Chapter 39: The Leader of Emei, fooled by a child

“Master Zhang is a master of miraculous martial arts, and he is full of magnificence. At that time, he fought against the masters of the six major “orthodox” sects, and helped to resolve the conflict between them and the Ming Cult. Your Excellency’s martial arts may still be slightly lacking compared to the great master Zhang.” Great Monk Kurong thought for a long time, and made his own judgment.

“Now, the great master knows why I still covet the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’ of your noble monastery?” Song Qingshu smiled bitterly. As soon as he said this, he knew that he lost any chance of getting the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’ anymore. But at his core he was this kind of person, although sometimes he acted evil, he always had his own pride and arrogance. Sometimes he felt reluctant to be too wretched, and disdained to lie.

Sure enough, when he heard his words, Kurong chanted the Buddha’s name in silence, “Your Excellency is straightforward and speaks frankly, it shows that you are an honest and upright person. It is just that the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’ of this monastery has never been passed on to outsiders, and this poor monk does not want to be the sinner in hundreds of years. I hope that Your Excellency will forgive me.”

“I understand. I disturbed the masters tonight, and I hope you forgive my offence.” After speaking, Song Qingshu let out a loud laugh and turned to leave.

The Great Monk didn’t stop him, looking at Song Qingshu’s leaving figure, he thought to himself, ‘There may be a great upheaval in the Wulin in the future.’


After leaving Heavenly Dragon Monastery, Song Qingshu also secretly regretted it in his heart, ‘I already had the old monks in a corner, but why did I bother to pretend to be so righteous?’

But this thought was fleeting. It was impossible to turn back time, and get the ‘Six Meridians Divine Sword’. What’s the use of regretting now? He secretly comforted himself with a few words, ‘Anyway, there are so many wonderful martial arts in the world, why should I settle for only one?

Thinking of this, Song Qingshu became happy again, and immediately embarked on the road of searching for other martial arts secrets.

Acquiring the “Northern Darkness Divine Scripture”, “Minute Ice Ripple Step”, and that damn “Six Meridians Divine Sword” ended in failure. Now he had to think about the rest of the treasures. The “Nine Yang Divine Scripture” was hidden in the dangerous Kunlun Mountains, and it won’t be easy to find it. And now that he had both the “Divine Brilliance Scripture” and the “Nine Yin Scriptures”, the “Nine Yang Divine Scripture” was of not much help to him anyways. Besides, that was Zhang Wuji’s martial arts, and he felt disgusted when he thought about it. Song Qingshu quickly denied the idea of ​​going to Kunlun Mountains.

The “Supreme Mysteries Scripture” of the South China Sea was too illusory, and it would be foolish to go search for it in the vast sea. He was afraid that would be buried in the belly of the sea by people from the Xia Ke Island (Heroes’ Island) before he even found it. He shook his head and denied that plan as well.

Evil Warding Sword Art…Uh, next one!

It seemed that there was something called the “Small Phaseless Power” in the Shishui Pavilion of Manduo Mountain Villa. But even the “Nine Yang Divine Art” was not helpful to him. Then what would he do with a “Small Phaseless Power”? It was quickly denied again.

How about learning the sword technique of the Ancient Tomb Sect, the “Jade Maiden Swordplay”? Well, to do that he had to be able to draw a circle with his left hand and a square with his right hand. Song Qingshu tried several times and looked at the two shapes on the sand that were not round nor square. No matter how intelligent he was, this seemed quite impossible to do. It seemed that the “Jade Maiden Swordplay” could not be practiced, so let’s look for something else. This twisted sword technique was not in line with his own personality and temperament anyways.

White clothes like the snow, accompanied by a sword, flying immortal soaring in the sky, that was the heroic posture that all men yearned for!

It seemed that the only one remaining was the “Tomb of Swords” in the Shendiao Valley and the “Nine Swords of Dugu” of the Mount Hua Sect. When he thought about the legendary sword art, Song Qingshu became enthusiastic and embarked on the journey overnight.

Somewhere in the deep valley outside Xiangyang, Hubei. Song Qingshu looked at the pile of bird droppings with a blue face and accidentally stepped on some as well. He spit out from the severe stench, “That stupid big eagle can really let it out!”

