Chapter 35: Try it, if you can

“Is this Bewitching Technique really so powerful?” Madame Hu was secretly surprised.

“It is often very useful to deal with people who want to harm you or have evil thoughts.” Song Qingshu explained, “For example, it is useless for people with strong martial arts and pure heart.” Song Qingshu made up a random reason. Because of his broken meridians, he was unable to practice anything even though he was sitting on treasures like the Nine Yin Scripture. He was unwilling to give up, and tried to study the scriptures over and over again. Finally, he was delighted to discover that the cultivation of the Bewitching Technique did not require the circulation of internal energy at all, and was completely dependent on spiritual energy. It was at that time, Song Qingshu knew that as long as the cultivation conditions were met, he might be able to learn martial arts instantly.

“I don’t believe it, you just don’t want to tell me the truth.” Madame Hu’s voice became extremely delicate.

“Then do you want to try experiencing it?” Song Qingshu felt that his heartbeat suddenly sped up, and he stared at her without blinking.

Madame Hu glanced at him, her heart swayed under his scorching gaze, and she replied in a mysterious manner, “Try it, if you can.”

“Sister-in-law, look into my eyes…” Song Qingshu couldn’t be polite anymore when he got the approval of the beautiful lady.

When Madame Hu’s eyes came into contact with his, she suddenly felt trapped in a huge whirlpool, and she began to lose control over her mind.

“Sister-in-law, come and hug me.” Although he could do so much more, Song Qingshu was still sensible and did not dare to give any radical instructions.

“Yes~” Madame Hu spoke in an unusually charming voice, and she walked over step by step, stretched out her jade white arms, hugged Song Qingshu tightly, and gently leaned her head against his chest.

With the jade-like beauty in his arms, Song Qingshu thought that the gain was big enough this time, and hurriedly snapped her fingers. Madame Hu woke up to find their current situation and pushed Song Qingshu away with shame and anger.

“Mistake, it was all a mistake!” Song Qingshu explained with embarrassment, “I forgot that I had just practiced a miraculous technique, and my internal strength might be a little bit higher than my sister-in-law…”

Madame Hu sighed faintly, and looked at him with a complicated expression, “Qingshu, you are very skilled in the use of Bewitching Technique. It is really an evil art. If you…really wanted to, I don’t know how many beautiful flowers would be tarnished.”

“Sister-in-law, don’t misunderstand, I’m not that kind of person.” Song Qingshu quickly tried to prove his innocence, “Martial arts itself is not evil, only those who use martial arts have good and evil qualities. Even the righteous Guo Jing, and Huang Rong’s couple uses this technique.”

“Well, I know that you won’t do anything wrong.” Madame Hu smiled faintly, “But you have to promise me that you can’t use this method on your sister-in-law in the future.” There was a wave of shame in her heart, ‘If he really couldn’t control himself, made me warm his bed, what am I going to do…’

“Sister-in-law, don’t worry, I will never use it on you again.” Song Qingshu said with a serious expression and solemnly agreed.

“Then this sister-in-law, won’t worry.” Madame Hu smiled, and the rising sun shone on her delicate cheeks, and Song Qingshu couldn’t help but be stunned.

Noting his sincere gaze, Madame Hu decided on something in her heart, “Qingshu, I’m afraid this sister-in-law is going to leave.”

Those few brisk and melodious words sounded like thunder in Song Qingshu’s ears, “Sister-in-law, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have done that evil deed to tease you.”

“It has nothing to do with that.” Madame Hu sighed faintly. “I am a widow. I promised to help you find a cure for your meridians. It was necessary to travel together with you. Now your meridians have been cured, I have no reason to stay with you any longer.”

“Then I would rather prefer my cripled meridian than curing it.” Song Qingshu said in an angry manner.

“Why are you getting angry…” Madame Hu also felt a little funny seeing him acting like a child. After hesitating, she persuaded, “Qingshu, during this period, for various reasons, between us… Our relationship has gotten more intimate than the average brother-in-law and sister-in-law.”

“We are as bright as the sun and as clear as the moon, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.” Song Qingshu said anxiously.

“What if I have a guilty conscience?” Madame Hu’s words gave Song Qingshu a feeling of Deja vu and he was startled. “Which brother-in-law and sister-in-law have seen each other naked?” The following words made both of them feel stunned, and both fell silent.

