Chapter 37: Exploring Heavenly Dragon Monastery at night

“When Zhang Wuji learned martial arts, he knew better to leave the scroll behind for others. This Duan Yu, on the other hand, likes to eat the plate clean. So stingy!” Song Qing slandered, and thinking about Zhang Wuji, his mood got even worse.

“I seem to remember that there was a drawing of the naked sister Goddess in the scroll, demonstrating the direction of each acupuncture point.” Song Qingshu’s lips suddenly revealed a smile of understanding when he thought of that possibility. They were men, and they all had the tendency to monopolise the things they liked when they got them. That Duan Yu probably couldn’t bear to leave it here for other people to watch.

Now that Duan Yu had learned “Northern Darkness Divine Scripture” and “Minute Ice Ripple Step”, Song Quingshu didn’t know if he had also learned the Six Meridian Divine Sword. Song Qingshu was unwilling to run all the way there in vain. But in the end he still followed his plan to go to Heavenly Dragon Monastery.

The Bone Forging Chapter of the “Nine Yin Scripture” allowed people to practice internal strength much faster than ordinary people. Now that Song Qingshu was equipped with the “Nine Yin Scripture” and “Divine Brilliance Scripture”, he thought that his internal strength should be enough to use the Six Meridian Divine Sword.

There were many followers of Buddhism in Dali, and when they heard that he was going to Heavenly Dragon Monastery, they were eager to show the way. When Song Qingshu finally arrived outside the Heavenly Dragon Monastery, the sky was already dark.

“These days, the various schools of martial arts are very self-conscious. This “Six Meridian Divine Sword” is not even passed on to any normal disciples. It would be impossible if I wanted to borrow it.” Song Qingshu thought for a while. He wasn’t some righteous gentleman. So, he didn’t have the psychological aversion to stealing. Anyway, he wasn’t exactly going to steal it. He just wanted to read it once. Could that be counted as stealing?

He walked around the outer wall of the Heavenly Dragon Monastery, looked for a secluded place, and with a light leap, Song Qingshu silently landed inside. He hid his tracks all the way as he searched, passing by Qingdu Yaotai, Wu Tian Jing, and Sanyuan Palace. He also passed by the Dusita Academy, Yuhua Academy, Prajna Terrace, and finally came before a few pine huts. The feeling of magnificence and splendor along the way felt very different to Song Qingshu. And he thought in his heart, ‘I bet that this is the place where they keep all the books.’

As he cautiously jumped to the roof and gently uncovered a tile, Song Qingshu’s brows suddenly wrinkled.

There were six monks in the hut sitting on the mats in a circle. They all had a calm expression and long breathing.

‘It won’t be easy now.’ Song Qingshu unconsciously sighed. ‘The Six Monks of the Heavenly Dragon Monastery are all here, and even if Jiumozhi himself came here, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. I’m afraid that it’s even more impossible for me.’

“Since you are already here, why don’t you show yourself for us to see?” The monk inside the hut facing the wall spoke up, raised his thumb, and a scorching sword qi rushed towards Song Qingshu. This sudden attack shocked Song Qingshu and he lost the support under his feet. The roof broke as a result, then he spun around a few times and landed safely into the hut.

“I have committed a great offense by visiting your temple late at night, and I hope a few seniors will have a forgiving mind.” After Song Qingshufu landed, he respectfully bowed.

The monks in the room had already opened their eyes and looked at him with interest. Zen Master Kurong was still facing the wall and sneered, “Even though your words are respectful, your deeds are devious. May we know the reason behind your late night visit.”

Song Qingshu hesitated a little. It seemed that there was no hope of quietly taking the manual. So, he decided to imitate Jiumozhi, and made up some nonsense, “This humble one heard that the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’ of Heavenly Dragon Monastery is the world’s number one sword technique. But, by chance this junior had the good fortune of witnessing Senior Feng Qingyang’s ‘Nine Swords of Dugu’ before. It truly was a good fortune and I really can’t imagine that there is a more powerful sword technique than the ‘Nine Swords of Dugu’. I came to Heavenly Dragon Monastery this time to see the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’ with my own eyes. I wanted to compare it with the ‘Nine Swords of Dugu’ in my memory to see which is the best sword art in the world.”

Several monks in the hut heard his words and began to discuss the Sword Sage of the Mount Hua Sect. He had a clear reputation and was famous in the Wulin. He was known as the world’s number one swordsman. The monks here have been fascinated by his ‘Nine Swords of Dugu’ for a long time. Today when they heard Song Qingshu mention it. Many people began to think.

