Chapter 38: Nine Yin Scripture, do you want to exchange it?

With the help of the counter-shock force of his palm, Song Qingshu moved a few feet aside in mid-air. He used “The Dragon Soars in the Sky” to avoid the sword aura of the five monks below him, and took advantage of the gap of their breath adjustment to use “The Proud Dragon Repents” of the “Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms” to counter attack. The monks hurriedly blocked it with their palms, and suffered serious internal injuries as soon as they made contact.

Song Qingshu thanked his good luck inside his heart. Fortunately, these people lacked internal energy. Every time they shot a sword qi, they needed a few seconds to adjust their breath. Although they could cover for each other with a sword formation, but they were
haughty, and their individual strength was not as powerful. All five people were severely injured by the gap that he had found, but Song Qinghsu was not unscathed either. The clash disrupted his blood flow and he hurriedly adjusted his breath without letting them notice.

“Stop!” Senior Monk Kurong finally turned around, his face was the same as it was described in the book, his head was as smooth as a baby, and his expression a bit haggard, “What an excellent mastery of the ‘Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms’, is your Excellency Master Qiao Feng (Xiao Feng)?” (Goblin: Xiao Feng’s former name was Qiao Feng.)

“This lowly one has always admired the demeanor of King Xiao in the South. With my meagre skills, I wouldn’t dare to compare myself with him.” Song Qingshu spoke the truth. If it was Xiao Feng performing the same “The Proud Dragon Repents” just now, he would have created at least three-fold waves of attack. Moreover, with the speed and strength of his palm, he would have given the monks no way out. If Xiao Feng had the same kind of opportunity, and attacked with “The Dragon Soars in the Sky”, the five monks would have additional broken bones instead of just suffering a serious internal injury.

“That’s right, your excellency stepped up a few feet while in mid-air. It should be Wudang’s unique ‘Cloud-Ascending Ladder’. And you should have used the ‘Slithering Snake Jumping Raccoon Technique’ from the legendary Nine Yin Scripture when you were dodging on the ground.” Kurong spoke with a solemn expression, with his palms folded together, “Your Excellency is so young, yet he has so many unique skills. That is truly rare in the world.”

“The Great Monk really has a wide range of knowledge.” Song Qingshu said admiringly. “There is no malice in this visit. I just want to see Dali’s ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’.” Then he sneered in his heart. If they hadn’t seen his martial arts, he might have been captured at this very moment. This was the way of the world, the weak would be humiliated, and the strong would be respected.

“Since your Excellency has gotten what you wanted, please take your leave.” Senior Monk Kurong’s expression remained calm as he sent off this uninvited guest.

“The Great Monk already knows that this junior was using the “Nine Yin Scriptures”, and you must have heard of the legend of the ‘Nine Yin Scriptures’. Don’t take offence, but the status of the “Nine Yin Scriptures” in the Wulin may be slightly higher than that of your noble Sword Manual. If the Masters are willing, then I am willing to exchange the ‘Nine Yin Scriptures’ for the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’ manual. Don’t worry, I will not take it away from you. I just want to take a look at it, and fulfill a long-cherished wish. ” Song Qingshu spoke in a voice that was full of temptation. He was different from the martial artists of this world, he did not want to short-sightedly monopolise any particular techniques. Besides, the ‘Nine Yin Scriptures’ didn’t originally belong to him, so he didn’t feel any distress from exchanging it.

The monks glanced at each other, and they all saw the heart’s desire in each other’s eyes. The “Nine Yin Scriptures”, Shaolin School’s “Yi Jin Jing (Tendon Refining Method)”, “Nine Yang Divine Art”, and Sun Moon Holy Cult’s “Sunflower Manual” were known as the four great martial arts manuals of the current age.

In the past, the “Nine Yin Scriptures” was the cause of much bloodshed, as martial artists of the Central Plains competed fiercely with each other to seize possession of it. In the end, after an intense competition on Mount Hua that lasted seven days, it was won by Wang Chongyang, and he took it to his Quanzhen Sect.

It is said that when Jiumozhi offered to exchange his “Flower Pinching Finger”, “Pattra Finger”, and “The Maha Finger”, the monks showed no emotion, but now Song Qingshu’s proposal had caused ripples in the heart of even the Great Monk Kurong.