With this reference object, Song Qingshu quickly found the place where Dugu wanted to bury his bones. Looking at the pile of rocks and a few domineering words on the wall, Song Qingshu remained silent for a long time, and finally cursed out loud, “Motherfu*ker! What’s the use of just bragging on? You could’ve written some secret skills here!”

What kind of luck did Yang Gou have to become so strong in such a short time and defeat so many powerful enemies such as Jinlun Guoshi the ‘Golden Wheel Imperial Adviser’?

Searching through the sword tomb, but not finding any martial arts secrets, Song Qingshu suddenly felt a sense of frustration from being abused.

“A thief doesn’t go empty handed, otherwise there will be more bad luck next time.” Song Qingshu picked up a wooden sword and put it on his back. He suddenly thought of something and took a deep breath. “It seems that I used up all my good luck from that incident with Duan Yu that day. After she left me, I am coming out empty time and time again!”

“I don’t believe that I won’t get anything from Mount Hua!” Song Qingshu sternly remarked and embarked on the road to Mount Hua.


Now, let’s talk about the White Horse Temple, the abode of the King of Venoms on the bank of Dongting Lake thousands of miles away. Hu Fei and Cheng Lingsu were looking at the beautiful woman in front of them with their eyes wide open, “This beautiful aunt, are you really Brother Song’s wife?”

Zhou Zhiruo’s face twitched, but she still said with a smile, “Yes, little brother, Qingshu is indeed this auntie’s husband. Because he was seriously injured, he was unwilling to drag me down. I visited Songzhou’s Godly Doctor Xue of Zhoucheng and Ping Yizhi of Kaifeng. Then I heard that Qingshu appeared near this village a few days ago. Auntie thought that she finally found him. Can my younger brother and younger sister tell auntie where he went?”

Zhou Zhiruo was searching around to find Song Qingshu all this time, and finally found his whereabouts, but she was deeply afraid of the reputation of the King of Venoms, so she did not dare to use strong words, that’s why she had to cheat.

“Hmph, I thought Big Brother Song was a gentleman, he already had a wife in his family, so why did he come to provoke my mother!” Little Hu Fei snorted coldly.

“That’s right, when I saw his eyes staring at me, I knew he was not a good thing.” Cheng Lingsu clapped her hands and said in agreement.

“Then can you tell Auntie where he went?” For some reason, Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t help but feel happy when she heard the two children scold Song Qingshu.

“He…he heard my Master say that the Millennium Ginseng can revive even dead bones, then he stupidly ran to Changbai Mountain to dig for ginseng.” Hu Fei said with a smile.

Cheng Lingsu’s eyes lit up, and she spoke in perfect cooperation, “My master said at the time that Millennium Ginseng only exists in the legend, so as to not let him have a false hope. But, after hearing this, he rushed to the northeast overnight.”

After discovering Song Qingshu’s whereabouts, Zhou Zhiruo was overjoyed, and quickly thanked the two children, stepped on the horse beside her, and hurried to the northeast. She imagined in her heart that after she finds Song Qingshu, he must be tortured to death.

After Zhou Zhiruo had gone far enough, Cheng Lingsu looked back at Hu Fei with a smile but not a smile, “Brother Hu Fei, why did you lie to that woman?”

Little Hu Fei put his hands behind his back, pretending to look like an adult, “She thought we were children and cheated. Although she kept saying that she was Brother Song’s wife, the hatred in her heart could not be hidden from my eyes. So, how dare I really tell her Brother Song’s whereabouts.”

Out of a woman’s sympathy, Cheng Lingsu frowned and asked, “What if what she said is true, what if Uncle Song was the one in the wrong, and she just wants revenge?”

Hu Fei chuckled, “Who made Brother Song and my mother be together? If this woman really has malicious thoughts, my mother would be in danger, so I must protect Brother Song. What would I do if a fight breaks out and it hurts my mother? It’s better to have one less problem, so I might as well lie to her and lead her to go to the completely opposite northeast, hehe…”

“Brother Hu Fei, you have gone astray.” Cheng Lingsu sullenly smiled.

“Uh…didn’t I learn it all from you?”

Our poor leader of Emei was fooled by two little kids and was travelling to the snowy land in the northeast.

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