Kurong remained motionless, and spoke with a hoarse and cold voice, “Your Excellency wants to see the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’, then why do you need to read the sword manual? This poor monk, although low in martial arts, can also perform the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’.”

It seemed that Jiumozhi had already paid a visit to the Heavenly Dragon Monastery. Song Qingshu sighed in his heart. He was still behind the plot this time. The monks secretly stood in the field, surrounded themselves in the center, and hurriedly smiled bitterly. “Duan Yu has already visited your Heavenly Dragon Monastery, and the rumor that the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’ manual was burned is true. Although there were many misunderstandings during my visit, there were no evil intentions. The Senior Monks should exercise compassion and let this junior leave peacefully.”

Everyone in the hut looked at each other, and felt uncertain in their hearts. How did he know such a secret? The former king of Dali, Benchen was worried about the safety of his nephew Duan Yu, and anxiously said, “Since you know such a secret thing so clearly, we must not let you come into contact with Kumozhi, so please stay.” After talking he stretched out his ring finger, and scorching sword qi shot out.

At the moment Song Qingshu wanted to slap himself for having such a big mouth. All he had to do was to pretend and follow the plot. But no, he just had to open his mouth and create trouble!

Although he was upset in his heart, his reaction was not slow, and he dodged the sword qi with swift movement. Seeing that Benchen had attacked, the other monks in the hut also joined him. For a time, the hut was full of scattered sword qi flying around in every direction, and the sound was like wind and thunder in the stormy sky.

Song Qingshu was forced to be in an embarrassing situation. Although the strike of the “Six Meridians Divine Sword” was invisible, it was fortunate that it could be predicted by observing the motion of the fingers of the attackers.

The sword qi always followed a straight line. Song Qingshu noticed the angle of each person’s finger when they used the sword qi, and he could roughly guess where the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’ attack would shoot from. So, even though he was embarrassingly rolling on the ground, it was still a surprise to the attackers. He secretly thanked his junior high school physics teacher.

“Good form!” The Senior Monk Kurong, who had not yet attacked, gave a compliment. Then he raised his fingers, and ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’ qi immediately appeared.

The cultivation base of Senior Monk Kurong was indeed a lot higher than the other five monks. Although the other five monks were attacking with sword qi, they couldn’t really hurt Song Qingshu, who was performing the “Slithering Snake Jumping Raccoon Technique” from the Nine Yin Scripture. Although Kurong still didn’t look back, the two sword qi’s he sent pinpointed the gap when Song Qingshu’s body changed shape while dodging.

Because he had to dodge the sword qi of the other five monks, Song Qingshu’s angle of movement on the ground was blocked by the two sword qi from Kurong. So he had no choice but to venture into the air.

Kurong smiled slightly. He had been expecting this when he attacked with those two sword qi. At the moment, Song Qingshu was in the air, and there was no room to change his angle. So, he would be severely injured and captured with a single sword qi from Kurong.

Song Qingshu’s expression became dignified, he did panic for a moment but it did not confuse him. He stepped on the instep of his right foot with the tip of his left foot, and then rose a few feet out of thin air, just enough to avoid the two sword qi of Kurong. He knew that if everyone kept shooting, it would be a matter of time before he got hit by these sword qi. So, he quickly launched a counterattack.

He drew a semicircle with his left hand and pushed out with the palm of his right hand. It was the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms. Kurong immediately felt a surge of vigorous aura targeting him. He had just released the sword qi and had not fully adjusted his breath. So, he did not dare to insist, and quickly got up and flashed aside. Then he looked back to see that the mat in the original place was blown away by the wind from the palm strike, and was shocked, “Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms?”

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  1. You can’t just pull techiques from the MC’s ass and not even tell us the theory behind it… It gives the skills no weight and you are left up with only your imagination to tell you just how it works. So, no weight is a problem for sure… I guess the Author will change that later though? I still have no idea how people in this world cultivate… At least we must be told the general broad stroakes… How do you start cultivating yourself? Do people percieve mana in the air? In their bodies? Do they circulate the internal energy? What is the energy even? Life force? Or did I just forget it, that isn’t impossible xD

      1. This is a world with characters and places of the novels of author Jin Yong. I think the author of this novel expect the readers to be familiar with Jin Yong works and the techniques that appears there. Which is still bad writing if that is the case.

    1. Think of as a late novel in a multi-author series that has been going on for as long as you’ve been alive. That’s actually close enough to the truth, come to think of it.

    2. in East Asia (and Vietnam), and especially China, Jin Yong’s works are known by almost every one. So it’s kinda normal for writers there to assume that readers already know these kinda techniques.

      The same way no one in the West would need to be introduced to Spider-Man or Superman.

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