Chapter 34: That all-important “Healing Scene” in martial arts novels

‘Does he want to learn it again to save Madame Hu?’ Suddenly this thought came to Ding Dian’s mind, and he could not help but comfort him, “Scholar Song, your talent is martial art is so high that this Ding has never seen anything like it in his life, but the Divine Brilliance Scripture is vast and profound. If you want to learn it in a moment, it is absolutely impossible.”

“I told you to just recite it, why are you spouting so much nonsense, hurry up and speak!” Song Qingshu said coldly. 

Ding Dian saw his crazed look and realized that talking would not help the situation, and he was the one that hurt them first. Out of guilt, Ding Dian began to recite the remaining part of the Divine Brilliance Scripture, “The heaven is vast, and the beginning of everything. The earth begets Yin in Yin; those who are fostered by the earth beget Yang in Yin…”

As Ding Dian recited faster and faster, Song Qingshu’s eyes started to brighten. When Ding Dian finished the last sentence, Song Qingshu waved his hand, “You two, get out!”

“How is this possible!” When Ding Dian went out, he couldn’t help but look back again and again. Song Qingshu clearly had broken meridians before. But when he finished listening to the “Divine Brilliance Scripture”, the light in his eyes changed, and the elementary true Qi of the “Divine Brilliance Scripture” could be clearly felt from his aura.

“I must be going crazy!” Ding Dian vigorously pinched his thigh, and the pain that came from that let him know that he was not dreaming. However, he was quite proud of his talent in martial arts. Even without any guidance from his master, he comprehended the scripture on his own, and he did it in only five years. But, never in his wildest dreams did he expect to encounter something more freakish this time around. That guy just listened to him reciting the scripture. And suddenly he comprehended it all. What’s more, he did that with crippled meridians!

“It seems that this is just like a game!” Inside the house Song Qingshu felt that his meridians were all healed, his body was full of energy, and he could only smile bitterly. He could practice martial arts by only listening to its techniques. Song Qingshu thought hard about it. He had only seen this type of thing in the game from his previous life. When the ‘Players’ obtained a certain technique, as long as they cleared the necessary conditions, with just a click, their martial arts would be at max level in an instant.

Even after waiting for a while, there was still no cold system NPC’s voice in his ear. Song Qingshu looked at the beautiful woman in his arms and smiled, “Whether this is a game or not, I am real and my sister-in-law is real. That is enough.”

As a well-informed earthling, he had been observing this chaotic world ever since his transmigration. Song Qingshu had always been skeptical of everything and secretly made several speculations. Among them, the most believable one was that he was caught by scientists after his car accident. They took him back to their lab and did a secret experiment. His thoughts were manipulated by technologies similar to virtual reality and put into this designed game world.

Actually, Song Qingshu was thinking too much. The universe was so vast and the earth’s scientific system was only a drop in the ocean. It couldn’t explain many wonderful phenomena at all. Unfortunately or fortunately, transmigration was one of them, and how this familiar and chaotic world came into being. It was definitely one of them.

Because Song Qingshu’s soul went through a transmigration, his soul power was several times stronger than that of the natives of this world. Don’t underestimate this gap of several times. It brings a qualitative difference. It takes several years for others to learn something, but he could instantly learn things just by listening due to that qualitative difference.

“Sister-in-law, forgive my offense.” He had promised not to let other men touch her, but he himself was not another man. When she was injured, he had touched everything that should or shouldn’t be touched. Song Qingshu silently apologized, and gently unbuttoned her dress.


Madame Hu originally felt her body getting colder and lighter, drifting slowly in the endless darkness… Suddenly a light appeared in the sky, and the sun slowly came out.

When the sun shined on her body, Madame Hu felt warm, full of energy, and she thought to herself, ‘Where am I?’

Madame Hu slowly opened her eyes, and her mind slowly recovered. Suddenly, her face paled and she realized that there wasn’t even thread on her body. At this time, Song Qingshu’s voice came over from behind her, “Sister-in-law, don’t be excited. I am healing you, your injury is too serious, don’t ruin all my efforts.”

Madame Hu sighed in her heart, ‘He really is my bane. It wasn’t enough when I was touched by him last time. But, this time…there is nothing left…”

Feeling the heat coming from the palm on her chest, Madame Hu’s heart trembled, she bit her silver white teeth, and closed her eyes in resignation.

After a night of treatment, Song Qingshu finally pulled Madame Hu back from the death’s gate. When the two opened the gate of the ruined temple, they were greeted by Ling Shuanghua’s kind smile and Ding Dian’s stunned expression.

