must take care of Fei’er for me in the future. He will be alone. He has no father, and now there is no mother. He is really pitiful…”

Feeling her voice getting weaker and weaker, Song Qingshu’s vision gradually became hazy. When he thought that she was the first and only person in this world that showed him unconditional kindness, he couldn’t contain his grief any longer, he hugged her and burst into tears.

Standing aside, Ding Dian looked at Song Qingshu who was crying in front of him at a loss, with regret in his heart. Ling Shuanghua was also heartbroken, and she even began to think about whether this was her sin. It was so hard for her to finally be with her Big Brother Ding. And, such a thing happened immediately after that. Could it be that because she violated the vow of Heaven and now God was punishing them?

The two suddenly noticed that the sound of crying had disappeared. After coming out of their daze, they found that Song Qingshu had slowly raised his head and he said in a chilling voice, “Recite the contents of the other half of the “Divine Brilliance Scripture”, hurry up!”

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