Chapter 312: Mongolia’s number one beauty

Ah Da and Ah Er were shocked and angry. Although they and Ah San were not biological brothers, they had been servants of the Ruyang Palace for many years, and their relationship was deeper than that of ordinary brothers. Seeing Ah San dying in Xuancheng’s hands, their eyes immediately turned red, and they rushed forward to take revenge.

Ah Da, who used to be called Fang Dongbai, was famous for his fast swords. Although he only had one arm left now, the speed of his swordsmanship hadn’t diminished at all, and his sword reached Xuancheng first.

Xuancheng remained expressionless, he readied the finger of his left hand and poked towards the tip of the sword.

Ah Da was taken aback, and thought in his heart, ‘Even if you’ve practiced the powerful Great Strength Vajra Finger, there is no way you can go head-to-head with a sharp sword!’ 

Therefore, although Xuancheng’s two fingers looked as white as jade, with a faint layer of crystalline gleam, he didn’t care too much, and grinned. He summoned all his strength, thinking that he could cut off at least half of Xuancheng’s palm with his sword.

When the tip of the sword touched the fingertips, and the expected scene of scattering flesh and blood didn’t appear. Ah Da felt a strong force coming from the sword, and he could no longer move forward. Ah Da frowned, and vigorously pushed the sword forward, and the blade quickly bent into an exaggerated arc!

Xuancheng roared, and pushed his fingertips forward as well, and the sword seemed to be like hard paper, as it was broken inch by inch. Ah Da was shocked, but he was a top-level master after all, so he hurriedly took the opportunity to step back a few feet. He looked at the remaining sword hilt in his hand, then suddenly thought of a legendary technique from the Shaolin Temple, and couldn’t help but cry out, “One-finger Zen!”

The One-finger Zen of the Shaolin Temple was an extremely profound martial art. It was difficult for ordinary monks to even get a glimpse of it without decades of practice. Since the creation of the Shaolin Temple, there were only a handful of people who had practiced this unique technique. It was said that after practicing this technique, the fingers of the practitioner would become invincible, and they would easily be able to seal people’s acupoints across the air.

All this happened in a blink of an eye, as Ah Er had already performed the Great Diamond Palm to hit Xuancheng’s right chest. Ah Er, Ah San and Gang Xiang were all masters belonging to the Vajra Sect from the Western Regions. 

In the book, Zhao Min had used her trickery to get Gang Xiang assassinate Zhang Sanfeng. With Zhang Sanfeng’s realm of Creating Heaven and Man, he was still hit by Gang Xiang’s Prajna Vajra Palm, and was seriously injured.

Ah Er had practiced the external techniques of the Vajra Sect to its peak, and then, he comprehended some superior internal method that the Vajra Sect didn’t have. So he thought that there was no way Xuancheng would be able to avoid his attack. With his incomparably deep inner strength, it was impossible for him to suffer a disadvantage.

Xuancheng had just forced Ah Da back, so it was already too late to dodge Ah Er’s attack, so he could only raise his palm technique to meet the attack, which was the Prajna Palm he had used to fight Song Qingshu just now.

The two palms intersected, and there was no reckless explosion of internal Qi as imagined. 

Ah Er only felt that his very powerful palm force was like a drop of water falling into the sea, as if it had been turned into nothingness. Ah Er yelled, and staggered backwards, the bluestone slabs were all shattered with every step he took on the floor. When he finally stopped, he fell to the ground on his knees, and spit put a large mouthful of blood.

“First turn the opponent’s palm strength into nothingness, and then take the opportunity to use the same force to strike. The Prajna Palm is indeed incomparably mysterious.” Song Qingshu on the side was stunned, and thought back to their fight where he used the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms to avoid a head-to-head confrontation with the opponent, ‘Hah, the Vajra Palm, which is more strong and fierce, is not flexible enough, so it’s very difficult to use it to fight head-on with the Prajna Palm.’

“Master Lu, Master He, hurry up and help them!” Zhao Min, was watching Xuancheng and Song Qingshu’s fight with delight, but she didn’t expect that it would end up involving her own subordinates. And, when she saw them get defeated so badly, and she cried out in her heart.

Xuancheng had single handedly injured the Divine Arrow Eight Heroes, killed Ah San, made Ah Da retreat, and seriously injured Ah Er, so the Xuanming Elders they couldn’t help feeling a little scared. However, as their master had spoken, they could only at each other in dismay, and bite the bullet.

Learning their lessons from the past, the Xuanming Elders naturally didn’t dare to act as haughty as they did before. They wanted to use the Xuanming Divine Palm to quickly end the fight, as they also drew out their own unique weapons. At the moment, safety was their top priority.

The two were among the top masters in the world, and they have been brothers for decades, so they were very good at combined strikes. Therefore, Xuancheng couldn’t do anything to them for a few strikes

The three of them quickly fought for a few bouts, the wind felt like a sharp knife within a radius of several meters. Xuancheng was unarmed, but he showed no fear, on the contrary, the expressions of Xuanming Elders gradually became serious, and their figures became a little obscure.

“I also ask the State Teacher to help them.” Zhao Min noticed that the Xuanming Elders were gradually falling into a disadvantage. Although they were exchanging strikes, she knew in her heart that the two were just struggling to hang on, so she asked at Monk Jinlun for help.

“Princess, this…” Monk Jinlun hesitated. If the majestic Mongolian State Teacher joined forces with others to fight against a single enemy, even if he won, he would lose face. What’s more, with the skill Xuancheng had displayed, Monk Jinlun really didn’t have any confidence in fighting him alone, so he fell into a dilemma.