Ding Dian didn’t have the time to notice the blushing Madame Hu. Instead, he pulled Song Qingshu over to the side to ask questions. After knowing that Song Qingshu had really learned the entire “Divine Brilliance Scripture”, he looked at him with a complicated expression for a good while, “I’m hesitant to take advantage of you. I won’t fight you during your growth period…”

Song Qingshu was shocked. After one night of treatment, his true Qi was completely exhausted at this time, and he had no energy to fight back.

Ling Shuanghua grinned and scolded him, “Big Brother Ding, don’t scare Master Song. If you weren’t so reckless last night, there wouldn’t have been so many incidents.”

Ding Dian awkwardly smiled, and bowed while holding his fist, “Brother Song, last night, I harmed the hand that fed me. I returned enmity instead of gratitude and caused…Miss Hu to almost die. I am here to make amends with you ” 

He didn’t know Madame Hu’s original surname, and only knew that they greeted each other as in-laws. But, after seeing the intimacy between them, and then thinking that Song Qinghsu would have to take off his clothes while healing. Ding Dian’s expression turned weird and he changed it to Miss Hu in a hurry.

In his mind, Song Qingshu had stabbed this man’s heart with thousands of swords yesterday, but fortunately, in the end, Madame Hu was safe, and he got a miraculous technique which healed his meridians. When everything was all right, this guy seemed more pleasing to his eyes and he quickly helped him up.

All night, it seemed like a lot happened in such a short time, and the four people sighed. After a period of greetings, when Ding Dian and Ling Shuanghua saw that Madam Hu was all right, they took their leave.

During this period, Song Qingshu hesitated whether to remind them not to return to Jingzhou again. Then he saw Madam Hu’s weak expression, and suddenly felt cruel, ‘I will leave it to fate. If you run back to Jingzhou again and are killed by Ling Tuisi, then you deserve it too! Who made you hurt my sister-in-law?’

Only two people were left alone in silence. Madame Hu was feeling quite uncomfortable, and neither of them knew how to break this calm.

Song Qingshu, a modern person, didn’t care about what happened last night, but he was afraid that Madame Hu’s skin was too thin and it would be bad if he accidentally irritated her.

In the end, it was Madam Hu who couldn’t bear this ambiguous silence, and she opened her mouth to ask, “How did you make Ling Tuisi agree to the marriage of the two that day?”

Song Qingshu almost laughed when he heard it. He didn’t expect that she would hold on to such an irrelevant question for so long, but he forced down his smile and explained, “I used the ‘Nine Yin Scripture’ when I was alone with Ling Tuisi. The Bewitching Technique hypnotized him, and when he heard the specific instructions from me, he would say every word according to what I taught him.”

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  1. Does author thinks that all modern women are thick skinned? That they won’t mind being naked in front of a (random) man? Each time i read it really sounds as if author has only this single view of them.
    And ‘Song Qingshu, a modern person, didn’t care about what happened’.. of course he don’t care, he is the one taking advantage. Even in ancient time it doesn’t lack people like him *roll my eyes*

        1. He read the novel in his last life, in it Zhou Zhirou teaches the 9 Yin Scripture to the original Song Qingshu….and the hypnofying skill is a part of that.

    1. Well, modern people is more open, women here wear bikini and show so much skin.
      Meanwhile, ancient china fashion is very conservative. Women only show a hint of wrist, sometimes neck and upper chest , and all skirt is ankle length.

      In hospital or when healing, people in modern times have little objection to undress. Male doctor even see female genitals
      Compared to ancient china setting, it is understandable when author made that comparison

    2. Humanity's Sorrow

      Don’t you think you’re kinda oversimplifying things? If it meant curing cancer, most wouldn’t, ig. And it’s not like they would do anything, all they would was treat them.
      As for ancient times not lacking people like song qingshu, you are right ig?

    3. I have myself visited a skin specialist few days ago and there were quite few females there too.
      Modern world is not like those hentai settings or AV where doctors r perverts.
      And modern women mostly doesn’t mind that much treated by a male doctor.

      1. Well ofc, a doctor is a professional. They have seen shit man… For them, it’s just meat. Unless it’s a pair of really perky tits, then fuck all sanity

  2. Oh, that is not something you should tell a woman that might feel like she was taken advantage of even if it did save her life^^

  3. O engraçado nessa novel é a inconsistencia lol , do nada acontece coisas ridiculas que vc nunca imaginaria , uma hora o mc é ”inteligente ” a sua maneira , mas depois ele é um retardado mental, uma hora o personagen lateral confia nele , outra hora o cara quer matar ele , mas o pior que eu vim aqui só pra ver o stealing flower , mas até agr nada lol , se eu quizesse ler algo bem pensado eu iria ler lom ou algo parecido haha.

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