Chapter 36: The way to search for treasures

“Bing Xue’er?” Song Qingshu muttered to himself, carving the name on his heart.

He was hesitating whether to follow her and catch up. After taking a few steps, he finally took it back. What was the use of catching up?

At this moment, Song Qingshu had an intense urge to become stronger. Previously, it was because of Zhou Zhiruo’s pursuit and impending death. But now, he had a new reason, it was to be able to be with Bing Xue’er smoothly in the future.

He clearly remembered how much resistance Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu faced at the beginning. Yang Guo was almost killed by Guo Jing with a single palm strike, which caused a series of tragedies for the two of them.

What was the cause of all this? It could be said that the secular social rituals killed people without seeing any blood, or it could also be said that Yang Guo’s early strength was insufficient.

Later, when Yang Guo became almost invincible in the world. He used the Jade Maiden Swordplay and alongside with Xiao Longnu he fought and forced the King of Jin dynasty into an embarrassing defeat. Who would dare to criticise the two of them after that? Did Guo Jing and Huang Rong dare to use social norms as an excuse to attack them again?

Song Qingshu didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes of Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu. He knew that Madam Hu would either go to the King of Venoms to find Hu Fei or go back to Liaodong Villa. It would not be difficult for him to find her. Instead, the top priority for him right now was to strengthen himself.

Coming to a big rock on the top of a nearby mountain, Song Qingshu sat cross-legged and meditated on some martial arts he remembered. Although his meridians were all broken, he deliberately wrote down many skills like the “Nine Yin Scripture”, “Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms”, “Dragon Slaughtering Heavenly Sword”, “Dragon Capturing Hand”, “Palm of Infinity Web” and more. He didn’t expect it to be really useful now. After half a day, when Song Qingshu opened his eyes, his internal energy became thick and strong again.

Although he had learned the Nine Yin Scriptures and the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms in a short period of time, Song Qingshu was a little bit unhappy. His ability to practice martial arts techniques in an instant was indeed heaven defying. But now he discovered that what the ability brought him was only the ability to practice it.

A martial arts technique is a thing that has to be compatible with the practitioner. Only the proper synergy between the temperament of the martial artist and the style of martial arts can bring out the maximum power of martial arts.

For example, Song Qingshu now could perform both the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms and the Nine Yin White Bone Claw, but these two martial arts were not very compatible with his own temperament. Therefore, while performing the same Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, Song Qingshu’s power would be far inferior to those of Qiao Feng and Guo Jing. And it was the same for the Nine Yin White Bone Claw, Song Qingshu’s power would not be as powerful as Zhou Zhiruo and Mei Chaofeng.

There were many martial arts techniques in the Nine Yin Scripture such as the Nine Yin White Bone Claw, the White Boa Whip Skill, the Heart Shattering Palm…Wasn’t there anything that matched the temperament of Song Qingshu? Of course there was, it was the great Bewitching Technique.

Song Qingshu’s expression turned a little weird. How could he be so compatible with that particular martial arts technique? Could it be that his temperament really was that much flowery? Did he really have the destiny of a womanizer?

Now, he was really confident when it came to that particular technique. He was pretty sure that no one else in the world had cultivated it more profoundly than him. Even if it was Guo Jing and Huang Rong, who practiced the same technique. If he caught them unprepared, they would be controlled by him, mind and soul.

In addition to the matter of compatibility with martial arts, Song Qingshu still had a big problem, that was, he had too little actual combat experience. Although he knew every move, he had to choose which one was more appropriate to parry in the face of an enemy attack, and then which one he should use next as a counterattack. All of this made him really confused.

“Wang Yuyan and I are two extreme existences,” Song Qingshu spoke to himself with a wry smile, “She has a vast amount of experience, but she doesn’t know how to practice martial arts. I know how to practice martial arts, but my experience is way too low.”

“I will create my own path, anyway, martial arts fighting will ultimately rely on speed and strength, and I will work harder on this to come up with some clever tricks! That’ll be fun, haha~” Song Qingshu couldn’t help but raise his head towards the sky and laugh out loud for having such a great idea.