According to Monk Jinlun’s original plan, although the Xuanming Elders were no match for Xuancheng, if Xuancheng wanted to win, he would have to pay a certain price. And, when the time was right, he would appear on the stage again and face the injured Xuancheng, then his chance of winning will be great. In this way, he would be able to defeat the number one martial artist in Shaolin Temple in two hundred years by himself! 

And once the news spread, his reputation in the world would get an unprecedented boost, and along with that he would be able to suppress Basiba of Nalanda Temple as well.

“State Teacher, I know that you are concerned about your status, but our mission is very important. If something happens, I’m afraid it would not be easy for you to explain it to the Great Khan.” Hua Zheng also persuaded from the side, she thought that Monk Jinlun was concerned about his reputation, and was unaware of the many calculations in his mind.

Even Princess Huazheng had spoken up, so Monk Jinlun could no longer evade it. He nodded, stood up and said to Xuancheng who was fighting in the field, “I am the Mongolian State Teacher, Dharma King Jinlun, and I wish to face your Excellency today. Be careful.” As soon as the words fell, three wheels flew out of his hands and spun rapidly towards Xuancheng.

Monk Jinlun was very good at scheming against others, but, as a master of a sect, he naturally refused to launch a sneak attack, and he warned his opponent first before making his move.

“State Teacher, we’ll leave this to you.” Hearing the whistling wheels, the Xuanming Elders temporarily forced Xuancheng back with a tacit understanding, and immediately jumped out of the battle circle.

Seeing the two of them demolish the bridge after crossing the river, Monk Jinlun couldn’t help cursing at them in his heart, but the arrow had already been shot, so he had no choice but to continue his attack with a gloomy face.

The five wheels were made of gold, silver, copper, iron, and lead. They were of different weights and sizes as well. Monk Jinlun threw the wheels at the opponent, and attacked from all angles, forcing Xuancheng to take a step back.

“The scene of the five wheels flying together is very similar to my Flying Sword.” Song Qingshu was carefully assessing the fight and because he was in the position of an observer, he was able to vaguely follow the trajectory of the five flying wheels.

The Flying Sword was a set of sword moves devised by Song Qingshu. The method of controlling the sword with his True Qi allowed him to control the Wooden Sword within three feet of his body, and attack the enemy from all directions. Even the Western Poison, Ouyang Feng had difficulty in dealing with such unpredictable flurry of attacks.

But later, when Ouyang Feng regained his sanity and explained the weakness in his character, Song Qingshu suddenly became enlightened. After successfully completing his long-term plan, his entire realm of martial arts had gone through a qualitative improvement. Now he was more inclined to simplicity, so just one wooden sword as a weapon was enough for him.

“The State Teacher really deserves to be the number one expert in Mongolia. One-on-one, he actually has the upper hand.” Seeing the situation in the scene, Hua Zheng happily commented.

Zhao Min had seem many top experts, so although her own martial arts were not very good, her knowledge was far higher than that of Hua Zheng. She was able to notice that just now, Monk Jinlun had caught Xuancheng by surprise, so he was able to get the upper hand. 

Xuancheng, however, was like a sturdy boat in the raging sea. Although it looked like he was struggling, he managed to save his skin every time.

If Monk Jinlun couldn’t turn his advantage into victory in a short time, he might lose after Xuancheng got used to his attacks.

“Master Lu, Master He, hurry up and help the State Teacher!” Zhao Min was a realist. She didn’t care about the many rules of martial arts, and she pursued the principle of taking advantage of their weakness to kill her enemies. If the Xuanming Elders joined forces with Monk Jinlun, it might be hard for Xuancheng to escape his doom.

“Princess, the State Teacher has already gained the upper hand. If we get involved now, won’t we just distract the State Teacher?” Unfortunately, the Xuanming Elders wanted to watch the fire from the other side.

Zhao Min’s pretty face turned cold, and she was about to use her identity as the princess to give them orders, but right at that moment there was a change in the situation.

After dozens of rounds of fighting, Xuancheng had already understood the power of the five wheels. A confident smile appeared on his face, as he no longer avoided them. Taking a deep breath, he used the Vajra Body Defending Divine Skill, as his red and yellow monk robes swelled up again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Accompanied by several ear-piercing bangs, the wheels hit Xuancheng’s body and were all bounced off. Monk Jinlun turned pale with fright, quickly summoned his energy to gather the scattered wheels in his hand, and put the five wheels together in front of him to guard against Xuancheng’s attack.

Xuancheng stretched out his hand and pulled the Zen Staff stuck in the wall into his hand, then said to Jinlun, “Dharma King is the Mongolian State Teacher, so this poor monk naturally dare not fight the enemy with my bare hands. I shall use my Staff technique to test the Dharma King’s Tantra.”

“The Great Monk’s martial arts realm is so high, it is really rare in the world. I am planning to use the Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique against Guo Jing, and I hope the Great Monk will comment on it.” Monk Jinlun held the golden wheel in one hand and slowly waved the other wheels with the other. He was preparing to use the Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique.

“It is said that this technique doubles in strength with the advancement of each level. I wonder how many levels the Dharma King has practiced?” Xuancheng’s expression became serious.

“This one lacks talent, and I’ve only reached the tenth level.” Monk Jinlun appeared humble on the surface, but he couldn’t hide his pride.

Seeing that everyone in the inn focused their attention on the two of them, Song Qingshu’s heart moved, and he looked in Zhao Min’s direction. 

Zhao Min’s jade-like face was flushed red, the skin on her neck was crystal clear and snowy white. Her well endowed figure was elegant and graceful. And looking at that, Song Qingshu couldn’t help but secretly admire, ‘As expected, she is worthy of her title as the number one beauty in Mongolia. Such an opportunity is once in a thousand years. It should be quite easy to abduct her at this moment…’

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