“Maybe your Excellency is not aware of it. Recently, the ‘Maha Cakra Vajra’ Jiumozhi came here with bad intentions. This Old Monk had to burn the sword manual to prevent the sword art from being taken away. Your Excellency is probably going to be disappointed.” This Great Monk practiced Buddhism for so many years, it was not for nothing, and he quickly calmed his mind, and refused to say anything more.

“I also know that .” Song Qingshu said with a smile, not surprised, “But didn’t all the monks present here also learn the sword art? I think you can easily rewrite the sword manual if you wanted to.”

When he saw that the monks were still hesitating, Song Qingshu decided to add oil to the fire, and asked, “How do you think my internal energy compares to the masters present here?”

One of the abbots hesitated for a while, but he still told the truth, “Your internal strength is much higher than mine. Other than the Great Master and the Grand Master, I am afraid none of us will be your match.”

Kurong shook his head, “I don’t need to hide this for you because this young man’s internal strength is slightly better than mine.”

“Don’t all the Masters think that is weird?” Song Qingshu smiled, “At such a young age, my time to practice internal energy will definitely not be as good as that of everyone present. Why does my internal strength outperform all the masters now?”

“Could it be the effect of the ‘Nine Yin Scriptures’?” The monks couldn’t help asking.

“Yes, the ‘Nine Yin Scriptures’ contains a ‘Tendons Reforging Method’, which allows the learner to practice internal skills much faster than ordinary people, and that is the reason behind this junior’s superior internal strength.” Song Qingshu deliberately paused and looked at the faces around him. After judging the expressions of the people he continued, “Just now I noticed that each of the masters here had practiced a different sword art. And I speculated that your internal strength is insufficient and it is not enough to cultivate the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’ all at once. May I know if my conjecture is correct?”

“Yes, the internal energy required to use the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’ is beyond the reach of humans, so we decided to practice each vein separately.” Kurong calmly said.

“Obviously, the full power of the ‘Six Meridian Divine Sword’ can only be fully achieved by the simultaneous use of the six meridians. Although the sword formations of the masters are exquisite, it is inevitable that they will be obscure and create gaps during each rotation. It means the opponent can take advantage of that, and can counter attack during that gap. But with the ‘Nine Yin Scriptures’, you will be able to cultivate supreme internal strength, and when the time comes to use the ‘Six Meridian Divine Sword’, it will surely be perfect. I only ask that you allow me to take look at the sword manual, and after the time it takes to burn a stick of incense, I will definitely return it to the original owner.” Song Qingshu spoke earnestly, and it certainly sounded like a good proposal among the monks as well.

“Uncle Master, since this young man is so sincere, why not let him see it for time it takes to burn a stick of incense?” Abbot Bencai turned around and asked Great Monk Kurong for his opinion. The other four monks in the scene also had the same idea. Although there were many mysteries in this world. There were few people capable of memorizing things in such a short amount of time. And to remember the complex ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’ in just a stick of incense time, they were sure it was beyond the reach of humans.

Kurong remained silent for a long time, and finally looked up at Song Qingshu and asked, “Your Excellency is clearly a master of martial arts, and you have very few rivals in your peers. Why do you need our Dali’s the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’?” He actually didn’t think Song Qingshu could memorize the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’ in such a short time, but he knew well enough that there was no free lunch in the world. The other party was in possession of a legendary technique such as the “Nine Yin Scriptures”, so although it seemed impossible to learn something with just a look, he must have a way to acquire the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’.

Song Qingshu gave a wry smile and sighed, “Not to mention you martial arts seniors, even among the same generation, how does the Great Monk think my martial arts compare to the great King Xiao Feng of the Khitan?”

Great Monk Kurong hesitated for a moment, and shook his head slightly, “The great King Xiao swept through the martial arts circle in the Central Plains and set off a bloody storm in the Wulin. He used the ‘Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms’ and dominated with one palm. Although your martial arts is good, compared to King Xiao, I am afraid that there is still a way to go.”

“What about Zhang Wuji, the Ming Cult leader?” When Song Qingshu said that name, he couldn’t help but think of Zhou Zhiruo, his murderous wife, and he felt very upset.

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