On the way down the mountain, Song Qingshu practised the Divine Brilliance Scripture for a while, and the Nine Yin Scripture for another while, and finally his complexion became more and more ugly. One of the two internal strengths was of the strong yang element, and the other belonged to the gentle yin element. They were completely incompatible. If he didn’t want to explode and die at the end, he could only choose one martial art to practice.

“Damn!” Song Qingshu couldn’t help but curse out loud. The two internal arts had their own advantages, and it was really difficult to choose between them.

After struggling for half a day, he finally gave up thinking, and temporarily let go of the two kinds of techniques. Anyway, he won’t reach any critical points for a while.

While walking down the mountain, he was actually thinking about where to go next. By the time he reached the foot of the mountain, Song Qingshu had made a decision in his heart. He would first go to the “Boundless Jade Cave” he had seen in a post on the forum in his previous life.

Now that he was certain about his ability to learn at a glance like a game bug, it would be really a waste of God’s gift if he didn’t sweep the world of martial arts.

The “Northern Darkness Divine Scriptures” in the Boundless Jade Cave would be just one of many. After all, Song Qing’s body had the Divine Brilliance Scripture and Nine Yin Scripture, and his internal energy was already very strong. The “Northern Darkness Divine Scripture” needed one to empty one’s body first, so it had little to no use for him. The “Minute Ice Ripple Step”, however, was different, it was the best choice to save one’s life.

If he wanted to live in this violent world, Song Qingshu had to be extremely cautious, no matter how many life-saving skills he had, it still wouldn’t be enough.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became, and Song Qingshu immediately embarked on the road to Dali. Along the way, he kept thinking that there were so many martial arts secrets in the world just waiting for him to go and find them one by one. There was the Kunlun Mountains “Nine Yang Divine Art”, “Tomb of Swords”, Mount Hua’s “Thinking Over the Cliff”, “Nine Swords of Dugu”, “Golden Snake Scripture” of Golden Snake Cave, Fujian’s Demon Vanquishing Sword Art…ah, yeah, he couldn’t even count them all!

While he thought about all this, Song Qingshu’s sad mood due to the departure of Bing Xue’er gradually became brighter.

Traveling all the way through the mountains, rivers and deep into the barren land, he finally found out the location of the Limitless Sword Sect. Although Song Qingshu knew that the Boundless Jade Cave was near the Limitless Sword Sect, he didn’t know the specific location, so he had to use that piece of jade as a clue and searched around.

It took more than half a month to finally find the Boundless Jade Cave, “Sister Goddess, I’m coming~” Song Qingshu happily ran in. At this time, if someone else heard his hungry and thirsty voice, they wouldn’t know what to think.

When he saw the jade statue from a distance, it really looked like a living person. The light yellow silk dress on her body trembled slightly. Her pair of eyes were shining brightly, and the texture of the white jade also revealed a faint red color, which was similar to the skin of real humans. There was virtually no difference.

Staring at those deep dark eyes, Song Qingshu felt as if it actually had a heartbeat, “It’s no wonder that dumb Duan Yu was captivated by this, and couldn’t let it go.”

Thinking of the purpose of his trip, Song Qingshu didn’t have the time to appreciate any beauty. He hurriedly picked up the skirt of the jade statue and carefully looked down.

When he finally found the mat, Song Qingshu noticed a hole on it and his expression turned a little ugly. He stretched out his hand to dig in the hole for a while, and finally gave up after he found nothing.

It seemed that Duan Yu in this world had already made his first appearance. He had already noticed that the plot flow of this world was somewhat different from the original. But, Song Qingshu still hoped for the best, in case Duan Yu hasn’t come here yet. Now it seemed that everything was just his pipe dream.

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  1. Egh… Bewitching techniques fall into my “mind control” category and I don’t like it. Come on Author, nobody wants an MC that cheats to get the women. It’s cheap and lazy, and doesn’t inspire any awe for his skills in bedding women, since it just feels like cheating, which it is ^^ So far this really feels like a proto Keyboard Immortal for sure. Fuck I wish would have started with this one. It’s like when you start playing the sequel of a game, and while the story and atmosphere was awesome in the first game, the second one came out a few years later and had soooo much better and much more smooth gameplay and more fun fighting

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