“Qingshu, your thoughts, sister-in-law can also guess one or two points…” After a while, Madame Hu continued.

Song Qingshu opened his mouth in a hurry, but it was gently pressed by Madame Hu with a slender finger on his lips, “Don’t worry, just listen to me.” Song Qingshu had a thousand words to say, but it was suddenly pressed back into his belly by that slender finger.

“Qingshu, it is impossible between us. I am a widow. You have a great future and a destined girl is waiting for you.” Madame Hu’s voice was still as soft and pleasant as usual, but it frightened Song Qingshu. He felt a deep fear, knowing that he might lose her forever.

“I don’t care!” Song Qingshu roared.

“But I care!” Madame Hu’s face became extremely calm at the moment, and she spoke word by word, “I am Hu Yidao’s wife, even if he dies, I will still be his wife, forever!”

Madame Hu had never dared to face the recent changes in her heart. This time she was alarmed by the Bewitching Technique, forcing her to make a final decision.

Song Qingshu remained silent. For modern people, the status of a widow was nothing. As long as the two loved each other, everything else was not a problem. However, in this world, rituals and traditions were something that everyone valued, and he also could not ask Madame Hu to be as open-minded as himself.

He had always subconsciously avoided thinking about this problem before. But now that he thought about it, even if Madame Hu agreed to be with him, the social resistance that both sides would face at that time was not something they could afford.

In order to take a small advantage on that day, Song Qingshu and the dead Hu Yidao became brothers. If he finally got together with his widow, not only Madame Hu, but Song Qingshu himself would be ruined, and the two would be spurned by the world.

Song Qingshu was a mature man, although sometimes impulsive, he never lacked reason, and quickly understood the reason behind Madam Hu’s decision.

Now he regretted very much why he had to bow his head and become sworn brothers!

“Do you finally understand?” Madame Hu saw his expression gradually returning to calm. Although it was painful, she still hardened her heart and asked.

“Yes…” Song Qingshu nodded with a wry smile, “Now I can’t even deal with minor storms, let alone shelter you from the wind and rain. But don’t worry, sister-in-law, one day I will make sure that the world will be unable to oppose us. “

“What nonsense~” Madame Hu snorted, “I don’t care what you think, since you understand, then I’m leaving.”

“Sister-in-law, I regret it, and I wish to use the Bewitching Technique on you again.” Song Qingshu suddenly raised his head and smiled.

Madame Hu was shocked and quickly closed her eyes, “Qingshu, what are you trying to do?”

“I’m joking with you,” Song Qingshu sighed, “I just think that I don’t know the name of my sister-in-law even though we have been together for so long. I’m really a bit regretful, and I want to ask about it through the Bewitching Technique.

Madame Hu gave him an angry look, “Do you know that except for the closest relatives, a woman’s name is usually only told to her husband?”

“I know.” Song Qingshu’s smile almost caused Madame Hu to suffocate, and she gave him a blank look, “I don’t want to care about you.” She then turned and left.

After walking quite far, she turned around and saw that Song Qingshu was still staring at her, standing in the same place. Madame Hu softened her heart and put her hands to her mouth and shouted, “Brother Hu called me Bing Xue’er back then.” Then using her movement technique she disappeared as if running away.

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  1. Ugh… But this is good, he was retarded for making him her son his sworn brother. I mean, damn, what were you thinking long term? This idiot. Also, it will be easier to seduce the ladies if he doesn’t need to try and look good in front of her. He might even get to be more true to himself ( Which I don’t think is good, since the drugging and long ass rape)
    but I really want him to go for a training arc now. And PLEASE give us some info on the cultivation basics at least, you can’t ignore how techniques work, energy, mana, whatever, all that stuff needs to be in detail so you can understand how OP the stuff the MC cultivates( that is inevitable after all)

    1. Also, damn good job translating on the phone, for me I always hit the wong “buttons” nowadays, makes it frustrating to write on the shitbrick

  2. I see, all those customs are a pain in the ass. The plots and scripts which societies had created are a pain in the ass, but in ancient times those were worst. However, everyone is forced to play along with them. Anyway, I believe Qingshu’s choice was the best one. A true man should make a woman he cherishes willing to become his from the bottom of her heart, not with drugs and brainwashing. The title of the novel is Flower Stealing Master, well, I hope that now that he is cured he will steal some flowers.

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